Kelly Clarkson All Set to Divorce Brandon Blackstock Amidst Quarantine

Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock

According to the latest reports of a leading media house, Entertainment Tonight, Kelly Clarkson has decided to divorce Brandon Blackstock. They have been married for seven years now, and have two children together. The strangest part about the whole story is that they both have taken the final decision amidst the current pandemic situation. As per sources close to the couple, the quarantine period helped them to look back at the root of their problems. As a result, Kelly has realized that it will be a better decision to separate from Blackstock.

While quarantining together in Montana, they both have also realized that there are irreconcilable problems between them. So, Clarkson’s husband and manager Blackstock has also given in to the decision. The closed source added that Brandon and Kelly were going through quite a rough phase for the past couple of months now. They have also tried to discuss and work things out between each other. It is also the reason why both of them wanted to quarantine together in Montana, Los Angeles.

They had thought that privacy and time will help them sort out things, but it all turned detrimental instead. What they had thought would be a wise decision backfired them. The decision of spending quarantine together resulted in the complication of already challenging situations. In the past couple of years, Kelly Clarkson was rising in her career helping her to ignore the problems. However, now that everything had slowed down, she was finally focusing on her marriage and personal life.

The differences led to a divorce

The couple was trying to keep the extreme decision of divorcing each other at bay. However, it turns out sadly that somethings are irreparable just like their problems. So, Kelly took the first step to go ahead and file the divorce. According to a source, the couple was already unsure of whether they want a legal separation. Later, Kelly decided to follow her heart and go with the final procedure.

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In the process, Kelly also realized that divorce was the best and only option given the progress of the situation towards the worse. According to Entertainment Tonight, Clarkson and Blackstock had already made a pre-nuptial agreement. She also appealed for the enforcement of the same in court. The second request she made is to grant them the joint legal and physical custody of their two children.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, a source close to the couple said that Kelly is intelligent as always. The fact that she already had a pre-nuptial agreement in place shows her clarity of decision. It proves that she is a great businesswoman, and this is a fine way to save her earnings. Besides, Kelly is also a very generous, kind-hearted, and giving by nature. So, Brandon will not have a problem at all after the divorce. The couple had first met back in 2006 when Brandon was still married. Later, they met again in 2012 and got engaged. Their wedding was a rustic affair that was held in Tennessee back in 2013.

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