How to Make Fake Bangs at Home Using Easy Accessories In Simple Steps!

How to Make Fake Bangs at Home

When it comes to hair trends, fringes which are better known as bangs, are one of the most popular. Different hairstyles oscillate and fluctuate, but bangs have remained perpetually cute! Bangs are so famous because they have the magical ability to change the appearance of your face, for example, faint and feathery bangs can make a chubby face look slimmer. Or dramatic lustrous side bangs add more contrast to your jawlines. Making fake bangs at home is quite trending nowadays. So, do you want to know how to make fake bangs at home? Let’s dive right in!

Women feel the urge to fashion their same boring hair into a different style when they are going out. Fake bangs can make you look cool. One of the most important reasons to get fake bangs at home, rather than getting a real one is simple- commitment. It has taken you a lot of effort and dedication to grow your hair and now you do not want to cut it fully, fake bangs at home are the answer! So, if you need a temporary change of hairstyle, you can learn about how to make fake bangs at home easily.

How to Make Fake Bangs at Home

How to Make Fake Bangs at Home

Here are several different ways how to make fake bangs at home without actually chopping your hair.

Before starting to make the fake bangs, you must comb your hair so that the frizz is gone. Remember, the key to a perfect hairstyle is detangled hair. Now, different people have different lengths of hair. For making fake bangs, longer hair is preferred. If you have curly or bouncy hair, it is advised to straighten it for a more real look.

Let’s check out a few ways to make fake bangs at home easily: 

1) By using bobby hairpins

Step 1) Start by combing your hair and separating it from the middle. Straighten your hair if it is curly.

Step 2) Tuck your hair behind your ears for a more persuasive look.

Step 3) Now take a few hair strands from one of the sides, let us say the left side, and brush it evenly. Try to grab your hair from the frontier portion.

Step 4) Now bring that strand of hair in the temple region of your face and measure how long you want your bangs to be. Use a duckbill hair clip to mark the spot. It is advised to keep your bangs up to your eyebrow level for a more natural look.

Step 5) Now twist the lower part of the hair strands into a rope-like structure.

Step 6) Tuck your twisted hair strand behind the ear and fix it with a bobby hairpin. You can use more bobby hairpins to secure the strands of hair.

Step 7) Apply the same trick to the other side as well and secure it, too, with the bobby hairpins.

Step 8) Now remove the duckbill hair clip from both sides. Remember to do it very carefully. Adjust your fake bangs to make it look convincing.

Step 9) Set your new look with hair spray.

How to Make Fake Bangs at Home

2) By using a beanie cap.

Step 1) If you have longer hair, after you have combed your hair, tie your hair into a ponytail. Make sure to make a high and tight ponytail.

Step 2) Now take half of the ponytail, preferably the upper half, and pull it up and bring it forward up to your forehead.

Step 3) Now use a thin comb (You can use a rat-tail comb) and smoothen out it evenly over your head, above your eyebrows.

Step 4) Use five to six sturdy bobby hair clips and secure your fake bangs over your head.

Step 5) Now take a beanie or any snug-fitting loose cap and cover your head leaving the bangs outside. Keep in mind to cover the nape of your head with the beanie, so that the ponytail looks real, and so do the bangs!

Step 6) Cover your eyes and use some hair spray to secure the look!

This is a gentle reminder to not use any tight-fitting hair cap or hat as a bump over the head may develop on the half-up and half-down portion of the hair which will make it look fake.

3) By making a top knot bun.

Step 1) Tidily comb your hair and tie it up to make a high and tight ponytail.

Step 2) Now take that ponytail and twist it using your hands.

Step 3) Roll that twisted strand into a bun and let it fall over your forehead.

Step 4) Now take some hair clips and pin them over your bangs to make it look done up.

step 5) You can use a hair straightener to straighten the fake bangs. 

Step 6) Use a hair setting spray over your hair. Once your hair is dried, you can add more features to your hair to make it look factual. For example, you can add a flowy hat over your head. Or you can wear a hair scarf. You can even tie a ribbon over your bun to give a chic yet cute look!

How to Make Fake Bangs at Home

 Fashion Ideas To Complement How To Make Fake Bangs At Home!

Now that you know how to make fake bangs at home, you definitely want to learn more! So, here are several fashion ideas that will complement the fake bangs that you make at home:

  • You can never go wrong with a white tee and high-waist jeans. Pair it with a leather jacket and wear dark red lipstick and voila!
  • If you want to go for a party look, a sequence dress and boots will look great on bangs or fringes hairstyle. You can even add a trench coat for a more sophisticated look.
  • Accessories that compliment bangs include headbands, scarves, colorful ribbons, beanies, beach hats, and berets.  The moral of the story- You can carry most of the outfits and accessories with the fake bangs that you made at home if you are confident enough to carry it!

 Conclusive Insights

In short, if you want to get a new hairstyle before going to a party, or just for the sake of yourself, you want to try something new, you can always go for fake bangs at home. It is super easy and manageable with the least amount of effort at the lowest expenses. You do not need to cut your hair with scissors. You do not even have to buy the costly bangs that you get from the market. So, you need to follow some uncomplicated steps and you are ready with fake bangs that almost look real. Also, keep in mind that confidence is what you need to wear before wearing any fake bangs. If you are confident with your style, then you can rock with any look! Finally, don’t miss out on dropping your thoughts about how to make fake bangs at home below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Which face suits bang?

The heart-shaped face looks great with bangs.

2) Which hair color highlight goes best with brunette bangs?

Flamboyant blue.

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