Four Ways to Make Your Old Decor Look New

Giving your home a mini-makeover doesn’t have to require a complete overhaul. Breathing new life into what you already own is a great way to update any space in your home and it can still help everything feel fresh and new. Not only will you save money in the process, but you can also eliminate waste while holding onto items that mean the most to you. Give these simple ideas a try to help make your old decor look new!

Reupholster Your Favorite Furniture Pieces

Find an expert in upholstery san francisco to give your furniture a completely new look. Older fabrics can show wear while making the piece look dated. Stains and tears are other issues that can make your home look neglected and shabby. Fortunately, you don’t have to invest in brand new furniture. Reupholstering your favorite set of chairs can give you custom pieces that match your new style.

Repurpose Old Items for a New Use

Get creative when it comes to home decor. Many DIY websites can offer ideas on how to repurpose what you already own. Oversized drawers can be flipped and upgraded into stylish shelves. Search your shed for farmhouse decor options, like ladders, tins and tools. You can even create works of art from your favorite books, knickknacks and treasures.

Refresh With New Paint

Nothing gives a room a facelift quite like a fresh coat of paint. Whether you choose a neutral or bold hue, try to pick something completely different from your current wall color for the most impact. You don’t have to stop with the walls. Furniture, shelves, frames and storage bins can be given an entirely new look with the right paint job. If you’re painting something that’s old, wooden or rusty, make sure you research the steps for the look and finish you want. Without the proper product and application technique, the paint may not adhere to the object as desired.

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Replace the Content of Your Favorite Frames

If you’ve already adorned your home with photo frames, swapping out the pictures can help you quickly and easily update your space. Current photos in interesting finishes are always a great choice. However, you can also get creative with the contents of your frames for a more unique look. Different artwork prints, pages from books and even sheet music can make interesting additions to your home.

When you’re ready to redecorate your home, you don’t have to start from scratch. By upcycling the interesting and quality pieces you already own, you can create an entirely new look for less.

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