8 Best Smartwatch Products Recently Released in the Market

After the release of Apple Watch, there are many technology producers that put effort to produce similar products. Yes, Smartwatch is considered the sophisticated innovation in which a watch is functioned just like the Smartphone. It is so cool and fascinating for sure since you can even make a call and browse information only by using something on your wrist. So, if you are interested to buy one of the Smartwatch products, the recommendations are as follow. Now you can buy School Bags supplier Dubai online.

Apple Watch Series 3

On the top of the list, sure, there is the product from the innovator of Smartwatch itself. It is the newest series from Apple Watch, Apple Watch Series 3. Undeniably, this third generation of Smartwatch from Apple is demanded by so many people. The design is simple but exclusive with the square screen and black band. Some great features are available; they are the incoming reception notification, emergency SOS, calorie consumption record, and waterproof feature of 50 meters.

Samsung Gear S3 Classic

When the Smartphone is not on your hands while you need to receive an emergency call, you can just utilize this gadget. Yes, Samsung Gear S3 Classic is not only receiving the call notification but you can also receive it by using the product. The product is equipped by a built-in speaker and microphone for the phone. It is compatible with iOS and Android with some features including the heart rate monitor and waterproof-dustproof. The band is made from leather, making it more elegant to wear.

Nokia Steel

The design of the Smartwatch from Nokia is really stylish. Slightly, it looks like a common digital watch with a classic minimalist design. But if you are just operating it, it definitely functions more. It has some Smartphone functions for sure. But more than that, all the sport and health activities can be supported and monitored through the Health Mate app. The battery of this smartwatch is able to survive up to 8 months. It is really good for you who don’t want to recharge it too many times.

ASUS ZenWatch 3

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If you are a kind of people who always want to be on time, it seems you will like this product so much. Asus ZenWatch 3 is a product that brings out the HyperCharge technology to fasten the recharging time. to fill in the power up to 60%, it only needs around 15 minutes. Meanwhile, the smartwatch is also featured the Eco Mode technology to save the power up to 200%. The design is stunning with bright coral color but also thin and simple. The width is only 9.95 mm, making it the thinnest product on its class.

Garmin Instinct

The Smartwatch products are also released by Garmin, the leading producer of digital watches. Garmin Instinct is designed for you who love sports and exercises. It features pores to keep the air circulation good. The product is compatible with iOS and Android. Meanwhile, it has some features including the automatic daylight saving time for a long-lasting battery. For the divers, you can wear the smartwatch while diving up to the depth of 100 m.

Sony Smartwatch 2

After being successful with the first series of Smartwatch, recently, Sony releases the second generation of Sony Smartwatch. Sony Smartwatch 2 is entirely made from metal but it is quite light and comfortable to wear. The design is really necessary for all occasions including for working, sports, and more. The product is compatible with only Android 4.0 and above. Some of the features are the incoming reception notification, water, and dust resistant, health and fitness app, and more.

Fitbit Versa

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The smartwatch is designed and produced for women. It is seen with its cute band design which is in soft peach. Although it looks so feminine, it has great features that are competitive in its class. Fitbit Versa is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows. The main feature is more than 15 mode exercise modes and it is no matter to wear it for swimming. For diving, it can survive up to 50 meters of depth. Fitbit Versa is also available in black and silver anyway.

Huawei Watch 2

Huawei Watch 2 is a smart choice if you are looking for a smartwatch with a sporty design. Despite the band that has been installed on the watch, there are some options of bands that are sold separately. The product is compatible with all types of Smartphone like iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Some features are the heart rate monitor, water resistant, barometer, and ceramic panel for the scratch resistant layer.

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