These TikTok Life Hacks are Funny and Entertaining: Here Is All To Know

TikTok life hacks

All this while, you have at least, for once, stumbled upon a video on TikTok, isn’t it? And if you say you didn’t, you are simply lying (well, probably!). Because everyone has a social networking account either on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok itself, they are bound to come across one such entertaining video that was publicly launched on TikTok. TikTok videos, undoubtedly, are considered as a great mode to have fun. After all the videos that users post are hilariously funny, at times they don’t have rational meaning to it, but yes, they are really entertaining to everyone, regardless of whether you’re depressed, angry, or sad. This is the post where you are going to get enlightened on the most popular TikTok life hacks, that aren’t life-changing, but yes, they are admittedly amazingly funny and entertaining.

Before you find the entertaining hacks, here’s giving an understanding of why TikTok videos are super addictive and funny in their own way!

Why TikTok Videos are So Popular?

TikTok life hacks

You can mark the word here, yes, you can mark the words when it is said that TikTok videos are super popular and at the same time addictive. Apparently, there must be certain reasons for it being so popular. After all, a mere video comprising 6 to 7 minutes (even less or more than that) should have some approach to entertain people. And the makers of the videos also should have some qualities to present their sense of humor so brilliantly. So, before digging deep into anything else, here’s what the videos’ primary motto is.

Users, who make the videos, aim at targeting more fans. While the primary motto of users is to build a stronger fan base, the app’s motto is to entertain the whole community of social networking platforms. Now you understand why you get notifications on other social media platforms about TikTok life hacks despite being a non-user of the application?

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The app brings in special features in order to increase potential fans, and all they do is entertain other fans by creating newer and funnier videos. Yes, at times, the videos come up to be illogical, but not every video on TikTok is the same. No wonder the developers have created the app so brilliantly that there come multiple TikTok life hacks which are both funny and entertaining at the same time. What’s impressive about the videos is that users come up with brilliant life too.

Some Amazing TikTok life hacks You Should Know

Regardless of the fact that TikTok videos are really entertaining, it also offers brilliant TikTok life hacks that you can use in your daily life. So, what are they? To know further on this front, keep reading on.

  • The use of a reclosable lid to store the leftover chips in its packet

 Yes, you read that right. According to TikTok’s life hacks, you can store the leftover chips pack that contains chips without. But how?! To put things simply, a reclosable lid would be safer to choose when you don’t want to waste the leftover chips. It will help store the chips brilliantly, without allowing air particles to enter the packet and leading to wasting food. This is a brilliant move that you can take in order to reuse the packet and even finish the leftover chips the next day!

  • Separating the yolk from the white part of the egg

How many of how have you already seen videos on this? Presumably, it’s great that you get a chance to separate the yolk from the white part of the egg. There are, of course, a couple of methods to perform for it. However, the best that TikTok life hacks offer is the use of a bottle. Yes, it’s a brilliant move. The reason why this method is safer is that it gradually helps you do the process, thereby separating the yolk from the egg’s white part. What you need to do is just reverse the bottle, and choose the opening to separate the yolk. In the process, you would have to press in the bottle, in order to make the yolk enter inside. Be careful when you do so because many times you might end up on a sad note.

  • Fixing a dried highlighter or marker

Did you ever wonder what would be the right trick to make your old marker or highlighter work, in the same manner, as before?  If not, then here’s the solution. According to TikTok’s life hacks, you can use your dried marker or highlighter brilliantly! All you need to do is swing the marker around its head just like the lasso. And during the process, you would have to make sure that you have enough room for you to perform it. While you can even try turning the tip right around with the pliers, the best is to go for the swing process, TikTok video confirms.

  • Making your pizza box a little bit smaller

TikTok life hacks

Imagine the time when you are full of appetite and cannot finish the pizza that you ordered at a café. What you are going to do is ask the waiter to parcel it, right? There will be queues of people waiting for their pizzas, and there will be orders that the waiters require delivering. In such a scenario, you might wait for a longer period of time in order to get the half-sized pizza parceled for you. Here’s a trick that TikTok life hacks confirm by which you can play it smarter. All you need to do is, just tear the other portion of the pizza box, and fold it from the center. Bingo, you now have your parceled pizza ready to carry it home. Not only will it be less time consuming but it also will be a smarter move from your side!

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With the TikTok life hacks, it helps with daily house chores of life. If you want to know more about the videos and watch them to practice these hacks, join the community today! Here’s wishing you all the very best.

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