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David Dobrik

Slovak YouTuber David Dobrik now walks the extra mile to make a friendship test. Yes, the recent report surfaced on the streaming platform hints at the friendship (read relationship) test between Dobrik and ‘BFF’ Natalie Noel. (valium) Sources indicate that this is the funniest and cutest video of these two personalities that have ever come over the Internet! See how funny their first impression has been about one another via this video. Do you want to know about their friendship? Then, read more.

How did they meet?

David Dobrik

In the opening frame of the video, Noel tried describing her ‘relationship’ with David, which she corrected by saying, her ‘friendship’ with David. Soon after that, David stated that calling it a ‘relationship’ isn’t something odd. So, then they start off describing how they met. The only similarity that both of them had in their speech is that they stated that they had forgotten how they met. However, the self-corrected themselves by narrating the incident of how they met one another.

While for David Dobrik, it was the funniest thing ever to meet her. The first time he saw this lady was when he and his family were looking for a new house. When he first saw her, she was getting mail out of her house’s mailbox. He found her so beautiful that he decided to move into that house just to become a beautiful girl’s neighbor. On the contrary, Natalie Noel stated that she met him when she was in her hometown. They were next-door neighbors in a single house complex.

Their first impressions

After that, the video goes back to David Dobrik where he stated that the funniest comment that he ever received from Noel was during their math class. He found it weird, with everyone in the class bursting out with laughter. It was the time when the whole class was talking about black color and how it can attract more heat.

Right when the discussion was happening, a girl’s hand raised up. It was Natalie who was very confident to make a funny comment in which she was unknown. She asked the educator a funny question. She took the example of a hose that is black in color. Since it is black in color, would it be able to put the fire out if it gets lit on fire?! That was the question she asked. And the entire class was like, ‘what’! Considering that it was a math class, the question happened to be funny (seriously). While this was David’s first impression of Natalie, here’s what she had to say!

On contrast, Natalie found David to be the cutest boy ever! Yes, that’s what she had spoken in the video. Well, besides that, she had spoken of the times when she walked with him after school. Being a loner, she used to walk really faster than everyone. While David had his own group of friends, they used to hail at her behind. They used to ask her why she would walk fast and where she had been going so fast. Being a loner, she simply used to ignore them! However, one day, she decided to be to turn around! After this, they became so good friends! Wow! 

What did they learn from each other?

To speak in a nutshell, David has taught Noel to simply ‘forgive and forget’. He has taught to simply move on if someone traumatizing happens. Moving on is the best solution one can ever make to be happy from inside out! As a matter of fact, when you move forward you simply get through the hardships of your life problems. On the contrary, Natalie has taught him to be organized. She has also taught him to be more respectful. According to David, she is pretty grounding.

The best way they bond well

David Dobrik

In a world where you get so many topics to discuss over, does a mouthwatering recipe simply become a common way to bond well? The answer is a big yes. According to Natalie, they simply bond over food and that too pretty well. Their love for kebabs makes them perk like two little puppies. Really funny!

Exercise 1-

During exercise 1, they were asked to give compliments to each other. Starting off with that, David had written that Natalie had a very pretty pair of eyes. They shared good complements with each other.

Exercise 2-

The second exercise was about hugging each other for one whole minute. They shared a warm hug for one minute. But Natalie stated that she never wanted to do that again. However, to David it was uncomfortable. The video can give you an idea of how they shared warm moments together!

Exercise 3-

The third exercise was about mirroring each other’s dance moves! This was a fun exercise that both of them and the audience too loved watching. If you want to know how they reacted in this exercise, you should watch out the video!

Exercise 4-

The next exercise was about trust falls. For this, you seriously need to watch the video. And, if you haven’t been familiar with this guy, here’s what you should know about David Dobrik.

David Dobrik or David Julian Dobrik happens to be the YouTube personality. He found his success in the early years on the platform before he became popular as a YouTube sensation. To speak of his early life, he was born and brought up in Košice. He was born on 23 July 1996. He attended his educational courses from Vernon Hills School. He is also a great tennis player. And this quality has led him to get qualified in 2014’s State Tournament! There, he won third prize in doubles. Upon his graduation from high school, he went to Los Angeles for pursuing his career!

David Dobrik has 3 siblings who are Sarah, Toby, and Esther. If you want to know more about this fan-favorite personality, check out the Internet. This brings to the compilation of the post indicating how these two people share their friendship even in hard times.

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