Quick And Simple Foxy Eye Makeup For Beginners

foxy eye makeup

Makeup has become everyone’s best friend nowadays. It is not limited to any particular season, age, or gender. The reason behind this sudden hype in the cosmetic industry is because of the influencer culture. More and more people try to become influencers on various social media platforms. For them, makeup is the most comfortable talent to show off. And the vast audience who see them online, they want to follow them. So they also buy and apply makeup. Also, in this “picture perfect era,” everyone wants to look flawless all the time.

Different makeup products help them in achieving that perfect look. It has become an everyday thing for people, mostly females. Before stepping out of their house, they make sure their makeup looks flawless. For people who like to experiment with their makeup, this article will tell them the technique for achieving the Foxy Eye Makeup look. But before we go to that, let’s see when did the makeup trends start and what are the changing eye makeup trends from the last ten years. 

History Of Makeup

foxy eye makeup

For people who think makeup has been invented only a few decades back, they need to know that they are entirely wrong. Experts have found traces of makeup from as far as they can see in history. In almost all cultures, it is one of the oldest rituals. However, the evidence has been found in only Greece and Egyptian cultures. They used olive oil, rose water, beeswax, etc. for moisturizing and protecting their skins. Also, products like kohl and lipstick tints can be found in history. Historic people used red mineral pigments to paint their lips. 

The makeup at that time was not as advanced as it is today. It was limited to natural products that were used for healing skin problems. Out of all products, kohl can be found almost everywhere around the globe. That is why kohl is not considered as one of the beauty products, its more of a ritual in several places. Also, the foxy eye makeup trend can be found in old makeup uses. China even saw the use of fingernail stains in its history. People used products like gelatin, egg white, beeswax, and gum arabic to paint their nails. 

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Cut short to the 19th and 20th centuries. The manufacturing and use of modern-day makeup products started. However, the application was limited to only a few specific groups like actresses and cabarets. Every year, the use of makeup increased everywhere, and so did the range of products. Nowadays, there are many types of makeup products that people can find in the market, such as:

  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Powder
  • Blush
  • Eyeshadow
  • Kohl, Liner
  • Mascara
  • Contour
  • Primer 

And this list is never-ending. Adding to the variety, people can find thousands of products of each type, which differ in texture, color, usage, etc. Technically, they are made in a way that specific groups of people can use them. Also, makeup products are available at all prices. Starting from the price of a water bottle, they can go as high as one can imagine. So literally everyone can afford and use makeup in today’s world. 

Eye Makeup Trends

Eye makeup is something that only a limited group of people apply. Especially when it comes to products like eyeshadow and mascara. Most people prefer to keep it simple by using kohl or eyeliners. That is why the foxy eye makeup look is so much in trend, as it can be achieved with minimal products.

Before moving on to the foxy eye makeup look, let’s see some other eye makeup trends that have been seen in the last ten years. 

  • Smokey Look: 2009 saw a massive hit in the thick and smudged eyeliner look. Many celebrities were seen wearing their eyeliner in this way. 
  • Smokey Eyes: The smokey eyeliner was not enough to give a more in-depth look. So artists came up with the idea of complete smokey eyes created with dark eyeshadows and smudged kohl. 
  • The Minimal Look: The minimal eye look was about diverting the attention from the eyes. It is best worn with dark lip shades. 
  • Colors And Designs: As experiments became a common trend, people started drawing their eyelids with different colors and designs. It is not something that people can apply in everyday makeup. 
  • Colorful Kohl: Kohls have seen drastic changes in the recent few years. From being smudge-proof to being water-proof, there are thousands of varieties of kohls that can be found. Most people still prefer it simple and black, people those who love experimenting goes with different colors of kohl. 
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Foxy Eye Makeup Look

foxy eye makeup

Finally coming to the foxy eye makeup look, let’s see how one can achieve it in only a few steps.

  • Step 1:  The first thing to do for a foxy eye makeup look, is to grab a section of hair from right above the ears. By pulling the hair, it can be noticed that the eyes get a little lift. The next task is to tie the hair sections from both sides to the back of the head, tightly. 
  • Step 2: After lifting the eyes, it is time to apply the winged liner and fill in the brows. To set the wing correctly, one should put a pencil on the outer part of their nostril and see what angle it makes with the corner of the eye. That angle is to be taken as a base for the eyeshadow and the eyeliner. The brows should end at that angle as well, with a little upward lift. Eyebrows play a crucial role in providing the foxy eye makeup look, so people should do them correctly. 
  • Step 3: Until now, we talked about only the outer corner of the eyes. But the inner corners need to be done as well, to give that tilted look. So people need to extend their inner eye corners a bit using some eyeshadow and liner. It will make their eyes look extended and sleek.
  • Step 4: To complete the look, people can use nude liner for their lower lash line. And give final touches with a natural-looking false lash and a perfect mascara. 

In only four steps, they can achieve the most natural-looking foxy eye makeup look in no time. After that, they can continue with their face makeup to get party-ready. 


This was all about the makeup trends and eye makeup. It has become easy for people to learn makeup application, as a lot of people teach that online for free. However, to become an expert, they still need to go to a professional training class. Yet, they can get started any time and learn the makeup tips and tricks from the ease of their home. 

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