John Krasinski’s Some Good News Episode 7 Is All About Love, Weddings, And The Office

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Actor John Krasinski’s Some Good News has become a sensation on YouTube and seems like fans eagerly wait for a new episode every Sunday. Unfortunately, the beautiful series is only 8 episodes long and fans do not want to say goodbye to Some Good News so soon.

The episode begins with Emily Blunt rotating on her chair, greeting everyone, and then announcing that she is John Krasinski and upon hearing that, John in his casual attire enters and asks his wife what is going on.

Then, he appears in the frame dressed up in his formal attire and noted that he is John Krasinski. He noted how people have now gotten used to quarantine and adjusting their lives according to it. John started Some Good News with a motive of inspiring people and bringing joy to them during challenging times when their lives have turned upside down due to quarantine.

Sharing Joys

some good news

In the first clip shown on Some Good News episode 7, a group of boys decides to go for a run over texts and then a boy without legs and arms also joins the group with the help of his prosthetic legs showing nothing can stop him. John further notes how Olympics is still going on TikTok where people are competing in can curling, toilet paper bowling, backslide race, quarantine putt classic,  and hungry hippo.

Then, John talks about a family who is raising their daughter higher by helping her fly in a witch’s costume. The next clip is of three sisters dancing with perfect synchronization, which seems amazing. Some Good News special story is then shared where a girl writes letters to someone she loves in an artsy way and John reveals that the receiver is her mailman. The receiver got so happy that he shared the letters with every employee, which impacted all the employees so much that they wrote back to the girl.

Weather Check

Moving onto his next segment, John asks her weatherperson, Emma, about the weather. Now, Emma Stone removes her curtain, looks outside, and notes that it looks pretty good. John thanks her and then moves on to his next segment.

Love In The Time Of Quarantine

In this segment of Some Good News, some clips are played to show how love conquers all. The first footage is of a pair of new parents, whose baby replies I love you to his father, who then screams with joy. In the next picture, a grandmother is seen adorning her grandchild through the window. A similar photograph is shared where a father is meeting his 3 children via a glass door. An adorable video of two little brothers sharing love is also shared.

Next, a loving image flashes where two elderly couples seem to be dancing on the road on a sunny day amid soap bubbles. Some more videos of couples dancing and grandparents hugging their grandchildren are shared. In the next few clips, pictures of new babies are shown who are meeting their grandparents through windows. These images are too adorable and would definitely make you smile. If you do not have a tissue box near you, you might want to grab one because this section is extremely emotional and heart-warming.

After these images, John shows how to quarantine weddings look like. While some get married with others maintaining social distance, others get married with witnesses on Zoom call. In one of the photographs, a couple is clicked amid empty benches in a church with photographs of their beloved guests stuck on those chairs. Thank you, John, for compiling these loving photographs. (buy modafinil online erfahrung)

The Office Reunion

 some good news

Now is the time for John’s favorite love story where a girl is being proposed in an oddly familiar way. To know more about the story, he calls John and Susan (the couple) on Zoom. John recalls how The Office has reconnected the two overtime and this made him propose to Susan in a similar manner. He was highly inspired by John Krasinski’s character, Jim, in the beloved sitcom and carried out his proposal similarly. John has a very special plan for the couple and decides to get them married virtually over Some Good News.

Then, the Zoom call is joined by the couple’s parents. No wedding is incomplete without bridesmaids and groomsmen, and so, their Zoom call is then joined by the couple’s friends. John Krasinski announces that the maid of honor has to be someone special and invites Jenna Fischer, who played his love interest in the show. The couple is overjoyed at this moment but the duo would be receiving other huge surprises.

Walking down the aisle with the father is an extremely special moment for a bride and to make it even more memorable, Zac Brown sings his latest song that he had written for the occasion. Susan could not hold her tears and is seen getting emotional. By the time the beautiful song ends, almost everyone has tears of joy in their eyes.

John Krasinski then asks John to grab Susan’s hands tightly because it was time for him to read the wedding vows. After both John and Susan say I Do, he pronounces the two husbands and wife and asks their parents to bless the couple.

Jenna also wishes the couple with a very special message and then, John announces that a wedding is not complete without a party, and invites the crew of The Office to the call. All of them are seen dancing in their homes and gardens enthusiastically.

Once the wedding is over, John notes how this wedding was the first wedding on Some Good News, and after ending his episode on a beautiful note, he then walks off without any pants and with a sign of Just Married attached to hide his bare thighs.

The Ending Words

John Krasinski has found a special place in the hearts of millions of people through his positive show. Even though it is going to end soon, the impact of the show would remain on people for a long time.


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