16 Best Kitchen Products to Sell on Amazon in 2020

best kitchen products

There are more than 20 selling categories on Amazon, and kitchen appliances are among the top-selling ones. Just do a little search, you will find tons of interesting kitchen appliances that people from all around the world are interested in buying.

Below we have listed some of the top-selling kitchen products that you can sell in 2020. It is backed by data provided by SellerMotor, a product research tool helping e-commerce sellers spot the most trending product.

1. Food Chopper

This product is designed to reduce the time it takes to prepare the food. All you have to do is put the vegetables or fruits into the chopper and with just a push or pull; they will get chopped. This tool allows you to slice, dice, and even peels vegetables, and everything will be stored in the container. This tool reduces the space as well as makes the cleaning process easier.

Avg. Price: $22.72
Avg. Amazon Sales/m:
Avg. Rating: 4.3

2. Spiralizer

This veggie noodle spiralizer is another popular kitchen tool on Amazon. Using this product, you can turn vegetables in different shapes of noodles, depending on the setting you choose. It features a unique blade system. It allows you to create vegetable noodles with style and precision.

Avg. Price: $19.77
Avg. Amazon Sales/m: 139.04K
Avg. Rating: 4.5

3. Food Strainer with Clip-On

Food strainer with clip-on is used to strain the water from a container. You can attach the clip-on to a pan or pot. It is popularly used to strain pasta water. It has become a game-changer product, and people have been increasingly bought by householders around the world.

Avg. Price: $17.08
Avg. Amazon Sales/m: 73.82K
Avg. Rating: 4.6

4. Magnetic Oven Mitts

Gone are the days for traditional oven mitts, today people are using magnetic ones. These come with non-slippery silicone ribs. Additionally, it comes with a magnet that can easily attach to the fridge, so they are quite handy as well.

Avg. Price: $14.1
Avg. Amazon Sales/m: 105.6K
Avg. Rating: 4.4

5. Cutting Board with Drawers

This is a versatile cutting board that comes with a drawer that has different surfaces. So you can use the boards for multiple purposes such as cutting meat, vegetables, fruits, etc. It is also compatible with the dishwasher, so the cleaning becomes extremely easy and efficient.

Avg. Price: $43.76
Avg. Amazon Sales/m: 55.24K
Avg. Rating: 4.3

6. Tipping Teacup

Tipping teacup eliminates the use of teabags. It is designed with an infused on the side where you can add the tea leaves, and hot water is powered over it to steep. Once the tea is steeped, you can roll the cup back and take the leaves out.

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Avg. Price: $20.68
Avg. Amazon Sales/m: 47.28K
Avg. Rating: 4.2

7. Self-leveling Measuring Cups

This cup ensures that users’ hands remain clean during the whole baking process. These measuring cups come with a lever that can be glided across your finger. The moving bar is used to scrape off the excess sugar, flour, or the ingredients that you are measuring.

Avg. Price: $17.66
Avg. Amazon Sales/m: 82.02K
Avg. Rating: 4.5

8. Kiwi Peeler and Cutter

Peeling the kiwi without smudging the fruit inside is a big challenge. You can simplify the whole process using this kiwi peeler and cutter tool. This versatile tool seamlessly halves, peels, and cuts the kiwi.

Avg. Price: $9.25
Avg. Amazon Sales/m: 62.86K
Avg. Rating: 4.1

9. Kale Stripper

Taking the kale leaves from its stems can be quite tedious. This tool can make this process faster and simpler. This kale stripper tool comes with round sections where you can insert the stem and pull it through. Along with kale, you can also use chard, collards, herbs, etc.

Avg. Price: $8.73
Avg. Amazon Sales/m: 30.31K
Avg. Rating: 4.0

10. 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

These 3-in-1 avocado slickers can easily split, pit, slices, and scoops. It is a great tool that is great for facilitating safe and hassle-free meal preparation. It comes with a strong blade that can efficiently smoothly through the hard skin of the avocado and other fruit.

Avg. Price: $9.92
Avg. Amazon Sales/m: 35.41K
Avg. Rating: 3.9

11. Banana Slicer

This banana slicer is a much-loved among kids and parents. It is a whole plastic tool, which can be cleaned easily in the dishwasher. It is a lot smoother than cutting the fruit with a knife and makes the cutting process easier and cleaner.

Avg. Price: $13.15
Avg. Amazon Sales/m: 36.24K
Avg. Rating: 3.9

12. Pineapple Corer

Peeling pineapple is one of the most challenging tasks. The pineapple corer has become of the top-selling products on Amazon due to the efficiency it provides. Using this tool, you can easily take the fruit out from the pesky skin of the pineapple. The fruit comes out in perfect round shape, and you don’t have to do much chopping as well.

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Avg. Price: $13.82
Avg. Amazon Sales/m: 57.82K
Avg. Rating:4.2

13. Versatile Fruit and Vegetable Tool

This is a compact and multi-functional tool that you can use for both vegetables and fruit. It is a tool that has multiple features, including a lemon squeezer, masher, citrus cutter, grater, apple cutter, avocado scoop, etc. This is an all-in-one tool that has been popularly bought by Amazon buyers.

Avg. Price: $20.58
Avg. Amazon Sales/m: 104.2K
Avg. Rating: 4.5

14. Pulled Pork Shredder

Cutting off cooked ribs can be quite difficult and messy, and this is where the pulled pork shredder proves to be beneficial. Along with pork, you can use this tool for slicing turkey, chicken. In fact, you can use it for tossing the salads.

Avg. Price: $15.41
Avg. Amazon Sales/m: 40.11K
Avg. Rating: 4.6

15. Brussels Sprout Tool

This tool is designed to reduce the preparation time associated with cooking dishes with Brussels sprout. It helps in removing the stems and dense core. This way, the leaves loosen up and make the cooking easier.

Avg. Price: $15.68
Avg. Amazon Sales/m: 38.56K
Avg. Rating: 4.1

16. Instant Wine Chiller

If you have a fresh bottle of wine that needs to chilled immediately so that you can serve it to the guests, then this is the perfect product for you. You can keep this instant chiller inside the freezer, and anytime you need to have a chilled drink, just attack this tool on the top of the bottle, and you will have a perfectly cold sip.

Avg. Price: $50.6
Avg. Amazon Sales/m: 33.18K
Avg. Rating: 4.1

The online demand for home and kitchen products has constantly been increasing on a global scale. There are versatile kitchen appliances that can be used to facilitate various activities. Consumers are being attracted to products that make their everyday life easier and hassle-free. Above are some of those products that are making prepping meals easier for users. So if you are planning to sell kitchen appliances on Amazon, you can use tools like SellerMotor to determine the top-selling products and become a profitable seller on Amazon.

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