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Prank Call Free- Ownage Pranks

If you lack the time or patience to think of new prank ideas, have no fear as Ownage Pranks has you covered with its awesome prank calling app with Fun Prank Apps. 

The Ownage Pranks app has over 100 prank scripts made into pre-recordings which are automated to send upon calling, all you need to do is browse through their pranks to find the best ones that tailor to your friends.

For example, if you have a buddy who just moved into the area and haven’t met the neighbours yet why not use the ‘Creepy Neighbor Dinner Invitation’ prank. 

This pre-recording opens up with Dennis claiming to be a neighbour and insists he comes over for dinner, upon refusal, he will creepily ask for table scraps instead. 

For more similar pranks go to the ‘Neighbours’ prank category, overall there are 21 prank dial categories to browse through. 

Pre-recordings are also incredibly realistic, as your buddies would never guess it wasn’t a real person on the line. This realism is due to the apps ‘Speech recognition technology’ AI, which can quickly analyze dialogue on the go. 

During phone calls, the AI can recognize keywords and even detect silence; these adaptations ensure responses are given at the best times emulating how an average person would interact. 

Additional Features in Fun Prank Apps

  • Tune in live to prank calls and listen to your buddies hilarious reactions
  • Phone calls are recorded allowing you to listen again afterwards 
  • Recorded prank calls can be shared with friends and family
  • Submit and view the best reactions on the Pranks hall of fame

Taser Prank Stun Gun- Fun Prank Apps

This cool app replicates a stun gun intended to trick your buddies into thinking they’ve just experienced an electric shock! With an array of stunning designs to select from, it’s a must-download. 

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So how does it work? Once launched, all you will need to do is hold your phone briefly against your friend’s body; the app will then make the phone vibrate making a taser sound. 

Of course, it’s all in good fun as your phone isn’t going to shock anybody, but it does create some fantastic jump scares and memorable laughs afterwards. 


  • Taser sound is realistic and high quality
  • Vibration on contact, adding realism
  • Multiple sounds and skins

Voicy Phone- Prank Dial Call with Voice Changer

If your voice is too recognizable over the phone to pull off a prank call, then don’t worry as this app has you covered! Voicy Phone lets you quickly and effectively change your voice at the touch of a button. 

A fantastic addition for IOS devices it offers multiple sound options which transform your voice, these are chipmunk, chipmunk robot, drunk chipmunk and fast mobster. 

Not only do these hilarious sound alternatives make for great prank calls, but they also ensure you are entirely anonymous while doing so. 

Furthermore, you can have additional voices and background effects included, giving the impression that someone else is with you at a specific place. External voice effects include Kiss, Sexy, Dog, and Crush while background effects are Airport, Restaurant and 911. 

All of these effects can be achieved in real-time, allowing you to sound like a variety of characters in a prank call with added characters, i.e. prank your friends by pretending to be with your crush in a restaurant.

With such a large selection of different sound effects to choose from, mixing and matching will be the most enjoyable part, creating new and original prank scenarios.

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Mix and max until you are satisfied, the choices are endless! 


  • Modify your voice with four voice options
  • Additional voices and background effects are also included
  • Mix and match voices and background effects

GogoCall- Power Button Call

The GogoCall- Power Button Call has one main feature which has proved to be extremely useful in everyday scenarios. 

This type of prank app has exploded in popularity over recent years, and GogoCall is among the very best in its field. 

GogoCall allows you to make a fake phone call to ring yourself at any time of the day, while initially, this may not sound significant it has great prank calling potential! 

Let’s say you’re stuck in a boring party and need an escape route without suspicion. All you will need to do is schedule an incoming call and pretend you’re desperately needed elsewhere. 

As the phone call appears genuine, you can make up any reason you like for your departure giving a valid reason. 

GogoCall also lets you designate a fake identity to the caller by setting a name, phone number and picture to it. Once you have your fake caller established click the power button six times to make the incoming call, even if your phone is locked the call will still go through. 

Additional Features

  • No internet connection required
  • Prank Call app doesn’t contain adverts
  • Fake calls can be used for a variety of prank scenarios, be creative!
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