7 Times Pokemon Detective Pikachu Got it Completely Wrong From The Games

With most of the video game movies turning out to be quite the disappointment in the past couple of years, having a new one around the block raises more doubts than expectations. But, when you have an adorable Pokémon acting all sassy and the voiceover from Ryan Reynolds, things start looking up a bit. And that is exactly what happened with Pokemon Detective Pikachu.

First off, it is a good movie and it will keep you entertained. But, if you have grown up playing games like Pokémon Mystery Dungeon and Pokémon Ranger, and reading up on the Pokémon tales, then you bound to be a bit apprehensive about certain parts. Pokemon Detective Pikachu deviates quite a bit from what you have learned so far from the games. On that note, here’s taking a look at seven things that Detective Pikachu got completely wrong.

1. A Pokémon is unable to understand the humans

In the movie, Pikachu tells Tim that he is unable to understand any human beings except him. He explains that Pokémon catches the tone and understand the intention, but are unable to figure out the meaning of the words. It’s all cool, but it is not a fact that you see coming up in the games or even in the anime. In the anime, Pokémon needs no explanation about humans and Meowth only translates for humans.

It really does not make sense that Pokemon Detective Pikachu would be unable to figure out the human language. After all, in so many games you can actually order the Pokémon to move things around and he does it.

2. The moves used by Pikachu in the movie

There’s this scene in the movie where Pikachu battles with Charizard. Tim asks Pikachu to choose Volt Tackle out of all his moves. To that, Pikachu’s response is that he would use Thunderbolt because Volt Tackle will knock him out.

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Going by that scene in Pokemon Detective Pikachu, Pikachu was in good health. And since he was quite well, choosing Thunderbolt was a wrong move. Users get high recoil damage with Volt Tackle. Volt Tackle is only avoided by new players in favor of Thunderbolt because the high-recoil value also comes with some risks.

3. The way Pikachu tries to make the Magikarp evolve

Well, this kind of happens all on its own in Pokemon Detective Pikachu. Pikachu just comes up with this great idea to make a Magikarp grow into a Gyarados by simply kicking it. When that does nothing, he uses splash. Pikachu was really lucky that Gyarados decided to use the Surf as the battle got over.

However, in the main game, Magikarp will start evolving at level twenty. The most powerful Gyarados come up when they are bred in-vitro, trained externally, and allowed to grow up to level twenty. Kicking or splashing a Magikarp, even if he is kinda useful, should really not be of much help in that regard.

4. That appearance of kind-hearted Mewtwo

The fans couldn’t keep their excitement when they saw Mewtwo in the trailers. It is understandable given the fact that he is quite the fan-favorite. And then, Dr. Laurent mentions about Kanto. The fans are now actually praying for the movie to become a part of the bigger franchise.

It was nice to see Mewtwo benevolent and kind in Pokemon Detective Pikachu. If it is the same character that the fans know and are so fond of, then he has gone through some rather horrible experimentation but has still understood the value of friendship. But, the game Mewtwo is different. It’s safe to say that he is just there for the completion of Pokédex, and not as some sort of protagonist.

5. A fusion of Pokémon: Really?

This has never really happened in the game canon ever before. In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon the humans turned into Pokémon, but never vice-versa. In the original game, there were two instances of such a transformation happening. One, when Ninetales cursed a boy, and the other, when the player’s character was attacked as he traveled through time and he turned into a Pokémon.

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It is all understandable, but a Pokémon fusing with a human or even a Pokémon turning into a human cannot really happen. Pokemon Detective Pikachu definitely got this one all wrong.

6. All those changes brought to Ryme City

Rhyme City has undergone a lot of changes ever since it made the transition from the gaming screens to the movie screens. For instance, the city does not have a police department, but rather a detective agency. The Hi-Hat Café is situated right below the Baker Detective Agency of Ryme City. Harry Goodman works as a detective for the agency.

The last known location of Harry was Litwick Cave and not a car crash. It would have been so cool to see all the action that happened at the Litwick Cave. But, this bit of change can perhaps be forgiven for Pokemon Detective Pikachu. After all, staying in Ryme city with all the Pokémon was super fun too!

7. The Pokéballs changed color to green

You do not need to be a diehard fan of the Pokémon universe to know how it works in terms of catching wild them. When the Pokémon has a low health bar a Pokéball is thrown, and then sparkles happen. But, wait! The Pokéball turned green in Pokemon Detective Pikachu!

To be honest that opening scene of Tim trying to get hold of a Cubone was really nice. People got to see an actual Pokéball, and the Cubone running away not wanting to be caught, was all really great to watch. But, Pokéballs do not go green (or, any color) in any version of the games, not even for Pokémon Go. This change was not really necessary.

Hence, this is for all the Pokemon fans, especially Pikachu’s fans. In all fairness, Pokemon Detective Pikachu was a good movie and the ending was really liked by the viewers. If only it did not have these loopholes in the middle!

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