10 Effective Security Tips for Using a Free Wi-Fi Hotspot

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While booking a hotel or renting a place; free Wi-Fi is one of the most necessary things to check. If you are traveling abroad then you always prefer places with free Wi-Fi so you can connect with your people, share your traveling pictures, etc. But are you sure that you are under a safe network? Public Wi-Fi networks are usually not safe. Many devices are connected with one network which makes it a perfect place for hacking and phishing. kindly check best digital printing UAE at here.

Here we are providing top 10 effective security tips for using free Wi-Fi:

  • Always connect to secure network

Always try to get connected with a secure network; the network with a lock sign which means you can’t access it without a password. Avoid using Wi-Fi networks which don’t need any kind of authentication before connecting. You can ask the hotel staff for a Wi-Fi password.

  • Never use public Wi-Fi for online banking 

Accessing public Wi-Fi for SNSs, watching videos, listening to songs is okay but never performs any kind of banking transaction.

  • Enable your ask to connect feature

Always set ask to connect feature open. Otherwise, your device will connect to the strongest Wi-Fi connection automatically. If you enable this feature, your device will ask you every time before connecting to any public Wi-Fi. Check the reliability of the network and then connects to it.

  • Verify the hotspot 

Hackers are very clever so have to play smart. While connecting to any hotspot; check whether you are connecting with the legitimate one or not. If you are getting multiple hotspots with similar names then you should verify with the café or restaurant staff for the genuine one.

  • Mask your IP with VPN
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Virtual Private Network or VPN is one of the best tools for keeping your device safe from hackers and other threats. VPN creates a tunnel between the user and the server while gives a secure path for the data traffic. VPN masks your IP (Internet Protocol) to some other location which makes your untraceable.  

  • Enable Firewall Protection

Firewall can prevent your device from all unauthorized access. Firewall checks all the incoming and outgoing traffic of your network. If the firewall finds anything suspicious, it instantly blocks your network and halts the traffic for performing any kind of malicious activity.

  • Disable file sharing

File sharing feature of your device can get you into trouble. If the file sharing feature is enabled; a hacker can easily transfer your data into his device. Always disable your file sharing option before connecting your device to any public hotspot.

  • Use Forget this network option

While disconnecting your device with any hotspot; always tap forget this network option for preventing automatic reconnection of your device without your permission.

  • Install antivirus

Antivirus can protect your device from hackers and other unauthentic access. McAfee.com/Activate provides you powerful firewall, VPN support, powerful scan, network security, email security and various other features for providing full security while accessing the public Wi-Fi.

  • Never install any software on public Wi-Fi

With public Wi-Fi, you can really judge that you are getting the downloading file from the genuine source or not. So, it’s better to avoid any kind of software download while using public Wi-Fi.

You can also carry your personal Wi-Fi device if you want to keep yourself safe from any kind of harmful threat regarding public Wi-Fi.

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