Belgian King Albert II Love Child Is Officially a Princess of Belgium

Belgian King Albert II love child is officially a Princess of Belgium

On October 2, Belgian King Albert II revealed that he won a battle for royal rights. He was fighting to make his love child be equally called a princess, as much as her other children.

Belgian King Albert II wins rights to call illegitimate daughter Princess of Belgium

Delphine Boel now goes by the name of Delphine of Saxen-Coburg-Gotha. She is finally a claimed Belgian princess at the age of 52. This comes after Brussels Court of Appeal decided that the lady will get the same privileges and royal titles as the other children of the King.

In a statement, Boel said that a legal victory doesn’t replace how much her father loves her. However, it definitely gives an accomplishment of justice, which she waited for so long.

Delphine also said that King Albert II officially became her real father for the past 20 years or so and then turned to court for paternity during 2013. It was the same year when he abdicated his throne and also lost legality from the claims.

Previously, ex-monarch of Belgium rejected Delphine as a princess of the royal family. However, he was ordered to allow the DNA test by the court after a threat of €5,000 for each day he had been refusing the legitimacy. The lawyers informed that the DNA test matched and that King Albert II is the father of Boel.

King Albert II and Sybille de Selys Longchamps, the mother of Delphine, were in an affair from 1966 to 1984. The rumors of the paternity scandal emerged after an unauthorized biography about Queen Paola came out in 1999.

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During the 70s, King Albert II came out about the marital problems he was facing with wife Paola. However, he never admitted to having an affair out of the marriage.

Currently, the reigning monarch is his first son Philippe. He has the power to make the final legal appeal. (Viagra)

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