YouTube Stars Dolan Twins Are No Longer Hitting Your YouTube Screens

With the advent of technology, today, there are numerous ways for entertainment. From movies, songs to TV shows everywhere you look is a source of entertainment for you. YouTube is one such galore of entertainment where you can stream videos on different topics. From songs, movie reviews, cooking, makeup tutorial to possibly anything that you can find online is now available on YouTube in the form of video content.

YouTube has given a strong platform for people who have unique ideas and innovative content to showcase to the world. People have created their YouTube channels to upload videos on different things with a view to entertain, educate, and engage audiences. These people have gradually turned into influencers due to their massive fan following. Compared to celebrities, audiences tend to connect with YouTube influencers due to their personalized approach to reach out to their fans. The content showed in their video is generally related to what their audiences want to see.

The Dolan Twins: YouTube Sensation

There are plenty of YouTube influencers that have been dominating the YouTube industry with their whopping subscriber’s count and massive fan following. One such dominating name is Dolan Twins, two extremely charming and handsome brothers who rose to their current fame with their comedy act. Well known as the YouTube star twins, Ethan and Grayson Dolan grabbed the limelight with their comedy act on YouTube a long time ago.

Since then, the brothers have been active on their YouTube channel where they post videos on their lifestyle and other exciting elements. Whether it is the charm of these brothers or crazy wit they have, fans all over the world are gaga over Dolan Twins. They are known to the world for their hilarious videos; Dolan twins make sure they tickle the funny bones of their audiences.

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The YouTube popularity of the twins also bagged them show in Awesomeness TV in 2015. Over the years, Dolan twins have received several awards and acclamations that includes Teen Choice Award For Choice Web Star Male and Choice YouTuber back in 2016. Just like all the other famous YouTubers, Dolan twins also got their breakthrough on Vine, a six-second video platform. They were a massive hit on Vine as well.

Apart from their entertaining video content, Dolan Twins remain in the limelight for their strange tattoos as well. Both the brother have inked their bodies with several tattoos that have grabbed ample focus from the fans. Dolan twin’s tattoos have always remained a hot topic for their fans. The twins have also dedicated several videos explaining their tattoos, as well. They have given tips to maintain tattoos for long and how to take care of your skin when you have a tattoo. Both the brothers have a great physique that gives ample space and opportunity for them to ink their bodies. All their tattoos imbibe some meaning that is either connected to their personal or virtual life.

Shocking Revelation From Ethan and Grayson Dolan That Left Fans Heartbroken

The sensational YouTube stars, Dolan Twins, Ethan and Grayson Dolan, made a shocking revelation in their recent trending YouTube video. The brothers were seen in the hour-long YouTube video, where they made a heartbreaking announcement that they will be no longer posting videos on YouTube.

The video with the title “It’s time to move on” had Dolan Twins with YouTube Shane Dawson, where the brothers expressed their reason behind quitting YouTube. The hour-long sit-down video with Shane Dawson instantly got 3 million views within 13 hours, as fans were shocked to see their favorite YouTube stars bidding adieu to YouTube.

Dolan twins have been active on YouTube for the last five years and have been positively posting weekly videos since then. In the video, the brothers were seen highlighting how it is extremely stressful to come up with a unique topic and content every week and meet the expectations of their fans. They even added that constantly working for their YouTube videos and entertaining their fans has eventually snatched their personal life from them. The Dolan twins shared some emotional moments with Shane Dawson when they started talking about their father’s death on January 2019. Both lost their father after a two-year-long cancer battle.

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The brothers added that they used to juggle between work and visiting their ill father. They used to post videos when their father was fighting with a life-threatening disease, and that left them heartbroken. But they never let that affect their YouTube career as they have to make their fans happy and keep up to their expectations always. They even told Shane Dawson that they only took a months’ off to mourn their father’s loss, and they have kick back-in to entertain their fans.

Ethan, between an emotional breakdown during the video, said if they were not filming videos every week, they would have got more time with their family, especially with their father. Now with their father gone, both the brothers only have their mother, and they wish to give as much time as possible to her.

However, fans are quite heartbroken by their sudden quitting; somewhere they are happy for their beloved YouTube stars that they can finally have their own life. While the Dolan twins have only quitted making weekly videos, they will be focusing more on the content they are passionate about and spend maximum time in creating quality videos that leave a positive impact on their fans.


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