Prince Philip Undergoes Heart Surgery At Age 99 And Is Now Recovering

Prince Philip underwent heart surgery

Recently, Prince Philip undergoes heart surgery. He has to stay at the hospital for the past 15 days and will have to be there till his recovery. He is 99-years old and is recovering well after the operation was successful.

According to a spokesperson on behalf of Buckingham Palace, Prince Philip suffered from an underlying cardiac issue for quite some time now. However, the medical team at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital has treated the Royal Highness with utmost precision. As of now, he will have to stay there for post-surgery treatment, healing, and rest.

Apart from this, the palace officials make it clear that they will not reveal any further information. Husband of Queen Elizabeth, the Royal Highness Prince Philip, undergoes heart surgery at the St. Bartholomew’s after spending over two weeks at the King Edward VII Hospital.

Prince Philip undergoes heart surgery for an old issue of artery blockage.

It seems that it is the same cardiac problem that the Prince was suffering from a decade back. According to news records, in 2011, Prince Philip was diagnosed with an artery blockage. As a result, he fell severely sick and was airlifted to the hospital. There again, he underwent a coronary stent implant operation.

Media teams found Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, at a vaccination center in South London’s Croydon. The 73-year old Duchess reveals that Philip is recovering slowly. However, some problems arise at times. She adds that the whole family is praying and crossing their fingers for the better. ( The main reason for Prince Philip’s shift to the St. Bartholomew’s Hospital was not just better heart treatment.

It is also because his Royal Highness was receiving treatment for an infection. Soon, the Buckingham Palace authorities reveal to news sources that Prince Philip was responding to the treatment. Moreover, it was a relief that he was in a hospital that houses the best heart care unit all over Europe.

The Royal Family is constantly keeping an eye on Prince Philip’s condition.

He met only one visitor throughout his stay at the St. Bartholomew’s Hospital till Prince Philip underwent heart surgery. It was his son, Prince Charles, who came to meet him immediately after the admission. On the other hand, the 38-year old Prince of Wales, William, says that his grandfather is much better and is all taking care of him.

Coming back to Buckingham Palace, the 94-year old Queen Elizabeth is working on her responsibilities. Moreover, she recently meets the South Australian governor over a video conference. The plan was to discuss the COVID-19 and the vaccination process in the country. The other members present on-call were the Premier of South Australia, Hon. Steven Marshall and His Excellency of South Australia, the Hon. Hieu Van Le.

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