WBU Meaning: WBU Full Form

WBU Meaning

There was a time when people preferred to call. Nowadays, people like to converse through text messages, rather than calling. Owing to everyone’s busy schedule, text messages have made it a tad easier for everyone to connect with each other. You neither have to wait for anyone’s call nor do you need to call someone up hesitatingly. You can just drop a text message, and that is enough to connect two individuals. With the advent of text messages or rather WhatsApp messages, abbreviations have become way common for everyone. WBU is one such abbreviation that the millennials tend to use on a daily basis. Simply speaking, WBU means ‘What about you?’

This article is for everyone who is new to this world of abbreviations used in the text messages. At times, people end up using the abbreviations in an irrelevant manner just because they don’t know the real meaning of the terms. Therefore, give this article a read to understand when and why you should use WBU.

What does WBU mean in texting?

How often have you run out of words when it comes to replying to someone’s text? If you are a socially awkward person like me, I bet you have been through this situation quite a lot of times. That is when WBU comes into play. WBU full form is ‘What about you?’ Say someone asked about your whereabouts on WhatsApp. You replied to his/her text and then what’s next? How to make the conversation comfortable? Well, after you have said about your whereabouts, just include ‘WBU?’ and send the message. This is how the recipient will understand that you too want to know about him/her.

WBU stands for ‘what about you?’ or ‘how about you?’ You can use this abbreviation through text messages, emails, Snapchat, etc. The ‘WBU’ full form in chat doesn’t change with the medium of your conversation. It means the same everywhere.

How to use WBU in text messages?

Once you know WBU meaning text, it will be easier for you to use this abbreviation in the text messages. At times, people use WBU or HBU in the same way people use them in spoken conversations. You must use WBU whenever you are trying to know someone better through texts. You can also use this abbreviation when you want to know someone’s opinion of something. Take a look at the examples below to understand the use of abbreviations better.

Example 1

Friend 1: I am craving for some delicious Chinese food. WBU?

Friend 2: Same here, buddy! Let’s eat out at our favorite restaurants around the corner!

Example 2

Friend 1: Is it really important for us to attend Karen’s party at her apartment tonight?

Friend 2: I think it will be fun! WBU? Why don’t you want to go?

Notice how the second friend uses this abbreviation to know if the first friend is interested in going to the party or not.

Example 3

Friend 1: Listen, I don’t think it’s a good idea to invite Stacey to our Friday night’s party. I guess I will have to revise the guest’s lists once again.

Friend 2: Okay, I am free today after college. So I can help you with the lists. WBU?

Friend 1: I had my guitar lessons that day after college. But, I can cancel it if you want. Come over to my place, and we will decide.

Example 4

Friend 1: Hi there! We met at Stacey’s party last night. I was wondering if we could have a cup of coffee someday.

Friend 2: Hey! No problem. I am free this weekend. WBU?

Example 5

Mom: Can you pick me up after completing your tutoring sessions? I am at Walmarts.

Daughter: Sure, Mom! It will take me 3 hours to complete my lessons. WBU?

Example 6

Friend 1: I just completed my Physics assignment. WBU?

Friend 2: I did not even start the paper. I don’t think I will be able to meet the deadline this time.

Example 7

Friend 1: I thought of taking a mini-vacation to the beaches. Also, I have free tickets for the concert. Luke is free this weekend. WBU? Reply fast!!!

Friend 2: I have my assignments due this week. Let me see if I can manage it. I really want to go to the party!

Example 8

Dad: My car broke down in the middle of nowhere! I don’t think I will be able to make it to the party on time. WBU?

Mom: If you are not going, I am not going either. Send me your location, and I will right there.

Example 9

Brother: I booked two tickets for the baseball match for both of us. I will reach there by 4. WBU?

Sister: I will leave college at around 3. Could you pick me up on your way towards the field?

Example 10

Friend 1: I don’t like the new professor in our English class. WBU?

Friend 2: I don’t know since I fell asleep within the first minutes as he started talking.

Friend 1: LOL!!!

Hopefully, these examples will help you understand the right use of ‘WBU’ in text messages. If you still have confusion, Google the examples of WBU and take a look at the results. You can also consult with your friends if you want to know more about the use of abbreviations.

When to use WBU in text messages?

As mentioned before, you can use WBU when you want to know about the whereabouts of your friend. According to the examples, you can also use WBU for a variety of other purposes such as:

Ø Opinions

You can use ‘WBU’ if you want to ask for opinions on a particular aspect from your friend. Say you have chosen a black dress for a party. You think it’s cool to wear a dress at the party. But, you want your friend’s opinion as well. So use this abbreviation in that case.

Ø Suggestions

Say you have run out of ideas to pick a gift for your parent’s anniversary. So use this abbreviation and ask for your friends’ suggestions. The bottom line is ‘WBU’ makes long conversations short and easier.

Ø Conversation initiation

I have often found it difficult to initiate a conversation with people over texts. Well, WBU is here to help you start the conversation on a lighter note. This abbreviation comes in handy when you are interested in someone, but you don’t know how to ask him/her out for a date. Check out example 4 for reference.

Ø Making friends

WBU can also help you make friends within a few seconds. You don’t have to indulge in useless small texts or boring conversations. Just ask your new friends if they are free this weekend using this abbreviation. Make them feel that you are one of them, and you would like to spend some time with them.

These are the different situations when you can use WBU to ease the conversation. You can write the abbreviation in full capital letters like ‘WBU,’ or you can even use it in small letters like ‘wbu.’ It means the same thing.

When NOT to use WBU?

Try to understand one thing. Abbreviations and acronyms are usually considered as Internet slangs. It is okay if you use these terms while talking to your friends, close family members, or loved ones. But, there are times, when it is NOT okay to use terms such as ‘WBU.’ Here is when you are not supposed to short forms like WBU:

§ Formal conversations

Abbreviations such as this one ‘WBU’ are firmly restricted to informal conversations only. Using the same informal conversations can lead to a bad reputation. You may end up losing the promotion, or you may even be kicked out of the office. Believe me; Internet slang can lead to the firing of many employees.

§ Resume

You should also not use such abbreviations when you are about to apply for a job. Whether in your resumes or college applications, do not use the terms ‘WBU.’ Your employer may assume that you are too casual for the job since you don’t have the minimum etiquette of creating a resume.

§ Academic essays

Many students tend to use abbreviations like LOL, WBU, HBU, etc. in their academic essays and assignment. This, in turn, can lead to the deduction of valuable marks from the paper. Professors all around the world detest the idea of using Internet slang in academic papers. Therefore, it is best if you could proofread your paper and weed out such terms that could deduct marks from your paper.

§ Speeches

Your speeches should be engaging but not inappropriate. WBU is meant to be used in text messages. Do not use it in your speeches. Firstly, it doesn’t sound good when you use abbreviations like this one in speeches. Secondly, it will make your speechless interesting and more imposing. Try to hear the famous speeches delivered by famous people, and you will get the drill.

4 Reasons That Make Abbreviations Such As ‘WBU’ So Popular?

From LOL to WBU and everything in between, people just love using abbreviations and acronyms while talking in text messages or while sending WhatsApp texts. But, what exactly compels people to opt for short forms and acronyms rather than typing the full sentences while talking? Why do you think the new generation prefers to use these abbreviations, and the former found them to the epitome of coolness? Let’s see what makes WBU and other such abbreviations insanely popular worldwide.

1. Social awkwardness

Many people are socially awkward. They don’t how to act or when to act in a social situation such as in a group chat. This is when the role of abbreviations comes into play. You can simply use the short form of ‘what about you?’ and start a conversation with someone you are interested in easily. Take a look at all the examples above, and you will understand when to use the abbreviation according to its meaning.

2. Busy schedule

Who isn’t busy these days? From the 9-5 office schedule to family priorities, all of us are engulfed with so many responsibilities. It is difficult to stay in touch with our friends amidst this hectic schedule. Thus, instead of waiting for long conversations on the phone, you can use these abbreviations to know what’s up with your friends. This technique also comes in handy if you are usually unable to start a conversation with new people.

3. Efforts to fit in

People just want to fit in, no matter whether it is right or wrong. They don’t want to be left out, or rather they don’t want the FOMO feeling anymore. Surprisingly, using abbreviations such as WBU or LOL makes them feel to be a part of this era. Some people do not like to be considered ‘old school.’ They would use such abbreviations to look cool and sound updated. And it’s not really wrong. I would suggest you don’t have to use abbreviations and short forms to fit in. Use them only when you find it necessary.

4. Following the trend

Apart from all the above-mentioned reasons, some people may use it simply to follow the trend. They would do the same thing when a new trend comes up in the niche of fashion. People like you and me probably belong to this group. You are not socially awkward, and yet you use this abbreviation- all you want to do is go with the flow.

If you think deeply, these are the most common reasons for which people tend to use abbreviations rather than writing full sentences. The point is someone came up with this short form at some point in time, and it just gained momentum with time. People loved it because it made sense and made their lives easier. Most importantly, these abbreviations have made it easier for introverts to communicate.

What are the other abbreviations used by Millennials?

Shorthand is becoming more and more popular these days. You may have no idea what anybody is talking about if you are unaware of the common short forms. WBU is just a small part of the huge list of abbreviations most commonly used by the people of the new generation.

Perfect AP style, full sentences, and perfect grammar are just some things from the past. Grammar Nazis may find it hard to believe, but it’s the truth. Formal writing is still there, but who uses it for daily conversations? In case you new to this world of short forms and abbreviations, take a look at the modern acronyms and what they mean. After all, it can be exhausting to write full words some times.

  •  LOL = Laugh out loud
  • OMG – Oh My God
  • BRB = Be Right Back
  • JK = Just Kidding
  • JOMO = Joy Of Missing Out
  •  NBD = No Big Deal
  •  BAE = Before Anyone Else
  •  TTYL = Talk To You Later
  •  TFW = That Feeling When
  •  SMH = Shaking My Head
  •  WCW = Woman Crush Wednesday
  •  MCM = Man Candy Wednesday
  •  TN = Tonight
  •  RN = Right Now
  •  WYD = What Are You Doing?
  •  Thx = Thanks
  •  BC = Because
  •  OMW = On My Way
  •  TBH = To Be Honest

These are the most common acronyms used by people these days. I have also written the meanings alongside to help you understand better. What are you waiting for? Start using these abbreviations as and when required and welcome to the world of ‘No full sentences!’

What are the different types of abbreviations?

Abbreviation occurs when you shorten a word or a phrase. There are four different types of abbreviations:


The first letters of all the words form an initialism abbreviation. In this case, we need to pronounce each letter individually.

  • FBI
  • ASAP
  • CEO
  • PLC

Shortening, in this case, the beginning and end are usually omitted. For example:

  • Ad
  • Blog
  • App
  • Flu
  • Rhino

The above example belongs to the type I shortenings. We treat them like full words.

  • Sat.
  • Feb.
  • Jan.
  • Etc.

These are used only when you in written form. These are examples of the type II shortening.


In this case, we omit the letters from the middle of the word. Also, you don’t have to put a full stop at the end of the contractions. Take care of this feature when you are using contractions in your assignments or formal letters.

Type 1 contractions

  •  Mr
  •  Govt
  •  Dr
  •  St

The above examples have missing letters from one word only.

Type 2 contractions

  •  They’d
  •  He’s
  •  I’ve

These consist of missing letters from more than one word.


The first letters of a given set of words form the acronym. The acronym is pronounced as a word.

  • NASA
  •  VAT
  •  PIN
  •  RAM
  •  ROM
  •  NATO

These are the fundamental types of abbreviations that all of us tend to use in writing or while speaking. Some of us know the purpose, and some of us don’t. I want everyone to use the abbreviations clearly and concisely even if you are using something as simple as WBU. Hopefully, now you can use the abbreviations of your choice without any hassle. Good Luck!

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