12 Digital Marketing Books For Beginners To Professionals

12 Digital Marketing Books For Beginners To Professionals

If you also wish to garner the advantages of digital marketing, here is the list of digital marketing books you must read.

It isn’t a secret that the 21st century is a digital age. And online marketing is gradually captivating a large part of the economy which means enormous opportunities for jobs and businesses in digital marketing.

Whether you’re a working professional or a newbie engulfed in the field of digital marketing, if you haven’t given these digital marketing books a read, then you’re surely missing out on something imperative.


Top Digital Marketing Books

For a perfect blend of insights on Content Marketing to SEO to Social Media Marketing, the below-listed digital marketing books will give you a crisp idea of the direction to set your foot forth.


1. Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook- By Gary Vaynerchuk

Though the book has been out for about nine years now, it is still not outdated for anyone who wishes to rake in maximum benefits from different social media marketing.

There is no denying that 3 out of 5 businesses are found on social media platforms in present times. But how well they are managing to get the distinct features of these platforms is what actually marks the difference and resonates with why the audience must be in touch with you.


12 Digital Marketing Books For Beginners To Professionals
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The book unveils tactics coming down straight from Garry Vaynerchuk, who is a prominent name in the internet marketing industry. If you are also struggling to make your brand name stand out on social media platforms, this book is surely worth giving a shot.


2. Epic Content Marketing: How To Tell A Different Story, Break Through The Clutter, And Win More Customers by Marketing Less- By Joe Pulizzi

This one is by Joe Pulizzi. The writer has collected his content-related wisdom in this book that revolves around the very aspects of content marketing and clarifies the differences between the related concepts that normally seem to overlap each other. Joe has put forward his ideas in very easy language that even professionals will get hooked up to it, let alone beginners.


Social Media Digital Marketing Books
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This book will refine the content marketing strategy for your business in a well-structured way and revive the otherwise sleeping potential to interact with your audience base.


3. Converted: The Data-Driven Way To Win Customers’ Hearts- By Niel Hoyne


Social Media Digital Marketing Books
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Niel Hoyne has unveiled the secrets of starting with the digital world’s data-driven aspects and gradually refining the procedures. The author has skillfully presented the scenario of the present times where marketers and analysts go on a long hauling journey to generate accuracy and lose the battle at hand. The book will keep you hooked, and you’ll surely learn something new from Niel’s words of wisdom with every single chapter.


4. Moving To Outcomes: Why Partnerships Are The Future Of Marketing- By Matthew Wool And Robert Glazer


Best Books On Digital Marketing
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If you wish to be familiar with the several ins and outs of Partnership Marketing in the digital age, this digital marketing book is a must-read. The authors have highlighted the essence of using a partnership to boost conversions. The concepts have been effectively discussed with practical examples, which makes catching them as easy as pie. (Provigil)


5. Don’t Make Me Think- By Steve Krug

Steve Krug has incorporated his insights in this book to provide the optimum utility with enhanced user experience in designing sites and softwares. This book is on this list of top digital marketing books because even after 22 years of being published, its strategies, criteria, and conceptualization are still relevant to present-day scenarios, making this a timeless masterpiece.


Best Books On Digital Marketing
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Steve has vividly explained the exact pattern of actions that site developers must pay attention to, and of course, users’ experience is at the core of his discussions, justifying the book’s title.


6. The Fundamentals Of Brand SERPs For Business- By Jason Barnard


Top Digital Marketing Books
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This one from Jason Barnard focuses on how to effectively manage your Brand SERP, which in the author’s perspective, is no less than a digital visiting card. The book unfolds several aspects that a business corporation must analyze about what information it displays on SERPs and manage its online reputation.


7. Crushing It!- By Gary Vaynerchuk


Social Media Digital Marketing Books
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Want to crack the code of becoming a social media brand? Then here is another one from Gary Vaynerchuk. Why consider giving a read to this digital marketing book? Because it has laid down the foundations for getting on track for different social media platforms. The author has brought out the ways to utilize the maximum potential of social media platforms for those who want to make a career option out of it.


8. Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content- By Ann Handley


Best Books On Digital Marketing
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You really have got to be committed to this one when you start it. But yes, it’s worth giving it a shot. Ann Handley has eased the job with enough motivation for those having a hard time waking up their inner writer. The author summarizes the building blocks for well-crafted content pieces.


9. Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers- By Seth Godin


Top Digital Marketing Books
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For marketers who’re constantly beating their head around how and where to get the most awaited attention for their ad campaigns, this digital marketing book is surely a good read. It highlights the typical loopholes of advertising strategy and provides constructive measures to resolve them. Seth has made it quite clear that your audience doesn’t like an interruption, so you surely have to shift your marketing approach.


10. Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive And Others Die- By Chip Heath & Dan Heath

From making a sales pitch to conveying your strategy to your team to engaging your audience, everything depends on how much effort you put into making that conversation stand. But that’s quite hard to do at times.


Top Digital Marketing Books
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This book throws light on the concreteness and relevancy of the way you deliver your ideas. And also states the fundamentals of ideas that actually stick to one’s conscious and subconscious mind.

Chip and Dan both have provided their insightful expertise after years of practice. The book was featured on the BusinessWeek bestseller list for two years and got translated into 25 languages. It is one among the best books for digital marketing.


11.  Run with Foxes: Make Better Marketing Decisions- By Paul Dervan


12 Digital Marketing Books For Beginners To Professionals
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When it comes to marketing, making decisions isn’t a cinch. That is exactly what Paul has stressed upon in this book. He has impeccably decoded the concepts of brand loyalty, differentiation, and customer retention. This is a sure shot need for getting a grasp of marketing trends and making the right move.


12. Influence, New And Expanded: The Psychology Of Persuasion- By Robert Cialdini


12 Digital Marketing Books For Beginners To Professionals
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This one has to be on your bucket list because influence is what it takes to make yourself a thought leader in today’s era. The instances that Robert presents are impactful enough to get the readers hooked. The book talks about the crucial part psychology plays in deciding people’s actions. It also lays down the approach to turning your target audience’s no into a big yes.

In the modern era, marketing has seen a tremendous online shift. Profits have now been synonymous with click-through rates, social media growth, and rankings. The above-listed 12 digital marketing books can prove to be your best friend for e-marketing. So consider having a thoughtful treat for your knowledge with these books.

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