Guide to Sectional Sofa Configurations

Sectional Sofa Configurations

Sectional sofas are made out of several separate “sections”. These sections give you the Swiss army knife of living room furniture. In this guide to sectional sofa configurations, we’ll outline some of the most common shapes and layouts possible with sectional couches. 

The Line 

This shape is made when you can line up the sectional sofa pieces to create a single long line. It is the shape closest to a traditional sofa. With a sectional sofa, it may be longer than a conventional sofa, depending on the pieces you have. 

The L 

A cheap sectional couch often has two pieces, a love-seat sized couch and a divan. The divan is a long couch that lets you with your legs out on the couch. This is contrast to a conventional couch where you can only stretch out if you turn sideways. When you combine these two pieces, you get an L-shape. The two sides of the L may not be the same length, but they come together at a ninety-degree angle.

The U

This option is possible with several different configurations. One possibility is having one or more love-seat and/or chairs lined up in a long line and then putting a footrest on each end. The other way you could get a “U” shape is if you have a divan on one side and a footrest on the other of the long sofa line.  The “U” shape does not include couches with recliners on the end that just look like a “U” when the recliner’s footrests are up. But a U could be created by combining three very long sectional pieces, such as when you have a loveseat or full couch length sections that can be combined to create a long arc. These sectionals may call for using footrests or even have dedicated curved corner pieces. 

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The Square 

The square could be made by combining two sofas to create a bed when it is designed to be used as such. It could be made by combining a sofa, a divan, and footrests to create a square or rectangular surface you could sleep on. This is separate from when the sectional sofa comes with a built-in bed just like a hide-away bed in a traditional couch. 

The Conversational Grouping 

A conversational grouping is a group of two or more seats next to each other. You could get this by breaking apart a loveseat and footrest to get two seats left next to each other. You also get conversational groupings when you take four separate sections and break them up into pairs. If you have three pieces together and one seat in the corner, you’re left with one conversational grouping. If there is a loveseat/sofa and two chairs facing it while they’re all close enough to converse, you have a single conversational grouping. If there are two chairs or a sofa and a separate seat together and a remaining seat is off by itself, this can be called a two-and-one arrangement. Two sofas facing each other is simply a conversational grouping.

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