Mod Apk Are Here To Save Every Gamer’s Life and Here Is How

Mod Apk

Mod APK applications are hacked applications, in which the original digital signatures have been removed such that some tweaks can be introduced to the original games and apps, hence making the usage easier and more feature-rich.

Android users comprise around 72 percent of the total share of smartphone and tablet users worldwide, which keeps on increasing day by day. The growing popularity of Android as a mobile OS depends on many factors such as ease of usability and intuitive user interface. One of the major factors heightening this popularity is the availability of millions of apps and games on the Google Play Store, most of which can be downloaded for free.

But as the applications get updated regularly, the original developers sometimes impose new restrictions on some parts of a game or may even introduce new paid features, which the old users may not like. This is where mod apk applications come into play. There are many genuine websites that provide users with such modded counterparts to original applications, among which RedMoonPie is one of the top names.

What are Mod APKs and how to use them?

Modded Android Application Packages or Mod APKs are usually not found on the official Play Store for Android. There are websites like RedMoonPie who hire coders to adjust parts of the original game code such that some features which were not present in the original apps are available for usage in their modded alternatives. The coders usually insert some alternate digital signage, while removing the older signatures and make a new package to be re-installed on devices.

Advantages of using Mod APKs over original apps

There are many advantages that lure users into using modded apps instead of original apps from the Play Store.

  1. For most popular games, their modded counterparts provide some much-loved features like unlimited ammo and lives, which makes the gameplay more relaxed and more fluent. This helps modded app users to have the edge over players who are using original apps and beating them easily. One very popular example is Mini Militia mod apk, which lets users use unlimited nitro and gas to defeat any opponent before them.
  2. In the case of applications, modded versions of apps provide features, which are released much later in the Play Store. One of the very popular examples of this is Whatsapp Plus, which brought dark mode to the app years ago, whereas the original app got the dark mode update just a few weeks ago.
  3. Many paid features in original apps and games are made free in their modded versions. Most in-game purchases are created free, and hence, users do not have to spend any real money on using the app.
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Steps to install Mod APKs on your device

The way to download mod apk applications is a little bit different than what users usually follow while downloading apps from the Play Store.

  1. After you have searched for the specific application you want to install, download the .apk file from a trusted website like redmoonpie
  2. Navigate to the folder which contains the downloaded file.
  3. Click on the .apk file.
  4. A popup will appear asking the user to grant permissions for installing from third-party sources. Click on ‘Allow’.
  5. A progress bar appears on the screen. Wait for the file to get installed.
  6. Click on ‘Done’.
  7. Once you are back on the home screen, you can see the app has been installed successfully, ready for use.

Is Root Access required to install Mod APKs?

Coders and websites have incrementally removed the necessity of access for installing and using mod apk applications. Nowadays you don’t need to root your device to use these alternate versions. But users who already have root access can also use these apps. Almost all modded APKs have two versions – one for root users and another for non-root users, which the users can download according to their requirements.

Things to keep in mind while installing Mod APKs

As we have already discussed before, there are a plethora of advantages that come along with using mod apk applications. But there are also certain things to keep in mind while installing them.

  1. While installing these .apk files, they must always be downloaded from a genuine source website such as RedMoonPie. As coders tweak the original code of the game, there might also be coders with malicious intent. And along with the .apk files, they might include some malware that can harm your device in multiple ways like hacking your personal information and sending them back to the hackers. So, users must keep an eye out for this and always use trusted websites to download these apps.
  2. Before installing the modded version of any app, it is required for them to delete any trace of the original version of the app from their device. Once the modded app gets installed, the user does not get any support from the original developers thereafter. Official support includes future updates and any other changes which are made to the original game. Also, the user can no longer update the app from the Play Store since the original signatures are erased. When any official update arrives for the app, users have to wait for alternate sites like to replicate those updates and upload another .apk file, which they can now install and enjoy the updates.
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There are many Android users and gamers out there who are now shifting away from using original apps and are being enticed to use mod apk applications due to the sheer number of bonus features, which they can avail. If the right things are kept in mind, as discussed above, users will not have any problem while using the modded versions. And since security is a significant issue while installing apps from third party sources, users must always install modded alternatives of apps from authentic webpages like RedMoonPie. is one of the safest and most popular webpages from where users can download Mod APKs. So, be advised of all the above scenarios and download your first modded application today.

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