A Girl’s Best Friend: How Diamonds Form

how diamonds form

Are you a jewelry fan? If you are, odds are you’re also a fan of diamond jewelry. Diamonds have been popular for thousands of years, and are the ultimate symbol of class and elegance.

But although many people like wearing them, few people understand how diamonds form.

Keep reading for a guide that’ll explain where diamonds come from.

Understand How Diamonds Form

Diamonds are formed in the mantle of the Earth, in places that have ideal levels of temperature and pressure. Specifically, the temperature needs to be at least 1000 degrees F, and pressure needs to be 725,000 lbs per inch. In this environment, carbon atoms bond together, forming diamonds.

Although many people believe that diamonds form from coal, this is not true. Both are made of carbon, but that is all the two share in common. Coal contains impurities such as fungi, bacteria, and plant debris. It also exists deeper in the earth than diamonds.

It takes millions, or sometimes billions of years for diamonds to form. Because they’re located deep under the surface of the Earth, it takes a special event such as a volcanic eruption to bring them to the surface.

Is Mining the Only Way to Get Diamonds?

Traditionally, mined diamonds have been the only form of diamonds available. However, this process has a number of adverse effects on the environment.

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Mining a one-carat diamond requires the excavation of anywhere from 88,000-176,000 lbs of earth. Pollution that goes along with the process can then contaminate groundwater and harm sea life.

Diamond mining also has a human-cost. Employers mistreat many of their workers, forcing them to work long hours in inhumane conditions. In some mines, mining companies also employ children.

Yet with the developments of modern technology, scientists are able to make diamonds in laboratories. This production method eliminates the need to harm the environment and exploit workers.

Is There a Difference Between Natural and Lab-Made?

So if scientists can create diamonds in a lab, is there any difference between them and natural diamonds? The short answer is no!

Aside from the elimination of the harmful costs that go along with mining diamonds, natural and lab-made diamonds are the same. If someone holds one of each type in front of you, you’ll be unable to tell the difference.

They contain the same optical, chemical, and physical properties of their natural counterparts for a cheaper price. They’re also created in the same conditions as mined diamonds, which means that just like natural diamonds, they’ll also turn out differently from one another.

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Money May Not Bring Happiness, but Diamonds Do

Although many people want to buy and wear the biggest and most expensive diamonds, few understand how diamonds form. Yet after reading this guide, you now have a clear idea as to where they come from.

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Do you have any other knowledge of diamonds? Let us know in a comment below!

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