Know What You Can Expect From ‘American Idol’ 2020 Season 3 on ABC

American Idol 2020

Hugely popular among the aspiring singers and those who love listening to music, the eighteenth season of American Idol is anticipated to be a remarkable one. The very first season of the famous television reality singing competition show made its premiere way back in the year of 2002. Since the onset of the first season, the singing reality show has been playing a significant role in discovering hidden talent and empowering the gifted singers to make the most use of the opportunity and make their dream come true.

When Season 3 of ‘American Idol’ made its return?

American Idol 2020

On February 16, American Idol 2020 made its comeback. The singing reality competition is currently on air for the third season on ABC. Soon after the conclusion of the seventeenth season of American idol, more or less, it was known to every fan of the popular singing reality show of America that their much-loved singing competition will make its come back within a very short time. Without disappointing the American Idol fans and fulfilling their expectations, the most popular singing talent reality show on the planet Earth is back on air in 2020.

Who are judging the contestants in Season 3?

With the reboot of the iconic singing competition television series, the latest season of which is currently being aired on ABC from Feb 16, 2020, the judges of the previous season returned this time too to determine the potential of the singers. Despite cuts in the overall budget, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie have taken the responsibility to judge the contestants.

Who else returns on this ongoing season?

Apart from the distinguished judges, Ryan Seacrest has also made his comeback as the host of American Idol 2020. Also, to improve the singing skills of the talented singers and prepare the contestants in a top-notch way to create a place in the mind of the fans of the biggest singing reality show in America, Bobby Bones returned as the in-house mentor. The creative team of the singing competition show has planned to give another valuable opportunity to three super talented contestants from the past seasons to mesmerize the audience and the judges with their top-quality singing skills.

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Who are the luckiest former contestants?

The announcement of the names of the contestants was made by the ABC reality singing competition show a few days ago. The fan favorites and lucky singers are Layla Spring, Logan Johnson, and Shawn Robinson. Each one of the singers made the audience fell in love with them in different seasons of the ABC singing competition show. Three of them are making their comeback on the current season. Initially, both Logan Johnson and Shawn Robinson auditioned for season 17, whereas Layla Spring gave her first audition in the singing reality show for the season 16.

The ongoing season of American Idol 2020 has teamed up with the American Music Awards to air the auditions of the aspiring and talented singing contestants on ABC. Since the first season, the fans of American Idol have been witnessing the musical journey of hidden and rich talents. 

This time too, it is expected that there will be a presence of potential contestants who would not leave any stones unturned to entice both the mind of the notable judges and the audience. In the current season, the voting system remains the same. Like every year, this time, too, the responsibility rests on the shoulder of the fans and audience of the singing competition show to choose the deserving winner of American Idol 2020.

Where the auditions for American Idol Season 3 took place?

All across the United States, more than 20 places, the auditions for American Idol Season 3 happened. Like every season, hundreds and thousands of singing aspirants have given an audition and showcase their skills and talent in front of the eminent judges. However, the first round of audition was also carried out by leveraging the digital means. The contestants had the option to record their song on a camera or a smartphone from the comfort of their place and sent the recorded file to the address mentioned on the official website of ABC, which is currently airing season 3 of American Idol 2020.

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However, this time, the age requirement of the contestants auditioning for the show is between 15-28 years. Some of the notable cities where the auditions took place were Tallahassee, Macon, Santa Barbara, Columbia, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Washington D.C., Colorado Springs, Pittsburgh, San Jose, etc.

Who has a win over Katy Perry and other judges in the audition round of Season 3?

American Idol 2020

Kate Perry, an eminent American singer-songwriter, is one of the highest-paid judges for Season 3 of American Idol 2020. Apart from Katty, the ongoing season is also being judged by Luke Bryan, an American country music singer-songwriter and Lionel Richie, an American singer, actor and multi-instrumentalist record producer.

Just a few days ago, an extremely talented contestant, Johny West, auditioned in front of the three prominent judges and blew each one of them away with his mind-blowing performance. He played the piano and sang an original composition that blended his ear-soothing vocals and a remarkable rap verse. Before the performance of Johny West, his beloved and a contestant from the last season of American Idol, Margie Mays presented a fanciful rendition of ‘I found a boy’ by Adele. The other judges, apart from Katy Perry, liked her performance and praised her for her vocal improvement.

John West won over Katy Perry in the audition round of the noteworthy singing competition show with his spectacular performance. Katy Perry responded and praised Johny West’s performance. She even said to Johny that if he keeps on singing and developing his vocal power and skills, then he is more likely to have a great singing career than his girlfriend, Margie Mays.

All the three judges, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie, bowled over by Johny West’s breathtaking performance and agreed together to send him to the next round by providing a golden ticket.

Wanna show your singing talent? Then you can also try giving auditions the next time! What’s say?

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