SEO Trends to Look Out for in 2020



SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is a series of technique which helps to improve the visibility of the website.

Why should you use Search Engine Optimization? 

It is all about ranking. The higher the ranking, the higher will be its organic traffic. Higher organic traffic means a higher rate of an advertisement.

So, in this article, we will discuss THE SEO TRENDS 2020. So, let the party begin –

If you dream to make the Top 5 Results in a search engine look forth for;

  • Different Google Word Trends,
  • The Social Media,
  • Cellphone Optimization,
  • The intent of different users and your audience,
  • The new SERP Feature provided by Google.

Key Merits to take advantage of SEO Trends 2020

I.  Go head to head with your competitors. By going head to head with your competitors, you get the idea of The Top SEO TRENDS, which are going through right now in the market, and this will help you in your long run.

II. The latest SERP Features from Google will keep you right on track on Top SEO trends 2020. So, if you want to earn, start that runTheSERP FEATURE will help you big time profits, again in the long term.

III. Research about the Sale conversation. Take a hold on all the sale conversations and generate a ratio of all those sale conversations. You can do this via Site Design or Keywords Optimization.



Internet is a vast network, and several users use their smartphones to access the Internet. The voice search is also getting the limelight, so search engines are demonetizing those websites that are not Mobile friendly. So, if you want to be a Search friendly website, change down your priorities for only desktops to even a mobile-friendly zone.

  • How can I adapt to This Situation?
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First and foremost, make your content mobile-friendly and fast loadable.

Adapt to those featured snippet opportunities and build a strategy according to that to stand out from the others because remember you’re now not fighting for the top 5 positions in the search engine list. You are fighting for the number one link in the search engine.

  • #SEO Trend 2 – Giving the Audience what they want: 

You must provide your audience with the most relevant content which they want from you. Don’t just rely on Keywords; give them the applicable content. Studies have found that the Google algorithm depends on providing the right content to the right audience. So make some excellent and healthy content for your audience so they can enjoy that, and that would drive more traffic to your specific websites. Don’t forget the primary keys you learned with the SEO and apply those moves to make your content more valuable and different from the others.

  •  #SEO Trend 3 – A Healthy Snippet Will Always Drive your Audience Crazy: 

Data analytics shows that approximately 55% of Google users click on the link, which has a great featured snippet. Google has evolved in recent years, from being a high search engine to the best search engine. The prime motive of Google is to provide exceptional content. So, if you want that your snippet should be positioned at the top of the list, answer accurately in your featured snippet. The more accurate you will be to the audience the more chances would be of yours to be on the top of the list without acquiring the number one search position.

  • #SEO Trend 4 – Your website must be a Secured One:

As I mentioned earlier, Google or any other search engines respect their audience so they won’t drive their audience to an unsecured site; instead, they would deny it. So even if you’re making valuable and fantastic content, it won’t get any recommendation from Google as it is not secured. So purchase a Security that would ensure your website and will help you in getting the suggestions you need from Google. Remember, you’re not investing it, for now, you’re spending it for the future.

  • #SEO Trend 5 – Use Video as a Source of Information: 

Millennials would rather watch a whole video regarding the specific information on rather than the entire article or TV. YouTube is no doubt has revolutionized our Entertainment. So try to make a whole video regarding the topic and illustrate the whole issue there. What help will it do in the SEO? It is accessible whenever you’re writing the article to attach the specific video with that so your audience can watch it and understand the topic more extensive.

  • #SEO Trend 6 – Produce High-Quality Contents: 

Those days are gone when you make an article, and people will love you. Advertisers don’t just provide your websites with ads now. You need to produce high-quality content for your audience so they can relate to it. The advertising industry won’t place a significant impact on your website, but good content will no doubt help you in your search rankings. So, write some valuable content because TOP SEO TRENDS IN 2020 will solely depend on great content. If you can’t drive your audience with relevant content in 2020, there is no place for you in Google search rankings.

  • #SEO Trend 7 – The Length of the Content Matters: 

As you have seen, not only great content will help you drive your search rankings, but even the length of the content matters too. As if you’re spending more time on a specific website, Google will reward that website higher in its ranking, and all the users want more significant length contents so they can research all of the topics in a single article. So next time, try to write more than 1000 words while writing about a topic.

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So, these are a few of Many SEO TRENDS OF 2020. If you have an online business, you can always prefer bringing about changes and improvements in your business with SEO Trends.

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