Pros and cons of online dating

Everyone is busy today. Days are gone when the boy waits in front of the girl’s college all day to see her once. The world has become fast, so has dating. No one has the time to woo someone for days. Time is money these days. After office hours, no one has time to go to some awkward place and asking some stranger, “What is your favorite color?” It is not only distressful but also uncertain. Then there are adverse weather, lousy transport, bad physical conditions, and other engagements, which bar you to go outside.

Therefore, the world of dating offers you a virtual space where you can date actual people without even meeting him or her. Yes, online. You can meet new people every day sitting at your home. Dating has become effortless. Being single is not a burden now. If you are tired of listening to your relatives for being alone, you have to create a profile in an online dating app and meet one of your dreams. However, there are some pros and cons related to online dating. Let’s hear about it.

Less time consuming:

Online dating is anything but time-consuming. If you have a good internet connection, your dating experience can be peerless. If you and your date are both online at the same time, you can chat, exchange views, know about each other’s likes and dislikes, hobbies, future planning, and so many other things. In some cases, people do not meet at all in online dating. But if both agree, a meeting is also comfortable. You don’t have to wait for anything. Do you want to meet him? Do you want a movie date? Do you want to go to the new Chinese restaurant with him? You have to type and send him a message. You can have a pleasant date.

Gives more options:

In the earlier days, people were content with a moderately successful arrange marriage. A bride had to be beautiful, and the groom had to earn. Now, the scenario is not that simple. People are not ready to compromise when it comes to choosing a life partner. And this is justified. If you are dating someone, he should be your perfect choice. Online dating apps give you a plethora of options to select from. You can look up several profiles before choosing one. You can see their pictures; learn about their choices, lifestyle. In bygone days, people had limited acquaintances, among whom they had to pick one to date. Therefore, one had to settle for someone kind enough to be a husband, but not good enough to be a soul mate. Those days are over now. You don’t have to settle for less. Now, you can meet your dream man through these sites and make your date the perfect one.

Is he compatible?

Meeting new people without any cue is exhausting. You have to go through every step of knowing the person from scratch every time you meet a new person. Moreover, there is always a chance you will find out the person to be the least perfect one for you. In that case, the time you invested is a total waste. In online dating sites, you can check the profile of the person before starting to date him. If you do not like the profile, you can just quit the profile and check another one until you find someone compatible.

Anywhere, anytime:

For online dating, dating is never confined by time and place restrictions. After a tiring day at the office, you may feel lazy to dress up and go to a fancy restaurant to meet someone. However, you can “meet” someone quickly in an online dating site. Even if you are wearing sweat pants, or have a mud mask on your face, or eating a fat sandwich with sauce coming down your lips, you can date him. While traveling by bus, sitting in a boring classroom, or while attending some irritating social gathering, you can spice things up by chatting with your loved one.

With a bunch of benefits, come another bunch of negative points about this online dating issue. Let’s have a look at those.


Whenever you are dealing online, there is always a chance of being subjected to internet crime. Some criminals can trap you. He or she can cheat you financially. A criminal can have many intentions. Not only money, but he or she can also cause you other troubles. For such terrible reasons, you should always take things slowly. While dating a stranger, you should be aware of every red signal and act accordingly to avoid such a circumstance.

Fake profiles:

In this busy world, people are lonely. No one is content with himself. Everyone is desperately in need of a companion. (Alprazolam) Therefore, some people think low about themselves and create fake profiles in online dating sites, to attract suitors. For there is no way to authorize the information given in the pattern, anyone can write anything to impress people. Even a boy can have a profile called ‘dream girl,’ and a girl can name her profile ‘the hunk.’ So we recommend you not to people quickly. Being a little skeptic will not hurt.


For a conscious person, it is never enough to know some credentials to fall in love. If you can reach beyond someone’s appearance, you would like to know his soul before falling for him. In that case, online dating is adequate. I mean, yes, you can see the person, but you can never reach his soul through dating him online.


Ghosting is an increasing phenomenon, where one person dates you today and can hide himself tomorrow. You cannot find any trace of him anywhere. You cannot find his profile. You cannot reach his phone number. You cannot contact him via mail. Since you have never gone to his place, you cannot ever find him. If you have been attached to him emotionally, this could hurt!

So what are you waiting for? The month of love is around the corner. On your data, and start finding your passion!

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