Dwyane Wade On The Ellen Show to Throw Light On The LGBTQ Community

LGBTQ Community

Renowned American football player, Dwyane Wade is another proud face that is ruling the social media in today’s world who is known as one of the dedicated keepers of the LGBTQ Community. It is not because of his own support and belief towards the LGBT but because of his 12-year-old Zaya. As per sources, Zaya is yet again another amazing and wonderful woman who is being stereotyped because of her gender preference or orientation.

Well, LGBT is one of the most prominent notions or beliefs in today’s world that needs justification. Since dating back to 1988, popular activists started to make use of the initializations LGBT in the US. Not till the 90’s just in the movement lesbian, bisexual, transgender and gay individuals seek equivalent respect.The LGBT community that has come a long way seeking righteousness where it has reached a point it is today called the LGBTQ Community. It stands for called the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer or questioning.

Zaya raises her voice regarding her gender decision

LGBTQ Community

A video on social media reveals that Zaya strictly talks about the purpose of existing on a planet where one cannot be herself. The wade family reveals that she has come out as a transgender. She has been identified as a male in birth, however, she now wants to be stated as a female; stated as him or her. She is one of the two children in the Wade family. Zaya is the child from the first wife of Dwayne that is SiohvaughnFunches. The couples chose to separate in the year 2010 and united with Gabrielle Union in the year 2014.

How the story started and wonderfully demonstrated in Ellen’s Show

Dwayne states that one fine day, their twelve-year-old was home and said that she wanted to talk about something to the couple. She revealed to her parents that she was finally realizing and enlightening and was prepared to take her path towards her truth. She no more chose to be what she was stated by the world with her physical appearance but wanted to be respected and stated as a female. She even said that she would like her parents to call her as Zaya and they were the first one to know it.

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It was justified parenting by the Wade couples Ellen says

As we could see in the show, Ellen DeGeneres was significantly touched by hearing Zaya’s opinion and what Dwayne had to say about the LGBTQ Community. Ellen spoke about how Wade has provided Zaya with just the right kind of parenting and not attained the path that 80% of the parents attain when they come to know regarding the gender change of their children. The Ellen Show on Tuesday was literally one of the most ground-breaking ones that has influenced the views and perspectives of the world around. It had heightened the LGBTQ Community more than ever before. The Union had also tweeted a shot of Zaya and wade speaking and sharing a sensitive conversation regarding the decision she had made.

The wonderful texts included Zayais one of the most loving compassionate and whip-smart and the union is extremely proud of her. It is alright when it comes to loving, listening and respecting one’s child because of who they are and not what you want them to become. She is one of the brave good souls and deserves light and love from the world.

LGBTQ Community picks on how transgender athletes are stereotyped

LGBTQ Community

There are several transgender athletes who deserve equal admiration from the world however are still suppressed due to their appearance. The conventional and rigid perception of the world still today expects all women to embrace femininity at a similar level. Zaya is one of the most prominent personalities who can be compared to a similar scenario. The expectation is for all women to look the way they are expected to be. Transgender athletes are raising a strong voice on that they have their own diversities and everybody deserves respect, acceptance, and admiration for their skills and what they have to offer to the world.

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The show reveals why there is a need for the right parenting

The questioning adds a Q at the end of LGBT initials which is a question towards the gender choice or orientation of them. There have been many cases and sad incidents where children have given up on life increasing rates of suicides based on gender change or being ridiculed for belonging to the LGBT community. There are several reasons behind this however one of the most significant reasons is wrong kind of parenting. The idea of imposing an identity, a gender, leaves no absolute choice to their children leading them to mere threat. Ellen emphasizes on how good and a brave soul Dwayne was and how correctly he had supported his daughter. It was an inspiration to the LGBTQ Community and was made viral over social media.

The LGBTQ Community is setting a strong expression to the conventional ideas and mentalities while the Wade family is setting a strong example for the world when it comes to parenting kids belonging to the LGBT community. The name Zaya has been one of the loudest voices in social media in recent times. She is probably the first one among the LGBT children who have received such support from his parents.

Many eminent personalities from the world of media and entertainment have written about Zaya and her open mind towards her choice and who she wanted to be. One of the most prominent names among them is Raquel Willis who is the editor of the Out Magazine. The Ellen Show is known for hitting some of the most significant, touchy and sensitive topics and the wade family was indeed one of them. Ellen was herself highly proud and influenced belonging to and support to the same community and it all made a great influence on the show as well as its viewers.

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