Top 3 External Graphics Card for Laptop to Buy Now

External Graphics Card for Laptop

Laptops, especially the ones that you would use for gaming are commonly used now mainly because of two reasons. First, they are smaller and more convenient in size, and secondly, you can carry them easily. Also, it is known as a study of compromises. It means that manufacturers and customers come to a medal ground when it comes to features that you find in gaming laptops. While the bigger machines come with the in-built graphics card, you need one of the best external graphics card for laptop for more efficiency.

External graphics card for laptop

GPUs or Graphics Processing Units are one of the most important accessories for any gaming laptop. If you have an external graphics card for laptop, the processing of visual data becomes faster. On the other hand, if you compare it with an external graphics card for desktop, the latter does not function so fast. Now that is what we term as the basic difference between fantastic gaming experience and an unplayable application.

Despite having an upper hand over desktop users, if you are using an external graphics card for laptop, you are sometimes a little unluckier. It is because desktop users can replace their GPUs easily whenever they want. However, you being a laptop user cannot do so. While you cannot even insert a desktop GPU into your laptop due to the big size. On the other hand, upgrading the internal version is also next to impossible.

That is exactly when the entry of eGPUs takes place. Now, you might wonder what is the use of that extra ‘e’ when we were already discussing about GPUs. Well, that ‘e’ there stands for external which makes eGPUs stand for external graphics processing units. The name justifies the fact that eGPUs, despite belonging to desktops can easily work for your laptops too. It means that you don’t have to insert this device, and just keep it outside the laptop, and it will still do the work. Are you thinking about how? Well, such an external graphics card for laptop carries an independent enclosure and power supply. These devices also come with extra USBs, Ethernet ports, videos, and other accessories.

What about modern external graphics card for laptop?

Now that is a great question because most of the modern versions of external graphics card for laptop are universal-ish. The modern ones are usually purchased as enclosures. It means that they are available with no graphics card! Moreover, this version is highly compatible with the maximum number of laptops that come with external GPU Thunderbolt 3 equipment.

On the other hand, if we compare the modern eGPUs with the traditional ones, you will find that there was a certain amount of rigidity in the latter ones. It is because of the traditional eGPUs use only non-standard cables. Plus, they are compatible only with particular laptops and not all. (Zolpidem) Presently, the only manufacturer that makes laptops compatible with proprietary eGPUs is Alienware.

There are quite a few external graphics card for laptop options that can work without any of the above mentioned. It means you need neither a proprietary connector nor an external GPU Thunderbolt 3. However, the problem is that all of these options are way too complex for several people out there. Moreover, fidgeting with such complexities may exhaust a laptop’s warranty as well. So, let us focus on general options of the best external graphics card for laptop that are available in the market.

List of the best external graphics card for laptop

It is time that we check out the list of the best external graphics cards. Check out all the important points so that it becomes easier for you to choose one from these.

Gigabyte AORUS Gaming Box GTX 1070 Graphic Card

This one is an external graphics processing unit that belongs to a very popular brand called Gigabyte. The brand is time-tested and has become a favorite of hundreds of people around. The main reason for such good reviews is that the performance of Gigabyte eGPUs is mind-blowing. Besides, they are very user-friendly too. The producer made it to be perfect with the GeForce FTX 1070 designs card. It is something that will upgrade your gaming consistently. With 8GB of installed video memory, there is a huge execution you can expect toward the end.

The model that we are discussing in this section has a smaller size. It is especially for those individuals who want to have that mounted on top of the desktop. That being stated, its reduced form doesn’t restrain its capacities. (fabulouseyebrowthreading) You could introduce a smaller than expected ITX style external graphics card into the device. also, it comes with a previously stacked graphics card. So, it chops down the cash you would have spent getting an extra graphics card for the same.

For reasons unknown, the structure is regularly downplayed. By and large, it accompanies a pleasant design with not many difficulties. that makes it uncomplicated to utilize. The area of the ports is likewise incredible for easy access. You get an intelligent Aorus long only on the exterior. You can generally put it at a place so people get to know the brand you are appropriating.

More update:

Those LED lights are continually going to get more people keen on purchasing the Gigabyte graphics card. You will also get an opportunity to modify the LED lighting consistently. This is important so you get to just set up the LED shading plan that suits your gaming style. The Gigabyte Engine Software is a part of the model to make pattern alterations easier.

Talking about the ports, it will be hard for you to decide when utilizing this model. It is anything but difficult to value the USB ports situated at the back for faster data movement. You additionally get double DVI-Connectors and double HDMI ports. Your network will show immediate signs of improvement. There is additionally the jolt port accessible that is essential for better network and connectivity.


  • impressive performance
  • clean look
  • easier to set up
  • more ports


  • quite expensive

Alienware Graphics Amplifier

Alienware is quite an old company that has been consistently popular in the market for its range of gaming equipment. They have justified their fame and popularity every time someone has bought their product. The main goal of the Alienware amplifier is to offer you a fantastic gaming experience by giving you ample slots for the best graphics cards. You will try to arrange the amplifier with laptops, and sometimes desktops too. It is because that is the best option if you are not ready to build the entire setup right from scratch.

Several people have had issues with the shape and size of Alienware amplifiers. Well, the fact is that Alienware devices truly do not come in the best shapes and sizes. Moreover, some people have even complained that an Alienware graphics amplifier looks nothing short of a regular toaster. However, you must understand why the makers want to offer such an odd-shape. It is so that if you have enough space to insert any graphics card easily into the device.

Detaching the parts of an Alienware amplifier is also comparatively easy. So, at any time that you wish to, you can detach the parts and upgrade as per your requirement. It comes with an independent power supply of 460W, which is pretty much enough for whatever graphics card you want to insert into the device. You will also find a maximum of four USB ports on the back section of the amplifier. So, you gave enough slots to connect your laptop for an even better experience.

More update:

Apart from all the above-mentioned good parts, the Alienware graphics amplifier comes with a PCIe 3.0 x 4 wire that can be a little problematic later on. By problem, we mean that the wiring can create some issues if you are using the device with a graphics card constantly. There is also enough breathing space for an Alienware amplifier. All thanks to the several vents that enhance the proper amount of ventilation.

Generally speaking, Alienware creates such ventilated devices so that the graphics card inside does not heat up too much. As a result, the performance will always be better than any other amplifier from a different brand.

As mentioned earlier, Alienware amplifiers are easy to set up and use. What you do is just detach the required part, and add whatever components you have to. Once it is done, you attach the cover, and that’s it! It is important to mention that the model we are talking about is compatible with both NVIDIA external graphics card for laptops as well as the AMD ones. The most popular cards that you can use are GTX 1070 and Radeon RX 470. Well, if you can afford, then there are more advanced ones too.


  • Affordable
  • Enough ports enabling better connectivity
  • Compatibility with more graphics cards
  • Build is stronger


  • You get the most efficient results when you use it with Alienware laptops only.

Akitio Node- external GPU Thunderbolt 3

This one is the least expensive approach to give your PC a major lift with regards to better gaming. The maker made it more reliable by outfitting it with about 400-watt power unit. With such powerful intensity, it won’t ever be an issue irrespective of which graphics card you use. Its capacity would effectively control any graphics card available at present.

Best of all, this model will be compatible with both NVidia and AMD cards available. You might need to go for the more current and incredible cards. Doing so will make your experience a lot better. You can link it to the PC or laptop through the USB ports. The Thunderbolt-3 port is for the mac users only.

With regards to working, most clients have discovered it is simple and smooth. Contrasted with different models available right now at a similar value extend, this one performs easily. You simply need to ensure that you have introduced the most recent card drivers for it to work appropriately.

As a gamer, you would be glad to utilize the Thunderbolt 3 port only for gaming. This is a direct result of its stunning velocities. You get up to 40Gbps concerning movement speeds. The regular drawback is that when you are using a MacBook, only an AMD graphics card will work. It becomes more evident that windows will consistently be more flexible for everyone.

In case of a wider card that you need to introduce, you are lucky to have this enclosure. Since there is a detachable back panel, you can upgrade whenever you want. There is also a handle that makes carrying easy.


  • The handle makes movement easier
  • Compatibility with more than one graphics card
  • Detachable back panel
  • PSU is quite impressive
  • Cheap


  • Bulky and odd-looking shape

Things to remember while purchasing an eGPU

Now that you are aware of the best eGPUs available in the market, it is time for some tips. It is to make it easier for you to decide which brand to buy, and what features to look for.

Hardware research

All graphics cards are not user-friendly or have superb compatibility. You must choose a brand and model that does not come up with compatibility issues later on.

Choose the graphics card wisely

An external graphics processing unit cannot be complete if there is no graphics card inside. While some units come with in-built graphics cards, for others, you need to install separately. So, checking the same becomes important for the best gaming experience.

Power supply

You must check the power supply to understand how extensively you will be able to use a graphics card. The fact is that the required power to run a graphics card will never be the same. It means that you must determine which device you want to depend on the graphics card that you will insert later.


Not all of us are experts to understand the complexities of setting-up an eGPU. So, choose a unit that comes with an easy to setup manual for the hassle-free gaming experience.


There are eGPUs available of various ranges. It is important that you go for the ones that suit your budget, and not go overboard. So, it is a must that you do thorough research before choosing a device randomly.

Final thoughts

Your gaming experience is always going to be more interesting now that you know the basics of external graphics card for laptops. Do good research, read reviews, and you will never have to regret later.

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