Tornadoes Hit Nashville Killing Several People On The Way

Tornadoes in Nashville

The reporters from CBS This Morning in the background provided information saying the tornadoes are deadly and entered one of the “Super Tuesday” states, which is Tennessee. Furthermore, the reporter provided more insights on the Tornadoes in Nashville by saying there was not one but two tornadoes that touched down. However, one of them caused heavy damage in downtown Nashville.

Along with that, due to the Tornadoes in Nashville, it was also confirmed that 7 people are dead near the Metro area. The emergency crews are dealing with around 40 collapsed buildings as well. The CBS News meteorologist and climate specialist Jeff Berardelli covered the news further and provided more information on what happened. In the video, it displays a different area, which is actually the Metro area in Nashville and the reporter describes the scene to be utter destruction, which took place in the wee hours of the morning.

The video quickly switches towards Jeff Berardelli as he covers the rest of the news on the Tornadoes in Nashville and gives the viewers an insight on the damages caused by the twin tornadoes. Jeff provided and also showed how the area of “Auto Zone” received severe damages and also collapsed onto itself. The news reporter in the background said that the National Station WTVS saw the damage taking place in first hand.

In the video, it also shows crushed cars filling the streets, and an individual named Witt Lacson whose vehicle was severely damaged due to a fallen sign. He was interviewed by Jeff Berardelli as well, where he said that he was lucky enough to be alive. In the background, there were numerous debris and broken bits and pieces of the “Auto Zone” store, which was scattered everywhere.

Tornadoes in Nashville: An uninvited guest

Tornadoes in Nashville

Moving further into the news about the Tornadoes in Nashville, the CBS news reporters provided more details, saying that the tornado filled the sky as it churned across the entire state capital of Tennessee. The individual who was recording the video of the Tornado expressed horror. The tornadoes hit the state capital just before 1:00 am and in the video; it displayed the entire city skyline along with the tornadoes in the background.

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There was a great deal of lightning and power surges also took place as Tornadoes in Nashville were seen entering the city. However, due to the lightning and power surges, it left thousands of residents in the state capital without electricity. Rather than electricity, it also left many residents without roofs over their heads, as the destruction towards them came unexpectedly.

The news reporter in the background said there were police and firefighters, who reached the spot immediately to help the residents of Nashville. Both the firefighters and the police joined forces and started looking into the debris in search of trapped victims. CBS Sunday Morning Producer Roman Feeser, who is a resident of Nashville’s Rosebank neighborhood, recorded a video on the damages, which was caused by one of the tornadoes.

Although his house is completely fine. But he reported that his neighbors experienced a great deal of damage as a tree fell through their bedroom. While recording the area behind him, Roman pointed towards a house in the background, which was decimated. The Tornadoes in Nashville have created a great deal of destruction.

After displaying the video of Roman Feeser, the video shows how the uprooted trees were everywhere which fell on vehicles and destroying them, completely. Some buildings were left with mangled heaps of metals, and a store located in Nashville have their windows completely blown out of its business. The surroundings of the damaged store show how severe the effects were of the Tornadoes in Nashville, as it caused everything to go upside down just in a few minutes.

An event of terror and fear

Tornadoes in Nashville

CBS This Morning also interviewed one resident of Nashville, and she provided her thoughts by saying that, staying inside its just one thing, and when you walk out of your residence and see the actual condition, the situation looks terrible. The resident’s face was filled with amazement and also fear. You can clearly understand the horror each of the people felt when they saw the Tornadoes in Nashville coming right at them.

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Later on, the video shifted towards the CBS This Morning studio where Jeff Berardelli is in full display as he explains how the storm went through in the middle of the night. He also stated that it is the most dangerous time for it to take place right across Nashville. He also turned towards the weather chart where it displayed the entire city and its various neighborhoods, where the stormed passed by.

Jeff also said that going by the collapse of the buildings, along with the heavy damage that took place, the storm could be either an EF3 or an EF4. However, there is no confirmation yet on what type of storm was it but the wind could’ve been over 150 miles per hour and was on the ground for at least 50 miles. Jeff went on further explaining by pointing at the weather chart saying that there is a Tornado watching through in effect at Alabama, which will take place around 11 am.

The reporter on the other side was listening very seriously as he took the time to take in all the information that Jeff was providing. However, Jeff ended his speech by saying to watch out for more severe weather this morning and the reporter on the other side described the situation to be very frightening and thanked Jeff for providing the weather report.

Final words!

The situation in Nashville, Tennessee was unexpected and also very much horrific as the twin tornadoes struck and woke up the entire city from their sleep. Many homes were destroyed, shops got damaged, and vehicles were destroyed as well. The destruction was serious and severe, and to know more about the situation, make sure to stay tuned to CBS This Morning updates.

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