How To Increase Idea 4g Internet Speed Like Never Before?

How To Increase Idea 4g Internet Speed Like Never Before?

Didn’t Idea’s internet speed went down ever since Jio was released in the market. No. It was Jio offering high-speed internet at an affordable rate, so most people turned to it. However, it was nothing less than clickbait, which is why most people fell into it and are now suffering. Well, if you’re a loyal Idea supporter in today’s time, you want to know how to increase idea 4g internet speed.

You need to check the idea high-speed internet settings. Well, that’s not all. There are several things you will want to consider in the long run. It is advisable to follow the basic rules for better ideas. Before you turn to increase the speed, you need to check your speed.

How to check internet speed? 

The key to improving idea high-speed internet settings, you need to check how it is performing now. The current speed would play an important role in determining the regular speed.


If you haven’t taken Idea 4G internet services yet, you will need to activate the service. It is advisable to visit the official website to activate the service. The best way to check your internet speed is to download apps. Certain apps available on Playstore and App Store can play an essential role in determining how it performs. 


Well, make sure to download a reliable app to get accurate readings about the internet speed. Once you know the speed of the internet, you can always work towards increasing it. 

How to increase Idea 4G internet speed? 

Due to external conditions, there may be certain days when your internet wouldn’t be performing well. In times like this, you will need to opt for alternative measures for increasing the speed. 


If your Idea 4g not working, you may consider visiting the customer care center. Well, instead of doing that, you can implement some measures of your own for regulating the speed. After all, who doesn’t want to enjoy high-speed internet?

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All the users are looking forward to high-speed internet. Big companies like Vodafone, Idea, and Airtel are all on the run for giving Jio a tough competition. In times like these, Idea is constantly improving itself to bring better functionalities. 


If you want to increase the Idea 4g internet speed, you will need to check with APN settings. Here’s how you can increase the APN settings. 


  1. Visit Mobile settings. 
  2. Select the SIM slot of Idea.
  3. Click on Access Point.
  4. Select “Create New Access Point”
  5. Make sure to fill in the details accurately. 
  6. Then save the access point and use it. 

Changing the APN is the basic step to increasing the internet speed. The speed of your internet connection in Idea will also vary depending on your circle. According to experts, the users can create a new APN of their own by following the basic procedures. You can eventually work on boosting the internet speed and will be able to notice the difference accordingly.

Get Internet settings from the official website

If Idea 4g not working, you will need to visit the official website. Customer care may often end up taking a lot of time, which is why you want to visit the official website. This will play an essential role in getting the best details.


Visiting the official website is the first way to receive internet settings by Idea. This helps you stay connected. Well, getting the internet settings from the official website is pretty easy. Here’s how you can do it. 


  1. Visit the official website.
  2. Enter your mobile number.
  3. The configurations of the internet credentials will be in the Thought mobile section. You can store and save these as the default settings. 
  4. You’re all set to start browsing. 

Get Internet Settings Via Mobile

Did you know that getting internet settings via mobile is pretty easy? If you aren’t able to access the website, you can easily access the settings from mobile. There are several ways through which you can receive the GPRS configuration for your Idea sim. Well, once you receive the details via message, you will be able to configure it all on your own.

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Here’s how to get internet settings via mobile

  1. Send an SMS from your mobile device. 
  2. You need to send “SET” to “12345.”
  3. You will soon receive configurations about your internet. 
  4. After opening the message, click on “Save Preferences.”

What do I do if there is an internet problem?

In many cases, you may come across an internet problem. Well, it may end up affecting the network functionality. If your Idea network isn’t working, you can troubleshoot the network to get better results.

Here is the comprehending process for troubleshooting Idea internet problems. 


Handset Data/Roaming Data: You need to access the handset information from the Mobile Settings. If your device is in Roaming, you will eventually need to set it up as per the roaming information. Most of the details regarding the same are available on the official website. 


Network choice: It is always advisable to check the network preferences and choices. You can eventually work on setting the system automatically. 


Network manner: How your device is set is one of the most crucial factors to consider. You have the option to switch between your network manners accordingly. Automatically, you can set between 2G, 3G, and 4G. 


The network preferences and configurations would further vary depending on the device you’re using. Well, you need to select LTE, 4G, and 4G for Android, iOS, and Windows, respectively. According to experts, you should always check your APN and GPRS configurations. You can visit the official website and check the configurations for your device. 


If you face trouble while connecting via your regular internet, you should consider securing your device to WiFi and proceed with configurations. With the help of the official website, you will be able to create configurations on your own. Depending on your requirement, make sure to click on Idea to get hold of configurations. 


If your internet hasn’t been functioning well lately, you need to understand how to increase Idea 4G internet speed. Well, always keep a check with a manual and official websites to improve your internet speed.

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