The Woman in The Window Trailer- Creating the Best Buzz for Psychological Thrillers

The Woman in the Window trailer

Undoubtedly, there are heaps of fiction mystery psychological thriller movies out there that have
ruled the box office in the past, but there have been only a few that made such significant mark as
the Gone girl. The Woman in the Window also peaks to the level of Gone girl when it comes to
creating the box office buzz or the prominence among the audience. It is from the Studio that had
brought a piece like the Gone girl before into limelight, which already gives you an idea of how
the whole treatment or feel of the movie might be. If you have also been a fan of the darkest hour
and the Atonement, you will surely like this one as well. Demonstrated from different viewpoints
and outlooks are some of the interesting aspects of the Woman in the Window trailer that you
might like to explore. So let’s begin!

The grip of the story you get from the trailer

The main character that holds up the script off the movie throughout seems to suffer from a
mental disorder called Agoraphobia, which basically ropes in a substantial part of the script and
how exactly it unfolds. It is a phobia that is responsible for stimulating panic or anxiety in open
extensive spaces, traveling even to the closest places or socializing in the crowds. The voiceover
of Anna Fox played by renowned Amy Adams at the beginning of the trailer reveals that she has
not stepped out of her apartment for years, followed by interesting follies and background
soundtrack ‘I have been living in the Dark.’ By the trailer, it can be assumed that the film is more
or less a mishmash of the Rear Window and the Gone Girl.

The character of Amy Adams and it unfolds

The Woman in the Window trailer

The character Anna Fox is a highly prominent character that basically shoulders the entire
movie. She possesses all the unhealthy, wrong and negative traits in her that a human can have
but then she is again as the Woman in the Window trailer shows, she is a victim of her own
mishaps and mind tricks. She is playing the alcoholic, titular, agoraphobic character here who is
utterly confused about what is real and what is not. Every single aspect of her life seems to be a
challenge to find a way out of the maze that is created by her mind.
The movie begins at a slow and mysterious pace but the character of Anna begins to untie ad
unchain in lightning-fast speed with a lot of emotional and psychological dodging and impact
when she sees her neighbor who was the first person to let in and cherish a few moments with
getting murdered brutally through the window. Her friend was her neighbor and she turns against
the world who does not believe that there was a murder that took place at all. Later in the movie,
it shows that Anna sees that she is an entirely different woman who differs significantly from her
merry-time friend Jane that confuses her totally. Yet she is determined to believe her eyes, that
sight from the window and not what others are trying to settle in her mind.

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The thought-provoking piece that has taken the box-office by storm

Atonement was a drama war film that was slightly different than that of the genres of the darkest
hour or ‘the Woman in the Window trailer.’ It one of those movies that do not only provoke
you to think but literally takes your mind for a ride. It is loaded with continuous loops, twists,
turn-backs, mind-twisting events that make you think whether you have been guessing things at
all in the right direction or not. All that seems is probably a veil and not exactly what it should
be. These movies are of specific genres that literally the new generation movie bugs re thriving
on and the Woman in the Window trailer can certainly be considered one among them. The
test screening results state that the movie shall require a sharp mind to be understood at one-go.
If you are used to watching or enjoying movies that are of such genres with fast-paced events
unfolding with a strong flavor of psychological thriller and dark treatment.

The visual and special effect used in the movie

The Woman in the Window trailer
If you keep a little familiarity with the movie-making part, in The Woman in the Window
trailer, you will notice there are several types of visual effects used that has a touch of
innovation. Bullet time, digital compositing, cyan treatment is some of the notable impacts that
have been seen in the movie. The use of CGI has also been quite impressive and the shots carry
quite a unique effect and there is hardly any monotony, which is mostly the case in the
psychological thrillers.

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Woman in the Window trailer skins several layers beneath its plot

The Woman in the Window trailer
Whoever is the audience and irrespective of how much they experienced with the movies of the
same genres, they can certainly understand that this is anything but a one-layered movie. It turns
the game completely leaving them with a significant revelation. The plot is far from being a
regular psychological thriller and holds massive detailing in terms of scripting, pauses, tensions
and many more.

However, all of the treatments seem to have been used jut in the right amount as
per the Woman in the Window trailer. Other than Amy Adams, some of the other names who
have played a significant part to uplift the graph of the movie include Anthony Mackie, Gary
Oldman, Wyatt Russell, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Julianne Moore, Brian Tyree Henry. However,
the main highlights of the character around whom the story revolves are Adams and Moore.

So, that was mostly about the Woman in the Window trailer! A lot has been given a glimpse
of in that two minutes twenty-four seconds clip and some of its underlying picks were discussed
above. So, get set for the ultimate version that is The Woman in the Window movie to add one
more masterpiece in your watched list of best psychological thrillers.

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