Evergreen Content: What It Is, Why You Need It, and How to Create It

Evergreen Content: What It Is, Why You Need It, and How to Create It

Creating content for online audiences is something every business should focus on. Without new and regularly updated content, consumers aren’t going to find the information they’re looking for from a particular business — which can translate into fewer conversions and less acknowledgment of the brand. And one item that sites should always include is evergreen content. This type of content is crucial to help sites get the traffic they’re looking for.

What exactly is evergreen content?

Evergreen content is something that will continually be relevant for readers. The topics for evergreen content are chosen because they will last a long time and remain applicable no matter when the content is read. So while many businesses like to post content related to current news, seasonal trends, pop culture, and recent studies, this content isn’t evergreen. This type of writing is important and can help, but it’s only going to interest readers if they find it shortly after it was posted.

Someone who is writing evergreen content should focus on topics that will never go out of style — topics such as health, food, and animal care are something that people will always want to read about. And having this evergreen content on your site will encourage readers to visit and read the content no matter when it was written.

Why do you need evergreen content?

If companies only publish news articles, seasonal content, and current trends, they’re going to have to continually publish new and updated content to keep their audience’s attention. If they fail to do this, they’re going to lose traffic — and this can ultimately lead to losing customers. 

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By choosing to publish evergreen content, businesses are setting themselves up for success. Because evergreen content stays relevant for a long time, they’ll save time, money, and effort by not having to create new content regularly. Additionally, evergreen content will result in continuous organic traffic over time. While a news article may bring a lot of traffic, it will be short- lived once the news is out of date. Posting evergreen content is the best way to bring in traffic, keep consumers interested, and save time by not having to create new content all the time.

How to create evergreen content

The great thing about evergreen content is that you have endless topic options to choose from. Evergreen content topics should obviously be interesting to a business’s target audience but they can ultimately be whatever the business decides. To ensure their evergreen content brings in as much traffic as possible, businesses may want to do some research. By looking into how well a topic or keyword ranks over time — if a topic dips seasonally, it’s probably not a good evergreen topic. Additionally, the topic should be consistently searched for online, which is a good sign it’s an evergreen topic. Businesses should also thoroughly research the topic they decide to write about. Because this content is meant to be referred back to over time, the information provided should be accurate.

Evergreen content should be unique and high quality. This content is something businesses can use over and over again, so it should also have high-quality graphics or images to go with it. Some great starting points to consider when creating evergreen content are lists, tips, “how to” articles, and even product reviews. A business’s evergreen content should be well-done and represent the brand in a positive way.


Companies should focus on creating a variety of strong content for their sites, including evergreen pieces. And by working with a reputable SEO company, like LinkGraph SEO, businesses can ensure they’re producing the type of content that will help them the most. Evergreen content should include high-ranking keywords and links, which businesses can decide on with the help of their SEO company.

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