All You Need To Know About The Mega Makeup Challenge

mega makeup

The “Mega Makeup” Challenge is the last stage of James Charles’s Show “Instant Influencer”. After a tough competition and a head-to-head battle, the top three qualifiers for the final showdown were selected. The final three contestants, namely, Ashely, Benny, and Kailin made through the finals by showcasing their beauty, uniqueness, and creativity. Ashley won two challenges in a row, Benny was the winner for one of the “Compact Challenges” and Paris Hilton even complimented him.

Lastly, it was Kailin. Her typical and “out-of-the-world drag queen makeup was something that helped her receive plenty of attention, which ultimately made her the winner of that particular challenge. Now, the top three winners are gearing up for the last challenge, which will be intense as only one person can become the winner and grab the “Instant Influencer” title. In the last chapter of the Instant Influencer, the top three qualifiers are given the task to create the next Mega Makeup trend.

Their creativity, knowledge, designs will help in determining the ultimate winner of the show. To know more about the challenge, and what it has in store, take a look below.

Things to know about the three contestants

mega makeup

Before the challenge started, all three contestants, Ashley, Kailin, and Benny expressed their thoughts about their journey so far in the competition. Ashely, who becomes a mother at a very young age has pointed out how challenging it is. But in retrospect, it enables her to have a tunnel vision on any type of goal she wants. The only thing she is thought of, is winning the Mega Makeup Challenge along with everything that’s on the line.

Benny also shared about his journey on the show and he still cannot believe that he made it to the top. By the look of his face, it reveals his nervousness, but his passion for winning the Mega Makeup Challenge is pretty high. Benny is a senior high school student from a tiny town in Pennsylvania. According to him, it’s quite tough to have such opportunities like this to show and express the talent he carries and he is grateful that he was given the chance to be a part of the show.

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Out of thousands of participants, he was one of the six, and now he is currently one of the top three contestants of the show. The Mega Makeup Challenge will definitely help in giving him a brand-new life if he wins it. On the other, Kailin expressed how happy she is and does have words to describe the excitement after making it to the top three. Kailin expressed that it has been the craziest ride of her life. Along with the other participants, her knowledge and skills were tested each week and everything that she has experienced has made her stronger.

The Challenge: What does it have in store?

Before the beginning of the challenge, James Charles explains a bit about the Mega Makeup Challenge and what each of the three participants is required to do. James reminds each of the final participants to think big and because of that, they will focus just on the elimination challenge today, which means they will not have any Compact Challenges, and they will not receive any type of advantage.

James continues by that staying on top of the trend and creating the trends is considered to be one of the most valuable skills, which an influencer must carry. He also provided more information about the countless number of looks that have gone extremely viral over the past few years, which has left the beauty communities gagging, and suddenly many individuals started re-creating them. Some of the most popular looks were the Bratz Challenge, Rob Ross paintings, James Charles Palette Campaign Looks, and other creative concepts.

So, for the Mega Makeup Challenge, James challenges Kailin, Ashley, and Benny to create the next big makeup moment. For this particular challenge, the three participants will be given three hours to brainstorm and create their makeup looks. Apart from that, they will also receive an additional 45-minute with James’s photographer where the three contestants will get the chance to be their creative director so that they can shoot and select their final pictures.

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Mega Makeup Challenge: The War Begins

mega makeup

For the Mega Makeup Challenge, James wanted all the three to go for it as all the things that they to create the ultimate look will be provided to them. Once the countdown started, each of the contestants got busy to create and display the next makeup moment. Ashely, on the other hand, is fully energized and she is determined to get the crown of the Instant Influencer, but the only challenging thing for her, is the idea to create a proper concept which needs to be simple, trendy, and something that people can recreate.

All the three qualifiers started creating their best looks that will help them win the competition. Throughout the competition, there was tension, stress, and shedding of tears, and things got complicated when it was already time to show-off their unique look. Within this challenge, each of the contestants is required to be a trendsetter, not a follower, this is because the concept they will use needs to carry a proper message behind it.

The results

After completing their unique looks, the three of them did a photoshoot with the looks they have created for the challenge. However, the biggest challenge above everything is the “judges” and one of them is none other than Mario Dedivanovic, who is a legendary trendsetter and a makeup legend and Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist, along with Norvina who is well-known for being the creative director and president of the biggest and trendiest makeup brands in the world.

After going through each of the photographs of the contestants, the judges finally decided and ultimately crowned Ashely as the Instant Influencer. Ashley’s determination and confidence enabled her to achieve her goal to become the ultimate Instant Influencer.

To see the full episode of the final chapter of Instant influencer, do check it out on YouTube.

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