16 Years Old Allegra Miles Wins Hearts With Her Song

Allegra Miles

 If you have been watching the 18th season of the Voice America closely then you too may be wondering what most of the followers of the show are thinking right now- Is the teenage girl 16-year-old Allegra Miles going to be the next winner of The Voice? If you haven’t heard her yet, there is something that you are surely missing out on.

With her grip over her singing capabilities and her understanding of music, she has not only been able to win over the heart of the judges but has also polarised much of the audience’s support to her side.

The Voice

Allegra Miles

The Voice America is running in its 18th season now and still has one of the highest TRPs out there. With so many people not just in America but around the globe closely watching the journey of these singers, it may well be said that the winners of this show instantly get catapulted to fame and have a very promising career waiting ahead of them.

The various phases

There are various phases in the competition where the singers have to battle with one another over interesting challenges that are set by the judges. The contestant who can go through this heavy competition while winning the judge’s and the audience’s hearts are the ones that make it to the finals and ultimately one of the contestants take away the coveted title of the ‘Voice’ for that particular season.

The blind audition

The first rounds of the Voice began with the bling audition’s phase where the contestants have to compel the judges with their voice to turn their chairs and take them in one of their teams. On 2nd March, Allegra too was competing in such a blind audition when she earned much appreciation from all the judges. 

Her choice of song

Allegra Miles

Allegra Miles chose King of Leon’s “Use Somebody “as her debut song. She accompanied it with her piano music, giving the song some subtle twists in her own way and making it hers. The way she sings, it seems that the music ensues from somewhere deep inside her and she can feel each and every word of the lyrics.

Within minutes of starting her song, Judge Kelly Clarkson is compelled to turn her chair in appreciation, mesmerized by the voice of this young girl. Kelly was followed by Nick and soon the other two judges followed suit. Clearly, Allegra already had the judges to her side.

Allegra is already going viral

Well, little Allegra Miles did not just win over the judges with her song, but she even on to win over the Audience’s heart from all over the globe. Just a few hours after her performance, the airing of the Show by NBC went viral all over the internet. By getting over one million views in such a short time, the video of Miles performing has ranked number 6 on the YouTube trending list right from Tuesday afternoon.

Miles’s Background

Owing to the huge popularity that the young teen has got over such a short time, everyone is interested to find out more about Miles’s background and personal life. Well, going by what Allegra Miles website has to say – She was born to a musical family in San Diego. She spent five years of her life in the US Virgin Islands before moving into the Palm Beach Country in the year 2014.

Musical training 

Allegra Miles

Well if you are interested to know more about how Allegra Miles developed this deep taste for music, then you may be surprised to know that Allegra has been playing the piano since the age of 4. It is no wonder that she has to pay so little attention to playing the piano now and the song comes so organically out of her even as she is playing the instrument. (the200acres.com)

During her conversation with the judges, Miles also shared that she had written her first song at the age of 12. Thus it will be no exaggeration to say that Miles has been a born singer.

Taking the south Florida Lineage forward

If you have been following the other seasons of the Voice as well, then you may as well know that there are a number of other contestants from South Florida who shot to fame with the Voice. Some of the notable ones among them include Erica Zade who held from the Pembroke Pines, Paxton Ingram from Miami, Destiny Rayne from the Coral Springs, Davina Leone of Davie. Beverly McClellan of Hollywood who earned fame through the first season of the show died last year after a painful battle of cancer.

The Tug of war of judges

Allegra Miles’s magic can be gauged from the fact that the judges actually pleaded their cases in front of her to be picked up as her coach. This is definitely a rare privilege that the young teenager got apart from the wonderful praises by the judges. While Kelly tried to lure Allegra with a beautiful jacket, Jonas even offered to give her his own jacket which can be indeed flattering for any girl. Kelly tried to win over by pointing out that she was the first among the judges to turn the chair. In her over-enthusiasm, she even said that she would ensure that Allegra wins the show just as the other contestant in the previous season.

Jonas also pointed to the various similarities that he and Allegra share such as hailing from a musical family and writing their first song at the age of 12.

Allegra Joins Nick

Though initially, the teen seemed to have been confused about the team that she should join, ultimately she decided to go with Nick. Evidently, Nick’s charms and their similarities worked on her.

Allegra Miles is a strong contestant in the 18th season of the Voice but she still has a long journey ahead of her and it is to be seen how far her voice takes her. 

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