Things to Consider Before Taking Health and Beauty Courses

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Being a beautician offers exciting opportunities to express your creativity, explore the ever-changing art of beauty and not to mention expand your social circle. However, this career is not a walk in the park. There can be unique challenges in the workplace, such as chemical sensitivities you may discover along the way or being physically mobile throughout the day. Thus before you dive full-on into this career, you should first have a general idea of what being a beautician is all about.

Know the job description in detail.

A beautician washes, conditions, cuts, colours and styles hair. You should also be able to give valuable hair and makeup advice to bring out the best features in a client. Services offered in a beauty shop may also include providing manicures and pedicures, skin care, hair removal, facials, eyebrow shaping and recommending beauty products. Working in a bustling salon also includes other duties such as getting acquainted with appointment-scheduling software and a cash register.  

In addition, as a beautician, you should also take into account your physical health and stamina as you are expected to remain standing for long hours. Frequently bending over during shampoo, manicure and pedicure sessions plus repetitive wrist movements during styling can result in aches and pains. There’s also the inevitable exposure to harsh chemicals in hair treatment solutions that may pose a risk to the skin and lungs. To avoid irritation, you must follow proper handling and room ventilation.

Achieve the necessary educational and licensing requirements.

Acquire a license in the state you wish to work in. Although the laws are not the same in every state, the typical requirements to be a licensed beautician include a GED or high school diploma and a certificate proving that you’ve completed a cosmetology program duly approved in your state. You must also be at least 16 years old. The cost of beauty courses depends on the type and calibre of the school. When choosing a beauty school, it would save you much time, energy and money if you prioritise quality over saving a few dollars. Remember, you get what you pay for. Thus you must investigate and compare your prospects thoroughly before making a final decision.

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Know your limitations and expectations.

Being a beautician does not necessarily limit you to the confines of a beauty salon. Some beauticians find employment in hotels, spas and even in private gigs of celebrities. In whichever case, the setting is typically relaxed, comfortable and pleasant. On the financial aspect, expect your income to vary every week. Whether you’re in the early start-up phase or already renting a small booth in a bustling commercial strip, the amount of money that pours into the cash register depends on the season. The unpredictability of tips and the unexpected increase in booth rental or products also play a big role in fluctuating service rates and profits.

If a career in beauty is your calling, then learning from beauty bloggers would not be sufficient in enticing a regular stream of clients. Of course, there is nothing wrong with taking a few handy tips from Youtube videos or beauty magazines, if only for your personal experimentation. On the other hand, if you plan on doing it professionally, completing health and beauty courses from a reputable school is necessary.

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