How Did Michael Jackson Die: Health Issues, Life Details & Much More!

How Did Michael Jackson Die

Michael Jackson is still called a legend for everything he gave to the musicindustry. His footsteps are still followed and people are still a fan of him. He changed the music industry, the fashion industry, and the dance industry. He was born to a not-so-rich family and abusive parents. But he was able to rise up despite the hardships he had to deal with. The death of Michael Jackson sent shockwaves around the globe. But lots of theories followed after the death of Michael Jackson that made people ask the question, ‘How did Michael Jackson die’. If you wish to know the answers, too, then you have come to the right place. Scroll down the blog for more information.

How Did Michael Jackson Die

How did Michael Jackson die?

Michael Jackson died because of acute propofol intoxication in the year 2009 on June 25. They found him in his room at North Carolwood. He was declared not breathing and had a very weak pulse. The doctors performed CPR but it was of no use. He was announced as dead at the medical center that goes by the name Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

Conrad Robert Murray was convicted because he was known to give him 25g of propofol. So, in the year of 2011, he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. He was very much incompetent and he neglected his patient. He was declared guilty and he was imprisoned for 4 years. The Los Angeles County coroner declared his death as a homicide. An autopsy revealed that Jackson was otherwise healthy. Around his death, Jackson was declared not able to sleep for a certain period of time. Murray gave him a series of drugs and still Michael Jackson was unresponsive.

How Did Michael Jackson Die

Michael Jackson’s health issues

Jackson had his skin color brown at the beginning, but as time passed, his fans saw how his skin color became paler. People thought it was because he might bleach his skin, but that was not the truth. With the help of his dermatologist, Jackson informed his fans that he had developed skin vitiligo. Vitiligo is a condition when patches of skin start losing their color and turn white slowly.

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Later he was also diagnosed with discoid lupus erythematosus. In this, painful red patches start to develop on the skin. They become inflamed and mostly occur around the scalp as well as the cheeks.

Furthermore, Michael Jackson was physically abused by his father during his tender age. They traumatized him as he grew up and his doctors said he is dealing with dysmorphic disorder.

During his commercial shoot with Pepsi, he faced with fire accident that caused second-degree burns on his skull. Michael Jackson even faced chest pain and thought it was due to his lungs. Later, doctors revealed that it was because of his dance practice.

The real reason behind Michael Jackson’s death

The real reason behind the famous legend’s death was his personal physician who is known as Conrad Murray. Michael Jackson died from an overdose of acute propofol. Authorities later found Conrad guilty, and he was imprisoned because of giving Jackson such powerful drugs without much thinking. The day before his death and that is on June 24, 2009, Jackson complained to his physician about not being able to sleep. And because of that Murray gave him those drugs. Jackson was found completely unresponsive later. He was rushed to the Los Angeles Fire Department and was declared dead there as he wasn’t breathing. Murray was charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Recent documentaries further showed how Michael Jackson had other physicians except Murray. He used to be drugged, and he got the medicines he wanted as well from the various doctors. And Michael Jackson was supposed to go on tours and that is the reason why Murray gave him the medicines so that he could go to sleep.

When did Michael Jackson die?

Michael Jackson is known to have died on June 25th, in the year 2009. The legend that has sold half a billion copies of the album was declared dead at his Holmby Hills mansion. He spent 50 years of his life, and mostly he dedicated his life to fashion, music, and dance. The next day, an autopsy was performed which determined the result of his death, and that was because of acute propofol.  

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How Did Michael Jackson Die

The myth ‘Michael Jackson is still alive’ and the truth

It has been fourteen years since his death, but the bizarre theories about how he is alive are still going on. Some people believe that Jackson has faked his death as he was indebted. There are people who dress up as him and have moonwalked. That made many fans of Michael Jackson believe that he was still alive and hiding somewhere for personal reasons.

It is also believed that Michael Jackson has crossed a border into Mexico, and a border officer reported that. This happened soon after the death of Michael Jackson.

Reaction to his death

That year 2009, marked the death of a legend, and it was shocking for the entire world. Jackson had a troubled life, and people sympathized with how he couldn’t live his life at its best. Famous celebrities paid tribute to the legendary star. Even people around the world gathered and paid tribute to the legendary star. Graffiti was drawn across many walls, mainly his childhood, where people showed their broken hearts.

Final Thoughts

Michael Jackson has been a favorite to many many people in and out of the music fraternity. However, his contributions to pop culture are immense and youngsters still look at him in awe. But his life’s journey has always been in the media making it quite a speculating thing about his death too. But over the years, how did Michael Jackson die has become a patent query and we’ve tried to provide you with the neatest information possible. Even though it’s controversial this man will “HEAL THE WORLD” with his lyrics and is going to be an all-time favorite for all of us. Finally, don’t forget to drop in your valuable insights about this blog in the comment section below!

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)

1. What was the age of Michael Jackson when he died?

He was 50 years old.

2. What was the real reason for Michael Jackson’s death?

The real reason behind his death was that he had a cardiac arrest due to acute propofol consumption.

3. Who was the first wife of Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson’s first wife is Debbie Rowe.

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