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xoxo meaning

‘All right love, let’s see you on Monday.


How often have you come across messages like this one? How many times did you receive such texts ending with ‘xoxo’ from your loved ones? Millennials have made the use of phrases such as this one way popular. It is probably because everyone wants to get things done faster even if it is as normal as talking. Therefore, why waste energy on a full sentence when you can use phrases or symbols to indicate the same? Xoxo is one of those immensely popular phrases that are used to convey love to your loved ones. The meaning of xoxo is hugs and kisses. In my opinion, it is quite a romantic way to express your feelings to your girlfriend or boyfriend.

What is the meaning of xoxo?

At times, many people tend to use this phrase, without knowing the meaning of xoxo just because everyone else is using it. This usually ends up in a hilarious message. Literary speaking, the meaning of xoxo is a kiss, hug, kiss, and hug. You must be wondering why X’s and O’s mean kiss and hug, respectively. Well, we will get to that soon in this blog. But first, let us reveal the historical significance of this phrase.

Why the symbols XOXO are used to express love?  Well, there are no written records as such that could prove the origin or reason for using this phrase. However, a professor of Linguistic Anthropology and semiotics at Toronto University came up with the most relevant theory in regard to the meaning of xoxo. He said that the ‘X’ in xoxo has some sort of connection from the medieval period.

In the beginning, X symbolized ‘Christ.’ Eventually, with the passage of time, people started to use this phrase to determine kiss. Denasi also said that the symbol ‘X’ might reflect a cultural theory that showed greater importance of love and affection.

In ancient times, women were given away at marriages which were way demeaning for them. They wanted to break this stereotype and get married according to their destiny. They did not want to be forced into something that they don’t like. Thus, the women decided to fall in love first and then get married to the man. As this norm got popular throughout the world, the concept of letter writing also increased its popularity. Women or men tend to use ‘xoxo’ in their letters right from that period of time.

The people used to write the letters and seal them with an X symbol. And how do we seal a letter? With a kiss, right? Therefore, everyone started thinking that x means kisses, and it expresses love for the one whom you are writing the letter.

Also, when you look at the symbol from above, X looks like two people kissing. That is how a person’s mouth puckers while doing the act. Thus, it is all the more believable that X symbolizes kissing.

Next time, you want to convey your love to your crush, you know what to include in the text or letter (if you are an old school like me.)

What does “O” mean in XOXO?

Now that you know the origin and historical significance of X in xoxo let’s find out the meaning of o in xoxo. O signifies hugs in this case. But the question is why? First things first, ‘O’ and ‘X’ are quite easy to write and remember. If someone wants to send love through secret messages or symbols, then they are most likely to choose the alphabets ‘X’ and ‘O.’ It is also great for people who did not learn to read because these alphabets are too easy to have a solid grip on.

Denasi also believed that the game tic tac toe has something to do with these symbols. He believes that somehow, this game served as an inspiration for people who started using these symbols for expressing love. The game also shows a connection between the two alphabets, right?

Another concept is that when you look at the symbol O from above, it looks like two people hugging each other. It is often considered as a visual symbol of a hug. Also, when you hug someone, you tend to create a personal and warm aura around you and the person you are hugging. The O can also mean that aura which develops due to the hugging. It can also be considered as a circle that two people are hugging each other make with their arms.

Apart from this information, nobody really knows why O is used to determine hugs. And I believe, it’s not important to dig the source since these symbols determine nothing but love and that is something this World needs. So keep your suspicions aside and start using phrases to let people know that you have their back.

What are the different ways of using XOXO?

The thing is that you just can’t type xoxo and get it done with. You must have a purpose for using this phrase. Remember how Gossip Girl used to sign off with the symbol XOXO? See? Even she had a purpose for using this symbol! Nowadays, a lot of variations have come up related to this symbol. Let’s take a look at these variations and their meaning. Hopefully, you will be able to use the symbol in the best way after reading this section.


As I mentioned before, this symbol consists of double Os and double X’s. It means that you have surrounded your loved one with kisses and hugs. It’s like a protection circle to keep your loved one safe from the harsh world. At times, you may not be able to be physically around your friends or beloved. But what if they need you? What if they are insecure about their existence and want support immediately? That is when you have to use the symbol and help them feel comfortable and loved. It is not true that you can only use XOXO for romantic conversations. You can also use it to make your close friends or family feel loved and important.


You can use this phrase for a significant other such as a family member or a beloved. The single X and O expressed one kiss and one hug. It conveys a sense of warmth and protection for your loved ones. You can send this symbol when you think your beloved or close friend could do with some love. Say you have a long-distance boyfriend. Why not use this symbol and start your conversation with him for the day? Make it a unique approach towards expressing your love for him/her. It’s quite cute, actually.


As you know by now, this symbol means kiss. You can send it as a part of your romantic conversation, or you can just send it to someone you would normally kiss on the cheek. This is the best way to express your love for someone. These symbols come in handy when you and your partner do not live in the same city due to work or any other reason. In that case, you can use symbols such as XOXO to get the thing going between you two.


Do you know the full form of SWAK? Well, it means to seal it with a kiss. During World War I, soldiers and veterans used to use this abbreviation after writing their letters. It was considered as one of the most romantic gestures in the World. Imagine being stuck a war, not knowing whether you will come out alive and writing love letters to your loved ones. The letters have to be the best or rather one of a kind. So yes, if you want to make your loved one feel special, try to use these symbols after writing a letter or even an email. You already know why XOXO means hugs & kisses. All you have to do is use the right abbreviations at the right time and the right place.

Kiss and Hug Emojis

What if the person you are sending the text to, doesn’t know why XOXO means hugs &kisses? What is the point in that case of sending the symbols? That is when the heart and kiss emojis come into play. You don’t have to write XOXO to get your point across every time. At times, you can just send relevant emojis and express your love.

That’s it! These are the most common forms of using XOXO in your letters, informal emails, or even text messages. There are multiple ways to use XOXO for expressing love so that you can use the form you are comfortable in. Don’t worry; these symbols are not going to perish anytime soon. They get passed from one generation to another. The forms may start to differ in the coming generations, but the meaning will remain the same- to convey love. These days, people are more and more inclined towards using abbreviations, emojis, and symbols to express their thoughts. Therefore, I can firmly say that the usage of XOXO is not going to become unpopular any time soon.

The most common use of XOXO- The Weddings

What is a wedding all about? It is not just about inviting your friends or wearing the best dress and look beautiful. Weddings are mainly about showing your belief in love and physical affection. It is through weddings that you take vows to spend the rest of your life with your loved one, whether in sickness or in health. What could be the better way to express your emotions during this time than using XOXO as a sweet gesture at your wedding?

common use of XOXO

Sounds unbelievable? Lookup on Google, and you will find thousands of couples incorporating this symbol as the theme of their weddings. You may not know, but XOXO is quite a popular symbol for lovers all around the world, especially Japan and the United States. Also, the XOXO theme wedding can make the day extremely special and memorable for the couples. Now let’s have a look at how XOXO can be used at weddings.

What are the different XOXO wedding ideas?

The creator of Jenny Orsini Events recently said “XOXO is understood universally and the new generation has embraced it with so much love! I can’t think of a more appropriate place than a wedding to use this symbol and fill the ambiance with love, compassion, and support.”

From cocktail parties to wedding decor, you can use this theme for a wide variety of purposes. Let’s have a look.

Using XOXO for wedding invitations

Why restrict the symbol only for the beloved when you can share some love with your close friends and family members as well? A few days back I received a beautiful invitation which had the engraving of ‘XOXO.’ So you can also use the symbol to make your wedding cards look unique and special. Just make sure the design clear, legible, and distinct. Do not use any design with the XOXO that can confuse your surrounding people. The main purpose of using this symbol on wedding cards or gifts is to convey a sense of warmth and affection to whoever is a part of your wedding.

The recipients should feel after looking at the XOXO engraved wedding card that the wedding is an event full of love and affection. I would recommend all of you to get a professional graphic designer and get hold of the best logos in regard to XOXO. Make sure the symbol imparts a cohesive look throughout the event.

You can also use the XOXO symbol in menu cards, wedding stationery, escort cards, and table cards. Make your guests feel like an integral part of the wedding, valuable, loved.

How about using XOXO in cocktail parties?

These days one cannot imagine a wedding without a cocktail party. That is when your guests can laugh out loud and connect with everyone socially. All in all, a cocktail party is an intimate affair where only your close friends are invited. The use of XOXO in cocktail parties can motivate your guests to relax and simply enjoy without stressing out. You can even urge them to make a little connection of their own at the cocktail party. The main motive of using this symbol is to make your guests feel comfortable and at ease.

You can even take this party a notch higher by serving ice cubes in the shapes of X and O. Why not decorate the glasses with swizzle sticks adorned by the shapes of XOXO? Try emblazoning the paper napkins at your wedding or cocktail party with XOXO to enhance the ambiance of the place. Make sure your guests can find their table numbers on cards that are shaped in X or O. The whole idea may seem too expensive. But, you have to get hold of a reliable wedding planner to get all that done within a reasonable budget. Your relationship may have started with the use of XOXO in text messages. Now that you have planned to spend the rest of your life with him/her, it is time to share the happiness with your close ones.

Can you use it for a wedding cake?

Of course, why not? The wedding cake is the main attraction at a wedding, after the bride and the bridegroom. Nail it there, and you will have a long-lasting impression on your guests. No matter how many tiers of cake you settle with, make sure it consists of an XOXO cake topper. You can even make the topper shiny and metallic to attract all the attention towards your cake.

Ask your cake designer to develop an XOXO pattern with the fondant icing and cover the entire cake with it. It is a modern design which will take all your guests aback. Some of them may even get inspired and get the same cake done at their weddings.

Do you plan to ditch the same old wedding cake and get a dessert bar instead? Don’t worry, in that case, too; you can use the theme of XOXO. You can share cupcakes in the shape of X and O to your guests. It not only makes a sweet treat for your guests but also enhances your sense of decor. Imagine the number of people just struggling to take an Instagram-worthy picture at your wedding!

Finally, the wedding decor!

Once you know why XOXO means hugs & kisses, you can easily use this as a theme for your wedding decoration. You can use balloons in this shape along with metal tabletops of the same shapes. It will be easier and fun to create a sweetheart table or the bar counter. It’s okay if you don’t want the X and O shapes to be everywhere for your guests to notice. You can keep the decor minimal only to yourselves.

After all, too much of something good never really goes well. You can even try to get pictures holding the X and O-shaped balloons for a fun photoshoot. You can even set up a photo booth and ask your friend to hold the XOXO signs and get clicked. Fair enough?


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