John Krasinski’s Some Good News Episode 2 Exudes Pure Joy As A 9 Y.O. Gets Her Personal Hamilton Show

Some Good News

Actor John Krasinski has launched his new YouTube show called Some Good News a few days back. The news channel is focused on delivering just some good news including touching, funny, but always deeply human anecdotes of people uniting to support one another during the coronavirus pandemic.

SGN’s episode 2 was released on Sunday and the actor noted that the response to the first episode was ‘incredible’ and for him, it was overwhelmingly emotional and so, he has returned. Then he joked about how someone commented that the introduction of Some Good News could be better, to which he agreed. And then, he reintroduced himself after playing a small ‘pop’ clip.

The actor, in this episode, seems to have taken his WFH very seriously and was seen wearing a suit and a tie. He had also set up two different cameras and talked in both of them at different moments. Shortly after the introduction, a clip of Keppler from Okanagan was showed who was a self-appointed co-anchor for SGN. A similar thing was done by a Tennessee family and two people in Saigon as well. But John was supportive of it and then started with Some Good News.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the healthcare workers demand only one thing – supplies. And people from all over the world are helping them. John’s Some Good News talked about that. He noted how everyone was working hard to meet the demand.

Medical Masks, Shields, And Gowns

Some Good News

The first news was about a Pennsylvania factory, Fanatics, that manufactures official baseball jerseys, and is using the same fabric it makes jerseys with to manufacture hospital downs and medical masks. The other news was about Bauer Hockey in which he told it was making protective masks. Football did not want to be left behind and joined these generous companies and used its ‘Patriots’ plane to deliver more than 1 million medical masks.

John also talked about how individuals and small companies were contributing to the global crisis by making facial masks at home and providing them to the needy. He noted how mask-making had suddenly become everyone’s hobby in the world. He then shared how Romeo High School’s robotic team employed 3-D printers to make facial shields. Even Ashley Lawrence was appreciated for her effort to make special facial masks for deaf and hard of hearing population. She inserted a transparent piece in front of the mouth so that these people could converse.

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Sharing Joys

John then talked about how such generous actions were not limited to masks, shield and hospital gowns only, as organizations and individuals were offering free food to the needy. A community in Dallas was serving hot meals daily to those who had been furloughed because of the pandemic. Even school teachers in Arkansas rallied together on the streets in their cars to greet their students as they missed them.

In another heart-warming incident, a principal did not let quarantine from stopping her to award the highest honor to a graduate. She filmed the entire incident on a camera where the deserving student found out she was going to be the valedictorian. In another anecdote in South Dakota, a twelve-year-old girl was having trouble with her Math problem and her teacher drove to her house and using a huge whiteboard, helped her.

John then appreciated all the parents who were helping their children during home-school. He joked how he had been tired just by 2 weeks of home-schooling his six-year-old. Then, snapshots of parents teaching their children innovatively were being flashed.

What Did I Miss?

Just like how every news is incomplete without a weather check, John asked his meteorologist about the weather who though the weather was ‘pretty good’. Then he moved on to the last segment called “What did I miss” which was dedicated to things and people everyone is missing during these bizarre times. A series of small clips begin playing beginning with an adorable ‘booyah’ of a daughter after her father’s successful golf shot.

After that, footage showing a grandfather in his 90s dying his beloved’s hair is played, which was followed by another clip showing how a family recreated a date night for their mother because she missed her weekly ritual of going on date nights. In Argentina, a young couple was seen walking down the aisle during the quarantine at their home. A cutesy video was also shown where a father made a Disney-themed DIY ride for his little one.

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The Hamilton Experience

Some Good News

After that what happened was probably the nine-year-old’s dream come true. The little girl had planned to see Hamilton but because of the pandemic, she had to stay home and watched Mary Poppins Returns instead.

John Zoom-called the little girl and after a bit of chit-chat Aubrey, he promised her that he would fly the girl and her mother to New York for the Hamilton experience. Just when the girl is about to contain her excitement, his wife Emily Blunt (Mary Poppins) joins in. The nine-year-old was absolutely thrilled to video chat with her favorite actor. But the girl has another surprise waiting for her and then Jack joins in too. The little girl could not speak anything because of the shock.

After that what happened would be everyone’s dream come true because the girl witnessed her own Hamilton show on her laptop. More and more stars were joining the Zoom call and were singing the beautiful song, which was extremely melodious and beautiful. The entire experience must have been exhilarating for Aubrey who probably had the best surprise ever!

John’s SGN has been touching the hearts of people who are looking for some good news during this terrible period. Apart from the news of kindness, fun, love, and happiness, the Hamilton gesture had been the highlight. With such sweet gestures and unbelievable surprises, John’s Some Good News is definitely going to be a grand success. His videos have already gone viral and have been appreciated by millions of people but this is just the starting. John’s Some Good News is a relief for those who are finding the coronavirus crisis extremely frightening and stressful.

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