Nathan’s Contest 2020 Will Stream Live on July 4

Nathan’s Contest 2020

If you’re a fan of food, then you know that the July 4 Hot Dog eating contest is on. You’d know Nathan’s organizes this contest every year at Coney Island. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic this international contest will be changing. You can only enjoy Nathan’s Contest 2020 live on ESPN. The contest will be held, but you can’t physically visit the venue since there will be no audience. However, the competitive hot dog eater will be happy to know that the competition isn’t canceled. You can still watch it from the comfort of your homes while being safe.

How Nathan’s Contest 2020 is going to be held

Normally, you would probably be amongst the thousands thronging Sitwell and Surf avenues on Coney Island. Nathan’s contest holds the famous and international competitive hot do eating contest here every year on July 4. This year, however, Nathan’s is holding the competition privately in a neighborhood. You can only see the contest live on ESPN on the same day. Normally, you see 15 men and 15 women competing for the prized title. This year, however, you will see only 5 men and 5 women competing in the famous contest. (provigil online pharmacy) Nathan’s is bringing about all these changes keeping in mind the COVID-19 safety protocol.

As per George Shea, Nathan’s has received a flurry of queries asking whether the contest will be held or no. George Shea is the chair of Major League Eating. He says that a lot of people will be happy that the contest is happening. ESPN has made it a tradition to stream the contest live since 2004. Nathan’s will be hosting the 104th edition of the hot dog stuffing competition this year. You will be a part of this century-old contest this year too, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

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People Rejoice

People are expressing their happiness now that the contest is going through. They say that it is impossible to cancel this contest just like it’s impossible to cancel Christmas or Thanksgiving. The state administration has stated that New Yorkers shouldn’t be absolutely certain about this. They have said that the COVID-19 conditions by July 4 will decide whether the contest occurs.

No more than 25 people can gather at one point of time and hence Nathan’s is keeping just 5 contestants each. Miki Sudo will be back to defend her title. She holds a record of 41 hot dogs and is a six-time winner. Joey Chestnut is the twelve-time winner amongst men and is holding a record of 74 hot dogs. Everyone is looking forward to this crazy and extreme hot dog eating contest.

Final Thoughts

Nathan’s will also donate 100,000 dollars to the New York Food Bank through the competition. You can rest assured that Nathan’s contest is trying everything to hold the contest. They know that canceling this competition is like canceling the ritual altogether! Shea said that they are fairly confident that the contest will happen just not at the earlier scale. You can watch the competition on ESPN and cheer for your favorite competitor.

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