What does OG mean? The Theories Behind the Term

What Does OG Mean

You must have heard the term ‘OG’ before if you’re a rap fan. While the term has been around for quite a time, expressions such as “he’s the OG” or “that was so OG” seem to have recently resurfaced on the internet. So what is OG, what does OG mean, and where does it come from?

OG “is on the older end of the continuum, as far as internet slang goes.” If you haven’t just caught on to expressions like “he’s the OG” or “that was so OG,” it’s fair to say you’re a tad behind. But pulling you enough — what does OG mean in the background, and the meaning?

What is the meaning of OG?

According to the most common meaning of the Urban Dictionary, OG is an abbreviation of the words ‘Original Gangster,’ which is what the phrase at first meant. However, since then, it has been used to say something or someone is “original.”

Did Ice-T invent the term OG?

Technically speaking, no, he did not. However, he will generally be the first one to mention when the word is used. Ice-T released its fourth studio album, the OG (or the O.G.), date back to the early 1990s. Gangster’s original in 1991. On the Billboard 200 chart, the album went to number 15 and remained the most profitable Ice-T record to date.

1st Letter O, 2nd Letter G

Usually, OG is not used as a designation for how marijuana has been grown. Some of the strains might conceivably have been cultivated indoors, undermining the case for the supporters of “Outdoor Cultivated. (getzonedup.com) ” Stoners may briefly be inclined to believe that cannabis strains are called literally. Still, judging by the multitude of wildly-named strains out there, their peculiar attributes and results, it is more likely that the real sense of it is also a lot more playful than an inconsistent designation relating to technique and a lot more enjoyable than an unfamiliar homage to a long-defunct website.

Lucas7yoshi on Twitter: "OG = Original Gangstar… "

  • Original Gangster

“Too many of us, we picture a proven and influential gang member and the word” Original Gangster “when we hear the term” OG. “The phrase was popularized in the 80s and 90s by members of the Los Angeles hip hop scene and became particularly prevalent after the release of the fourth studio album of Ice-T, O.G. In 1991, the Original Gangster.

This hypothesis implies that when it comes to cannabis, OG refers to a strain of marijuana that is strong and worthy of reverence. There are influential proponents of this assumption. In 2011, a representative of DNA Genetics, a group of well-known cannabis producers, went on record with the San Diego Sun saying that the hip hop group Cypress Hill, who had a lasting effect on the cannabis scene, were the ones initially branded as the “original gangster” of kushes by a certain marijuana variety.

  • Ocean Grown

Legend has it that a California cannabis grower got into a talk with a fellow pot smoker who took out a marijuana bag and promised to pack it up. Some cannabis enthusiasts advocate that OG stands for “Ocean Grown.” Instantly, the grower recognized its scent and immediately understood that it was his own product. The fellow stoner referred to his cannabis bag as “mountain-grown” (most possibly referring to strains associated with the mountain range of the Hindu Kush in Asia). The pot grower was alleged to have corrected his new friend by claiming that the marijuana he had bought was, in fact, ocean-grown, relating to the coastal area of California, unwilling to disregard this misclassification.

  • OverGrow

A less popular theory is that OG stands for “overgrow.” OverGrow was introduced in 1999 as one of the first pot-growing forums on the web with the goal of “overgrowing” any of the more common cannabis websites at the time. In only a few short years, the platform delivered increasing tips and discourse and expanded to over 60,000 users. Much as “FB” has been a popular acronym for Facebook, the site is widely referred to by OverGrow users as “OG.”

As the desire for income increased, seed vendors were permitted to advertise their products on the web, drawing law enforcement interest. In 2006, the site was finally shut down by the Canadian government. With the following mission, Overgrow has since been revitalized: “We have overgrown the government.” And let the World Overgrow!

What Does “OG” Mean? | DailyRapFacts

Including the hypothesis that it is merely a simplified version of the word “initial” to the idea that it is an acronym for a British derogatory slang phrase, there are many other theories regarding the roots of “OG.” Regardless of who called it, we are glad to enjoy these powerful and common strains.

While we will never know the true roots of the OG brand, we can be assured that these well-loved strains will remain popular with breeders and consumers alike for years to come.

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