Impart a Dazzling Look to Your Bathroom with Frameless Shower Doors

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Glass is usually considered a delicate material but today there is a wide range in its texture and material which enables you to use it in shower doors to have a flawless modernized bathing area.

Pros of Frameless Shower Doors

There was a time when man used to enjoy bath even in open canals; nonetheless, it is 21st century, modernization has enlightened people that they can enjoy a bath at their homes as well. Advanced bathroom fittings including hand showers, angular taps, varying shapes and styles of bathtubs, diverters and thermostats used in showers and a lot more have brought luxury in your bathing area. Frameless shower doors are the moderation in your bathroom that impart classy and trendy look to it.

Unequivocally there are certain pros and cons of frameless shower doors that make you confused about the decision that whether you ought to go for them or not. However, there exist more than one convincing features of frameless glass doors.

Easy and Least Time Consuming Washroom Cleaning

Glass doors that have frames and hinges of metal they albeit use light glass which people find easy to move but the metal frame that is used can accumulate the molds and germs in spaces left. And it becomes extremely difficult to clean them up. Because you cannot use force as they can damage the glass and harsh cleaning agents can take away the beauty and gleam of the glass. Thereby you would need to be extra cautious with framed glass door.

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On flip side frameless shower door installation, relieve the tension of cleaning. Minimum metal in the form of hinges is used in these doors which lessen your effort on cleaning plus saves your time that you can definitely utilize on many other things. Everyone remains busy even people seldom find time to clean their places. Sometimes they hire janitorial services in such situations, frameless shower doors assist you in a way that they save your time for cleaning bathroom.

Luxury Appearance of Your Washrooms

In many modern washrooms, contractors and builders advice you to have frameless glass doors. Because these doors look light and fashionable. So whether you construct a new washroom or remodel the old one, frameless glass doors in your washroom give you a wave of change and inflict an overall luxurious appearance.

Frameless Shower Doors Are a Long Term Investment

Though the glass doors that lack frame looks delicate that is not so. Proper care is taken in the selection of the glass which is thicker than the usual glass used indoors. Also, it brings modernity in your bathing area; therefore, increasing the price and value of your home as a whole.

Frameless Shower Glass Complements Almost All Interiors

The glass used in showers is mostly colorless so it fits in almost every type of interior and grants a modern look the customer wants to have. It saves the effort of an interior decorator and the homeowner at the same time. Because they do not have to look at the style, color or theme of the whole place then match the glass with them. Rather, they just have to check the quality of the glass used in frameless doors of your shower. And they can focus on other parts that need their keen attention.

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Cons of Frameless Shower Doors

Yes, glass doors lacking a frame give a sleek and glimmering look to your bathroom. Still there are people who would avoid them because of the features that frameless glass doors dearth of.

Possibility of Water Leakage from Frameless Glass in Doors

There are no two opinions about the reality that glass doors without frame make your bathing area look wide and beautiful. But if there happen to be small gaps in glass panels then there is a high chance that water would leak into the whole bathroom. Which is if unnoticed can cause slippery floor and make you fall. Quite a hazardous situation!

Thick Glass Increases the Remodeling Cost of Bathroom

Whenever you remodel your bathroom, you need to have everything that is cost effective. But as the frameless glass doors lack the support from the frame so they need to have thick glass which can increase the expenditure on the doors in the washroom. Resultantly there will be a prominent increase in the remodeling cost of the bathroom.

Inevitable Chances of Damage of the Shower Glass Door

It is admitted that frameless glass doors separate the bathing area from the rest of the interior of your bathroom. But there remains the fear that negligence can result in damage to glass and that broken glass can bring harm to yourself as well. No matter how much care do you take in the selection of the glass and its installation, there remain the odds that glass can damage and shatter into pieces.

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