Jeffree Star Saying Goodbye To His Beautiful Pink House

pink house

Jeffree Star and his partner Nate welcomes everyone to his brand video by posing up in front of the camera. His signature style of welcoming all his viewers is just amazing and shares the news that he is moving. All the furniture has been moved including the clothes belonging to both Jeffree and Nate. While explaining further, that he and Nate have been deep cleaning about a week before the final day, Jeffree also includes that the moving truck is getting ready to pull up. 

Jeffree and Nate are both packing and they are almost ready to move, the movers will also show up soon and the pink house looks empty but in a good way. The Youtuber Jeffree Star says that he will take all the beds, including the iconic brown couch that use to be in the living room. However, Jeffree also did a good deed by donating half of the furniture, which filled every corner of the house. This means since the duo is moving, they will not be carrying much stuff along, which is a good thing.

The Youtuber also said that they have all the pinball, which will be moved today itself and placed at his new home. During the conversation, he also introduced Madison, who came up to help them and get all the things to be packed and ready to move to the new house. Jeffree tells that the movers are on their way and admits that it’s crazy to see the pink house so empty and apparently, he is doing his best to get it done as quickly as possible.

Last glimpse of the pink house kitchen!

pink house

After finishing with a little brief on what is left and what is required to be done, Jeffree and Nate move further into the pink house towards the kitchen. While going to the kitchen, the Youtuber points out towards the shelf of the kitchen that several other things are still left and shall be moved as well. Once the kitchen comes into the display, it look a lot empty. Jeffree points out at the drawers and there is no sign of the dishes and the PR boxes, and Nate tells from the background that it looks so unrecognizable as if everything vanished in seconds. 

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Jeffree kept pointing at all the drawers and shelves in the kitchen and tells the viewers that everything is cleared out from here. Jeffree goes into describing his situation that he couldn’t sleep last night as he felt so nervous since “I will be at a new place” kept ringing in his ears. Jeffree tells the viewers that he will secure the dogs first and the moving truck is just behind the existing door of the pink house. The moving started and Jeffree is all set to get the moving process started.

Moving out, finally!

Soon the moving truck came into the scene and parked right outside the pink house, Jeffree expresses his thoughts by saying the truck is huge and his “Barbie bed” will fit inside it. He also said that his neighbors will receive the shock of their lifetime, by the news of him moving out. There will be like four trucks coming in to get all the things to move out of the pink house, as Jeffree has a pile of clothes. Even though Nate donated many clothes but there are still a bunch of them that needs to be moved out as well. 

Everything is packed in the boxes; the movers are ready to get the job done and they started with their iconic brown couch. It is the first thing that is going into the truck and Jeffree started pulling out every part of the couch. Finally, the couch vanished from the scene and Jeffree took the time to clean up the place. Slowly the pink house became empty as the boxes were moved one at a time. Jeffree also provided information that there will be a separate video on the vault, so this video is for the house and all the things that belong to it.

In the other room, Jeffree is seen putting all his makeup products into the box, and one of the rooms of the pink house was filled with all these makeup products. He kept removing all the products in a bunch and also pointed out to move the Laptop once he clears up all his makeup products. Just outside the room, two members of the movers are seen packing the bed with all the tapes. Jeffree, on the other hand, is busy removing all his makeup stuff and feels so weird emptying a beauty room. 

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Nate was seen holding the camera and keeping stuff together in one place, assembling all the parts in one box. The wardrobe is getting cleared as well and the remaining clothes and shoes are getting packed, ready to move. All the rooms of the pink house are now getting emptied one by one and Jeffree is currently facing mixed emotions. 

So Jeffree is all set to step foot in his new home and also, he claimed that the vault will stay in the pink house itself for few more days. This is because there will be 100 cameras, which will be all set up and he even appointed a house manager as well. Once every camera is active and the security guards are on duty, then the vault and all the things will move from there. 

Final words

During, the ending of the video Jeffree explains that there are few more stuff that is waiting to be moved out and the majority of them are already in the new house. Finally, he arrives at his new home and it is magnificent. Therefor 2020 will be a new start at the new house, leaving behind all the drama of 2019. On that note, Jeffree and Nate say goodbye and will be back with another new video next year. 

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