Steps of Application Essay Writing For College, University, or Job

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Everyone will pass through a range of applications. Independently of the circumstances, place, and time, this process implies some creative writing. Despite a significant number of guides and examples, the applicants get confused by the tasks and suggested topics. To dot the “i’s” once and for good, we have arranged a full algorithm of the application essay writing. If you want more ideas, tips, and assistance, look at this site to find the real experts in academic writing.

The algorithm includes the following steps:

  1. Preliminary organization;
  2. Choosing a topic and making a plan;
  3. Writing a draft paper;
  4. Editing and proofreading.

Here is a couple of tips before we get started. The following guide is suitable for both prompt and plotted writing. No matter how fast an essay should be, you need to estimate the time and divide it into the parts according to the algorithm.

Preliminary Work

At first, you need to understand what you are expected to do. Read the task carefully and think about the possible answers. The tasks may sound like “what do you think about…”, “why do you deserve being applied,” “describe the situation…”, and so on. Try to understand what a good applicant should write. Try to guess what are the features, character traits, or achievements have to be highlighted. Learn about the activities a company or college is strong in. Finding a memorable quote is a good step. Keep some universal ones in mind. This step must take about 10% of your time.

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Choosing a Topic

It is more complicated than you think. As usual, the assignment has some topics to choose from. If you face free composition, you need to find a problem that is suitable for you. Here are some ideas:

Choose a topic you are familiar with. If critical thinking is your strong side, describe a situation, or analyze the famous personality. If your creativity is strong, better tell about yourself.

A topic must be engaging and relevant to the audience. A reader must feel the excitement throughout the whole content.

Try to pick a topic suitable for highlighting your traits. Choose one that implies telling a story about your achievements.

After that, you have to compose a thesis statement. Pick some ideas or arguments concerning the topic. Find a “simple average” of these ideas and squeeze it into one sentence. Your task for the essay is to support, prove, or disprove a thesis statement. Picking a topic must take from 15 to 20 percent of your time.

Writing a Paper

Remember to divide the essay into three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. They must be coherent, but each of them has its functions. The essay must be divided into paragraphs. Devote each section for one argument, idea, or statement. Support them with evidence, examples, and analytics. Start with the weakest arguments and finish with the strongest one. If you are to describe your leadership skills or advantages, never praise yourself. Be modest and prove with actions, not the words. Writing is the longest part. It will take about 55-60% of your time.

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Always save time for that. You are to show not only your skills but simple literacy as well. Pay attention to the logic of narration. The text must not “hump.” It must flow naturally, so a reader cannot notice how he reaches the end. Try to avoid lengthy and overloaded sentences. Be simpler to commit fewer mistakes. If you are not sure about the tense or proper word spelling, try to find a synonym. Proofreading an essay and writing a clean copy must take 10-15% of your time.

Minor Tips

  • Be honest. It is easy to detect a person who tries to lie in an essay.
  • Before writing, try to find examples of good application essays to understand how they were written.
  • The word count is essential. As a rule, all the words score the points, even articles, and prepositions.
  • Do not write about already known things. Try to describe those traits or achievements a reader will not find in your resume or reference list.

That is your plan for the application essay writing. Never worry. You are not the first one to write it. Even if you fail this time, consider it an experience. Keep trying, and you will get what you want.

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