The Makeup Guru Jaclyn Hill Talks About Her Weight in Her Recent Video By Flaunting Her Stretch Marks

YouTube marketing has become the new internet thing today. Apart from the other social media sites that are popular for digital marketing, YouTube is one place where video content is shared among the users. YouTube has become the second largest search engine. Whatever you want to look into, YouTube can find your videos related to your search queries.

There are plenty of YouTube channels that you can follow to get niche-specific content. YouTube influencers have shot to fame by providing video content related to their niche. From tech, lifestyle to gadgets, and beauty, there is a channel for every niche. It is important to ascertain the major influencers in the YouTube domain.

There are plenty of names among YouTube influencers that have gained popularity for their unique video content. They are called influencers because they tend to create a personal relationship with the audience, unlike celebrities who flatter fans with their stardom.

Beauty Guru Jaclyn Hill

When it comes to beauty channels, there are numerous names that have showcased their prowess in the beauty domain. One such name is Jaclyn Hill whose love for makeup has given her wide popularity. With a staggering number of 5.9 million followers, Jaclyn has become one of the popular makeup YouTube influencers in the industry. A majority of her videos are makeup tutorials where she teaches her viewers how to get a certain look.

Jaclyn Roxanne Hill is an American entrepreneur and YouTube influencer who has shot to fame due to her makeup videos YouTube. She has also introduced her makeup line recently. Jaclyn grew up in Mineral, Illinois on a farm that was passed on to her family after four generations. In 1988 Jaclyn along with her family moved to Tampa, Florida. During her childhood, Hill was homeschooled and attended college in Florida where she learned photography. During her initial days of a career in the makeup industry, Jaclyn worked as a freelance makeup artist at MAC Cosmetic Store.

Jaclyn’s YouTube Journey

Jaclyn Hill set her foot on YouTube back in 2011 by introducing her makeup channel. Shortly after bringing her own YouTube channel, Jaclyn shot to fame for her celebrity makeup tutorials. In July 2017, Jaclyn filmed a makeup video with Kim Kardashian West, “Get Ready with Me & Kim Kardashian” that was Jaclyn one of the most viewed videos of all time.

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She has made several collaborations with beauty brands, and one such successful collaboration was with Australian cosmetics brand BECCA in 2015 to introduce her highlighter “Champagne Pop”. Within 20 minutes of its release, Sephora, the beauty retailer sold around 25000 units of Champagne Pop breaking all the sales records. Later that year, Jaclyn also collaborated with Morphe cosmetic to bring her palette that comprised of her favorite Morphe eye shadows. In 2016, she launched a gem-encrusted makeup brush set in collaboration with Morphe.

After the success of Morphe eye shadows, Jaclyn launched another eye shadow line with the name Jaclyn Hill x Morphe. Jaclyn didn’t stop there; she continued introducing her cosmetics line. In 2018, she launched a vault collection with Morphe comprising of 4 palettes with 10 pans. The vault was also sold out instantly after the launch.

Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics

This year around May, Jaclyn brought her own cosmetic line with the name “Jaclyn Cosmetics” which included the descriptions of 20 nude lipstick shades. Initially, the announcement creates quite a buzz among the fans, but later critics were doubtful about the definition of a perfect nude shade, and photos and reviews also had some inconsistency. On May 29, 2019, the 20 nude lipstick shades were released by Jaclyn Cosmetics.

Customers started to witnessing issues in the quality of lipstick after receiving their order which put Jaclyn Cosmetics in a dangling situation. Jaclyn fought back to the criticism by saying that she has not received any complaints personally. The quality might be compromised by using the lipstick in conjunction with other low-quality lipsticks.

Jaclyn Hill on Her Weight

Jaclyn has been reverting to the criticism through her YouTube videos. This year has been tough for the makeup guru after she launched her makeup line. The customer has been complaining about the faults in the lipsticks and Jaclyn has calmly replied to each comment defending her line of cosmetics. Apart from defect in her cosmetics, Jaclyn is constantly nagged for her weight. Whether it is on social media or press events, Jaclyn has always been asked about her sudden weight gain. In her recent video, Jaclyn is seen responding to the comments on her weight. Jaclyn shuns down the people on her recent video where she is seen proudly showing off her stretch marks.

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In the video, she said that he had constantly been getting comments that people want the old Jaclyn back, they miss the old Jaclyn and what not. To which the makeup guru added that there is no old or new Jaclyn, this is who she is. People grow and evolve, and so does she, there’s no rocket science in this. She added that she couldn’t even take these comments seriously, it’s hard to decide whether she should laugh or cry on the comments.

Jaclyn further explains that she is here for her passion and that is love for makeup, and that’s what she’s been doing all these years and people tend to grow with time, it’s a natural phenomenon. She always wanted to be around makeup, and she loved doing makeup, teaching makeup and creating makeup. That’s all Jaclyn wants to do. Jaclyn confidently added that she would keep on growing and gaining weight in her life. It’s her body and her life choices to remain the way she is.

Jaclyn said that she brought up the weigh thing again in the video, not because of her insecurities but because it is what she can see over the internet; people are constantly talking about her weight gain. Jaclyn proudly flaunted her stretch marks saying these are the signs that she is growing up and will keep on growing. No negative comments and body shaming will ever stop her to become who she wants.

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