Lilly Singh’s Secret Is Out: A Little Late With Lilly Singh Season 2 Is Coming Back

Lilly singh

Lilly Singh is an Indian comedian based in Canada who is known for her comedy, rapping skills, and her choices in life. Lilly rose to fame via her YouTube channel, which has more than 15 million subscribers and is amongst the most popular comedians on YouTube in the world. Lilly Singh has lately been talking about her secret and fans were guessing she is either married, pregnant, suffers from coronavirus, or something like that.
Lilly singh

However, the base cleared the rumors about her secret and revealed that she is coming back with her TV show, A Little Late With Lilly Singh, in her latest YouTube video in the most interesting manner. Her video goes by the name of “I Have News”, which instantly makes people wonder about her secret but hardly anybody could guess Lilly’s secret.

The video begins with a rap where Lilly reveals that she is in quarantine and only has one person as her crew but because of the news she wanted to share, she had to shoot the video. Glimpses of the guy can be seen as he is picking up dropped props while Lilly is sitting on her table wearing a blazer. At this point, she hints that her secret would be about something that is linked to number 2.

As the camera zooms out, Lilly’s crew says to Lilly that she is not wearing pants to which she notes if she has any pants. This is probably relevant for everyone who is working from home during the lockdown. In the next scene, Lilly is seen driving her car and she says that she believes in building a longer table and not a higher fence, indicating the video revealing her secret may include charity work.

Just then, Lilly is seen shouting surprise when two girls open the door of their houses. Lilly had ordered a painting from one of the girls and apart from giving her commission, she also gives her a gift card for art material. She acknowledges the girl’s talent and asks her to keep continuing painting.

Next, she stops for food at In-N-Out Burger and as she collects her order, she thanks the executive for serving all the people during these tough times and also gives him a generous tip. Next, Lilly is seen dancing and rapping to appreciate her friends at home, her friends at NBC, and her producers, writers, and everyone who has shown support and love for her.

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Then, she asks her friends to scream to cheer for her but they do not do anything. She notes that it was because her audio was on mute, then, repeats the sentence again to get motivational cheers. One of her friends notes how amazing it is for her to get a TV show to which she replies it is season two. The guy’s shocked reaction stays the same and Lilly says his video is frozen.

In the next segment, Lilly video calls with a fan and gifts her an originally signed transcript of her book because it was the girl’s birthday. Her fan looks extremely happy about receiving such a special gift and laughs loudly.

Once the music slows down, the frame covers a girl and Lilly in a video call where the woman is sharing her troubles as a spa owner because her spa has been closed. Lilly asks her how many kids the lady has and she replies three. In Lilly’s secret video, Lilly then announces that she would be booking some appointments where her fans would be taking the spa services sponsored by Lilly. She reveals she wanted to help the woman get back on her feet.

Her rap begins again where she comes in front of a screen wearing a green jacket but the video playing on the screen flashes on her coat too. Her crew tells her she cannot wear it and then she comes in a yellow blazer and resumes her rap and dancing. She notes that she knows there is room for improvement and says that she is working hard on it.

The music once again slows down, and Lilly walks in a pet store to buy supplies and toys for dogs. After thanking Todd, the owner, she exits the store with three bags in her hands and notes how lifting such heavy bags and jokes that she is getting quarantined.

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Lilly singh

Lilly then walks to a dog rescuer’s place and talks about how COVID-19 has affected her. The girl reveals it was hard. Then she announces that her car is full of dog stuff that she would like to donate. While holding an adorable puppy, she squeals and says she might be bringing another dog home. Talking to the rescuers, Lilly informs them that she has made donations online for their rescue home.

The screen then shows Lilly relaxing on her inflatable cloud with a rainbow on her swimming pool and raps about how she is coming back 10x stronger with a different vision to bring positive vibes to the televisions. To add an oops moment, she slips and falls into the pool.

Another anecdote of her charity is then talked in the video revealing her secret where she is seen talking to a woman and telling her that she has set up a GoFundMe page for her and has already donated.

Lilly also barges in a Zoom call for 4 freshly graduated women and congratulates all of them and even-handed them their degrees virtually. The four women seem overwhelmed with her presence and display adorable reactions. She ends her video by saying that the power of helping others is priceless.

The Bottom Line

Lilly’s recent video “I Have News” is all about drama, dance, rap, charity, smiles, positivity, and sharing joys with those who are affected due to the lockdown. Although A Little Late With Lilly Singh Season 1 had some flaws, Lilly seems to have taken criticism in a positive way to come back on the TV with a bang. She makes it clear through her rap and appears to be ecstatic about her new feat.

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