7 Ways Of Celebrating Star Wars Day At Home

star wars day at home

Star Wars is one of the most loved franchises. Ever since the first Star Wars movie came out in 1977, it has made a completely different place for the franchise in the film industry. The reason behind the initial success of Star Wars was the effects that were used in the movie. No other Si-Fi movie of that time was using those kinds of special effects.

The franchise not only managed to win their audience’s hearts but also changed the way of filmmaking for other directors. It has been over 40 years now, and Star Wars is still one of the most successful franchises. Its success can be measured with the fact that it has its day for celebration, Star Wars Day. It is celebrated all over the world with large-scale events, and people celebrate Star Wars Day at home as well.

Star Wars Day is celebrated internationally on May 4th. The reason for this date is its resemblance to the Star Wars’s famous phrase “May the force be with you,” or as people might say, “May the fourth be with you.” Star Wars Day is not the only measure of success of the franchise. Some of the factors that let people know how famous Star Wars is are:

  • The franchise stands fifth in the highest-grossing media franchises’ list with a $70 million worth.
  • Many politicians and celebrities use the phases of Star Wars in their speeches. For example, once Obama mentioned the phrase “Jedi mind meld” to indicate his oppositions’ tricks.
  • Popular filmmakers like James Cameron and Ridley Scott have cited that Star Wars have influenced their careers.
  • A Strategic Defense Program of the Reagan Administration was named after the franchise.
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These points show how much people love the Star Wars franchise. It started losing its charm in the starting 21st century when other filmmakers began to come up with astonishing ideas to beat the special effects of Star Wars. When Disney took over the franchise in 2012, it bought back the spark of the franchise and did as much justice as it could to the 21st century Star Wars.

The Star Wars Day

star wars day at home

The Star Wars Day came into existence in 2001 when it was first celebrated at the Toronto Underground cinema. But as the charm of the franchise went low, so did the celebrations for Star Wars Day. When Disney bought its first Star Wars movie in 2015, it again lit the fire of the franchise with all the dramatic effects that they put in the film. It has been five years since then, and the celebrations of the day are only increasing with each passing year.

Star Wars Day At Home

Why stick to large-scale events only? Fans celebrate Star Wars Day at home as well. Several Star Wars fans do not like going to such activities or do not have any events in their accessible area. But not celebrating the day is not an option when the person loves the franchise. That leads them to celebrate Star Wars Day at home. Here are some of the most common ways in which hardcore fans celebrate their most important day of the year, i.e., Star Wars Day at home.

Theme Parties

Theme parties are the most exciting and common way of celebrating Star Wars Day at home. Fans organize get-togethers with their fellow fans and theme the event on Star Wars. They also do many fun activities with their friends and families, which makes the party more exciting and memorable for them.

Rewatching The Saga

The most relaxing and fun way of celebrating Star Wars Day at home is to watch the entire saga again. The best part about this is there is nothing to organize. The fans can watch the movies alone or with their close friends and family. It also gives them some quality time with their near and dear ones.

Read Books

Star Wars is not limited to films, so why would the celebration do? There are several books that the franchise owns. A fan who is stuck at home or do not want to go out can get all those books and read them while celebrating Star Wars Day at home. There are chances that hardcore fans already have the whole comic collection at their homes, so they can re-read their favorite ones from the series.

Play Games

As we said, Start Wars is available on most of the mediums. Several Star Wars games can be enjoyed while celebrating Star Wars Day at home. And like movies, fans can play these games alone, as well as with their friends and family. These games can be found for almost all platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, and Windows.


This is the best activity for people who love cooking or want to try their hands on it. The internet is full of Star Wars-themed foods. People can search for them and cook their favorite one while celebrating Star Wars Day at home.

Virtual Party

If a person wants to organize a party, but none of their Star Wars friends can come over to their place, then this is the best option for them. They can use a video conferencing platform and organize a virtual party. Some party movie platforms allow people to enjoy a movie while being in different places. So, they can enjoy watching Star Wars movies with their friends and family while staying at home.

Read About Star Wars

star wars day at home

There are many facts and points that fans miss during the movie. Also, there are many other theories that the franchise releases on their official websites and blogs. (www.treerush.com) So people can read about them and know more about their favorite Star Wars.


The best part about Star Wars is that it has fans of all ages from all over the world. A fan might not find any Star Wars Day events in their area. But that should not stop them from celebrating their most important day of the year. With these easy ideas, they can celebrate Star Wars Day at home with complete convenience.

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