Solve Activation Problems in Microsoft Office Products on Your Windows 10

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Microsoft Office can be expensive: The stand-alone versions of the software, which are becoming increasingly rare as Microsoft grows Office 365, start around $150 and only go up from there. Subscriptions to Office apps start at $7 per month or $70 per year, and prices quickly increase for professional versions of the software. The bad news is it can be costly for consumers. But one can use it by mean of Ms Office activation.

One of the situations that we do not expect to happen is that if we have purchased a payment license for a Microsoft product, it fails to do Ms office activation it and does not allow us to work with the product for which we have just paid, an error that can be annoy many users and that does not always have a simple solution.

In my experience as a manager of all types of technologies, I have been able to contrast that these types of errors are more common than expected and often tend to have a more complex solution than we would like, since we end up modifying aspects of the system or of the registry to operate the activation.

And that is just what we are going to see today, a trick that will lead us to modify an aspect of the Windows registry in search of the solution to the problem of the activation of Microsoft Office.

For this, we must do the following:

* Access the Windows registry through regedit

* Access the following route: HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Internet Explorer > Main > Feature Control > FEATURE_LOCALMACHINE_LOCKDOWN

* Check the status of the DWORD key and put it in 1

* Restart and test the activation again

In principle it seems that this solution does not apply to Office 365, for the license model you use, but to the rest of Microsoft Office products and versions, but in any case, if you are having problems with the licensing of your Office suite Office, Do not hesitate to put into practice this simple trick, which you can quickly reverse if you have not achieved the expected effect and if the problem persists.

How to activate Microsoft Office

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If you do not have an account, choose Register now and follow the commands to make an account; or follow the steps to make an account and for the Ms Office activation.

  • Log in with your Windows account.
  • Remember this email address
  • Internet access is required

It is necessary to be connected to the Internet to activate the Office. If you are connected to the Internet and see the error message below, click on the help button   to run the network tool to solve problems. This tool will help determine the cause of your Internet connectivity problems.

Also if you need support then one can call at Microsoft office activation support and can get the solution.

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