Here’s How Kylie Jenner Celebrated 25th December with Gala Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations

This year on Christmas Day, when everyone preferred visiting churches, partying the whole
night, spending time with family; popular Kardashian (or let’s just say Kylie Jenner) did what
fans just loved (‘heart’)! With her impressive Christmas decorations, she made her fans get a
glimpse of her house through a video.

With whatever she could do to make her Christmas celebration gala, she has entirely inspired
all the mothers out there. What Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, or Khloé Kardashian couldn’t
do has been brought by her with her impressive Christmas decorations via her YouTube video
which she posted on Monday.

Welcoming her fans into her decorated home, this big makeup mogul showed off how
impressively she decorated her house on Christmas. The opening shot of the video showed her
with her little daughter, Stormi, in her arms. She went of giving a gorgeous tour of her house
decked up with trees in white & gold adornments. She walked through her house and let fans
get a beautiful sight of the huge Christmas tree that stood tall in the house.

The marvelous sight of the Christmas tree

It seemed that her mom played a fundamental role in drawing a beautiful smile on Stormi’s
face. The Christmas decorations included the beautiful Christmas tree adorned with
white—colored crisp decors and twinkling lights.

Christmas decorations

The sight of the Christmas tree did impress the huge fandom of Kylie Jenner. Over the video,
she never stopped pouring out every detail of the tree. She continued saying that this huge tree
was decorated with a matte-finished décor. The Christmas tree took the fans’ eyes by storm
with the matte ornaments that gave a detailing of snows all around the green tree.
She went on saying how accurately she wanted to turn this tree into a ‘winter wonderland’. She
wanted to include details like polar bears climbing up the tree, and more such detailing.

However, when ‘they’ started decorating the tree with simple white-colored ornaments, she
was really happy with the idea. So, she preferred keeping it simple yet beautiful! Much to the
knowledge of fans, the Christmas tree weighed about 18 feet in length. She also spoke of how
tiny Stormi seemed right when standing next to the tree, haha!

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She then moved past her house and three more Christmas trees scattered around her house.
These include one tree decorated with classic lights right next to her dining room’s corner. In
her kitchen area, she incorporated two more trees adorned with simple Christmas Decorations.
She also included some snow-like ornaments to bring in the touch of dust.

The massive playhouse that granny gifted Stormi

With every passing second, the video tour got sweeter. The best part was when Kylie
mentioned about her mother, Kris Jenner, and she gave Stormi a grand present. Upon giving a
good look at her kitchen & dining room adorned with beautiful Christmas decorations, she
hinted at the playhouse.

Kylie Jenner showed her mother in her Christmas decorations video before she led her way to
the playhouse. The world came to know about the beautiful granny-Stormi relationship that
they both share, out of which her granny gifted Stormi the playhouse featuring the furniture
that Kylie had in her childhood days. Through the video, the world witnessed the ornate
playhouse, fully-furnished.

The lifelike house also featured details of Kylie Jenner’s childhood, the furniture that was a part
of her childhood. And it’s super surprising how her granny gifted her mother’s childhood
memories with which Kylie grew up. Right above the entrance door, you can get the glimpse of
‘Welcome friends’, written in green color.

The camera then followed Kylie and her mother into the playhouse. The hyperrealistic details
make it prominent for every girl-child to enjoy the unrealistic world in a practical manner. It
featured a vintage-styled door knocker, functioning AC unit, faux fireplace, coordinated
kitchenette with kitchen stove made of wood, and pinky shag rugs. In the video, Stormi’s
realistic house is seen via the glass doors of the house.

Christmas decorations

The lower or first level of the house featured the furniture that Jenner used to play within her
childhood. Some household items that it included are the ironing boards, about which Jenner
seemed really excited in the video. She stated how it reminded her of the time when she was a
small girl. The world witnessed that time when Kylie shared her emotional moments with her

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It was soon getting time to show the massive playhouse to Stormi. And leading her to the door,
the Youtube video started showing Stormi ringing the bell. ‘Stormi’s house’, as per Kris Jenner’s
words, got its owner, after all. Appearing to smiles, Stormi took the step to exploring her house.
She was eager and thus opened the cabinets. That’s where Kris Jenner said that it might be a
a better place to store Kylie Cosmetics in the cabinets.

She went to the second level of the house where she got a sight of the realistic banister as well
as a balcony connecting to the outdoor patio. In the video, she was seen ringing the doorbell a
couple of times. And out of that, her granny shared the reminder to disconnect the doorbell.
Her playful naughtiness was indeed worth a watch via the video. Overall, the excitement on
Stormi’s face and the emotional moments between Kylie Jenner and her mom were the best
thing witnessed through the video.

It seemed that unlike other videos by Kylie Jenner, this too, couldn’t disappoint fans who were
eager to get a sight of the house with amazing Christmas decorations. The video was posted on
Monday this week and fans just loved (read ‘heart’) it.

Previously, Jenner also shared a video about how to enhance your everyday look with Kylie
Jenner makeup products. She went on giving her fans the importance of the right use of
foundation. She also said that for a perfect everyday look, nude lipsticks would go amazing.

Let’s now wait and watch how Kylie Jenner comes up with new makeup products in 2020.
Here’s keeping fingers crossed!

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