Reinventing The Customer Experience With Marketing 2.0 And Adobe Cloud

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There is no doubt that the customers have evolved over time and so has their demands. It is, therefore, the time now for the marketers to catch up. In fact, today the consumers are ultra-connected! They interact more often with their favorite brands through different sources and platforms that the internet provides them with.

Most importantly, there is no specific time when they will interact technology has enabled them to interact with the brands on the go and in more places than ever before. According to research, it has been found that in fact:

  • An average customer contacts a brand at least five times before they make their buying decision.
  • They do so through different sources such as Google search, which is the most common way or through an in-store visit or by downloading an app.

However, whether it is web, mobile, or in-store, it is all the same for all customers. In fact, they look for marketing experiences that mashups that mix seamlessly together.

Mobility is another thing that is at the forefront of it all. This is possible now due to the advent and excessive use of mobile devices and wearable technologies that are actually blurring the lines between the physical and digital worlds.

Therefore, in this day and era, it is the consumers who are more in control of matters than ever before. It is therefore natural that they will expect more from the marketers as well. Therefore, irrespective of the industry, the customer experience now has taken the driver’s seat and center stage.

  • You will need to master it now so that you can set yourself apart you’re your competitors.
  • It will also help you to increase your chances of surviving in this unforgiving business world of today.

Here are a couple of great ways in which you can reinvent your adobe customer experiences that will, in turn, help you to revolutionize your marketing.

Get inside their minds

The first most effective strategy to follow to enhance the customer experience is to get into their minds. However, to do that you will have only a couple of seconds. They will just have a glance at their smartphones or wearable device within which you must catch their attention.

  • The best way to do this is to know how best you can appeal to the audience.
  • You will need to know what they are thinking and feeling.
  • You will also need to guide their actions in a better way a bit more.
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According to cognitive science, people tend to forget 90% of what they are shown. Therefore, you have your job cut short having to gently guide them toward the remaining 10% that they really need to remember.

The steps to follow here include:

  • Looking at your message from the perspective of your customers
  • Asking yourself what you exactly want your customers to keep in mind
  • Creating a new or distilling the existing message into a far simple, memorable, and clear one.

Everything boils down to the SSB or the “Single Selfish Benefit” for the consumers which ideally is different for each person. In order to determine the SSB, you must gather and analyze your customer data and find out:

  • What exactly each of them is looking for
  • Where they are going on your website and
  • What type of actions they are calling about?

With all this data and facts in hand, it will be much easier for you to link that 10% message to the single selfish benefit of the customers.

Revolve around your customers

You must center all your actions and plans around your customers as they are your universe. Keep them at the center of it. Remember, the days of assertive batch-and-blast campaigns on a large scale with intent to reach a larger audience are over.

Today, you will have to take on things more carefully because it is now all about persuading them and captivating your prospective clients with more authentic customer experiences. This will easily and naturally help you to foster a strong and long-lasting relationship of trust.

According to the research of Forrester, it is found that the only effective sources of gaining more competitive advantage are:

  • An obsession with understanding
  • Delighting
  • Connecting and interacting with and
  • Serving your customers.

For this data plays the key role as that will help you to understand your customers better and what they exactly want from you when you develop a product or provide a service. Your primary objective should be meeting with those specific expectations in a much better way.

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You can use effective tools and software that will enable you in social listening with your ears and eyes open continually so that you can grab the opportunities for innovation immediately when it occurs. You will be surprised to know that some of the best and most successful ideas simply surfaced from some of the simplest comments made by the customers.

Focus on the experience

Lastly, you should focus more on providing the best customer experience and not on your product solely. The economy of today is more experience-based wherein most of the products and services are considered as mere commodities. It is for these reasons brands now must focus on other areas apart from developing their product.

You may create the experience around your product for that matter but in no way, you should overlook the need for deepening the customer experiences. You can do this by:

  • Using what you know about your customers
  • Finding out the best ways in which you can personalize your offerings
  • Focusing on the entire span of potential interactions
  • Developing a wide assortment of ways for each customer to connect with them along every step of their journey.

All these efforts will ensure that your brand becomes a high performing and provides the best customer experience. It is all about thinking about your product broadly and stretching your limits to include the customer experience that you want to build around your product. Find out what they need, meet them consistently and stay connected even after a purchase is made.

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