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ice cream recipe

Composed of the renowned Comedians, actors, and filmmakers- Keith Habersberger, Ned Fulmer Zach Korn feld, and Eugene Lee Yang, the Try guys bring to you a refreshingly new comedy series where the premise is that these guys are ready to do just anything of the book for your entertainment.

This episode is no different and over here we have the Try Guys trying out some exciting and quirky ice cream recipe as they compete among themselves so as to who can present the best ice cream. Each of them will be given a time period of two hours amidst which they are to complete their Ice cream recipe and present it before their panel of esteemed judges 

The panel

Indeed the Try Guys will have to put their best of efforts as their jury is composed of several experts in their own rights. The first judge that you are introduced in the video is Jessica who is a marketing consultant and has tried out an ice cream recipe from the best in the industry. She writes food reviews for a living and sure enough, it won’t be an easy task to please her taste buds.

The second expert will surprise you by his age. Jamie is just eleven years old but when it comes to ice cream recipe, who can judge it better other than kids who are so fond of eating candies and ice creams.

The final panelist is Adrienne and she is a professional ice cream maker with a company to her name. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in food science. ( Indeed no one can be a better judge of ice creams than her.

With so many experts in the panel, it will be definitely very interesting to watch how the Try Guys please them!

The Wanderlust shop

ice cream recipe

The competition does seem to get stiffer and stiffer as the Try Guys realize that Adrienne is none other than the owner of the famous ice cream parlor known as the Wanderlust. The video then takes you on a tour through Wanderlust as Adrienne goes on to explain the inspiration behind the various ice cream recipe that features in her parlor.

There are flavors such as the Japanese neo-Politan, Croatia and the like. All of them are actually inspired by travel to off-beat destinations and their special ingredients that are associated with these places. They ensure that the flavors that you find here are definitely something that you will not find anywhere else. One of their recipes even had salted duck eggs.

Though Adrienne is in an expert with ice creams herself, she admits that coming up with a new ice cream recipe is not a very easy task.

The Try guys

Adrienne suggests that if one is to make ice creams without any recipe going for something simple and rather uncomplicated may be the best idea. So as their time starts the Try Guys rush to get their bottles of condensed milk. Following this, they choose a number of other ingredients as well as each gear up to win over the judges. 

The Recipes

Eugene decides to make a flavor inspired by his favorite Persian tastes- Rose and Saffron Ice cream. Ned reveals that he had made some ice creams previously and thus decides to go for Moose Tracks. Keith decides to go for Cinnamon raisin Ice cream and Zach goes for vegan Cookies and Cream Ice cream. 

After they decide upon the recipes, each Try Guy is then given 40 minutes to prepare their ice cream base.

Learn from the ice cream expert

As the Try Guy battle between themselves, you are given a chance to learn an ice cream recipe right from the expert Adrienne herself

As the menu at the wanderlust, what Adrienne is teaching also has some interesting twists- A vanilla ice cream, with a sprinkle of a totally different flavor.

Collect a bunch of other useful tips

As the Try guys and Adrienne proceed with their respective recipes, they also share a number of general facts and useful tips that you may use in your other ice cream recipes too. 

Laugh as you learn

Where the Try Guys are involved, comedy cannot be far behind. As they try to outdo each other, the battle is not limited to the ice cream recipe alone. They also keep on peeing on each other’s tables and pass super funny comments and try to outdo each other with their words as well.

Though some of the Try Guys try to put in as many ingredients as they can in one place, Adrienne warns that trying to force in too many flavors may not be a very wise idea.  When there are too many flavors all in one place, each will cancel out the other.

The final presentation

ice cream recipe

Finally, the ice cream making is complete after a lot of rushing around and merry-making but the Try Guys are an expert at least when it comes to the presentation because it difficult to say which one among them is the best based on the looks. Eugene’s ice cream has very heavy amounts of ice cream and thus it is not really children friendly but it well-liked by the judges owing to the fact that it has a rather delightful and appetizing color.

On the polar end, Zach’s recipe has been totally made keeping the children and their imaginative world in mind. He names it mostly Vegan cookies and screams.

The Scorecard

Following all the presentations and the judge’s comments the moment of judgment comes. The penal consults among themselves and you are left wondering who among them will be finally adjudged as the winner.

Ned is adjudged as the winner of Ice cream without the recipe challenge as he made the most technically perfect ice cream recipe. Ned’s recipe is followed by that of Eugene and Keith came last as judges di not quite appreciate his experimental recipe. But indeed watching each of them try while learning a recipe from the experts makes this video worth your time. 

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