Doctor Dolittle (2020) is All Set To Mesmerize Viewers With The Epic Adventures

 Movies are the best means of entertainment. From romantic, action to thriller and comedy, there are plenty of movie genres on which movies are made. Since the cinema has been introduced to the world, people have found new and improvised means of entertainment. Binding the audience to the seat for around three hours, movies are made with a captivating story that is blended with the impeccable performance of the actors. Fantasy comedy is a movie genre on which a few movies have been made. Infusing a whimsical story with comical instances is the ideal way to give viewers a visual treat. Doctor Dolittle is one fantasy-comedy movie franchise that has been entertaining viewers for more than a decade now. Doctor Dolittle was introduced to the world as a musical film in 1967, which didn’t get the expected response from the audience due to its poor casting, location, and plot.

Doctor Dolittle is a children’s book about a doctor who can speak to animals and treat them by shunning down his human patients. Though the musical adaption of the novel was not a success, in 1998 the movie was remade with the name Doctor Dolittle. Released on June 26th, 1998, Dotor Dolittle (1998) was an American fantasy comedy directed by Betty Thomas. The story was written by Larry Levin and Nat Mauldin. The lead actor was Eddie Murphy who played the character of Doctor Dolittle.

Though the film was inspired by the children’s book series by Hugh Lofting, nothing was used from the book, the only connection the book and the movie had was the name Doctor Dolittle and his ability to speak to animals. The 1998’s Doctor Dolittle was a success on the box office and bagged around 294.4 million. Owing to the success of the first installation, the movie had four sequels, Dr. Dolittle 2, Dr. Dolittle 3, Talk To The Chief and Million Dollar Mutts.

The Story of Doctor Dolittle 

The story revolved around John Dolittle, who as a boy used to communicate with his pet dog. But after his dad sends the dog to a dog pound, John almost forgets about his ability, until one day the now doctor starts listening to the animal conversation. Since then, Doctor Dolittle started resolving issues of animals and treating them rather than his human patients.

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The Dolittle Movie With Robert Downey Jr. 

After almost two decades, the charm of the doctor speaking to animals is returning to the screens. But, it’s not what it always has been. Hold your breath as the new Dolittle movie is not just a fantasy comedy; it’s an experience that exposes you to the unbelievable adventures of Dr Dolittle. Starring Robert Downey Jr. as the doctor, Dolittle is an American fantasy adventure comedy movie scheduled to be released on January 17th, 2020.

The film is directed by Stephen Gaghan who co-wrote the story with Thomas Shepherd. Though this movie is also inspired by Hugh lofting’s children’s book, it is way more different than the Doctor Dolittle’s franchise starring Eddie Murphy. Packed with a lot more excitement, thrill, and adventure, and blended with the impeccable skills of Robert, Dolittle (2020) is certainly an epic fantasy movie.

Since the trailer has been released, fans are thrilled to watch the new Dolittle that sets on a tropical and whimsical land with exotic adventures on the go. Though the movie has comic instances, it not completely focused on bringing a laughing riot. Rather, it’s an intense and utterly Irish movie. The first post-Marvel release for Downey Jr., Dolittle is special for the actor who stars as Dolittle who possesses the ability to communicate with animals.

Plot of Dolittle Movie

Unlike, the comedy flick of 1998’s Doctor Dolittle, this brand new Dolittle has got several twists and turns that let your grip on your seats tightly. Dr. John Dolittle loses his wife seven years earlier. In the grief of losing his beloved wife, the eccentric veterinarian of Victorian England captivates himself in the high walls of Dolittle mansion with only animals for his company.

Dr Dolittle is compelled to leave his mansion when Queen Victoria falls severely ill, and John is forced to set on sails to find the cure. The epic journey to find the cure brings him to a mythical island that awaits an exotic adventure ride for the doctor. With his wit and courage, Doctor Dolittle overcomes all the obstacles and encounters creatures along his way.

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Dolittle Relies on Robert’s Stardom

Over the years, Robert has created an impressive comeback from his troubled life involving drug abuse, arrests, rehabs, etc. The Quintessential Iron Man role has shot Robert to his current, making him the highest-paid actors. Fans are eagerly waiting for Robert’s comeback after Avenger’s: Endgame. It is interesting to see Robert doing a non-Marvel movie in the past five years. Fans have seen Robert as Iron Man for the last five years, and they are eager to set their eyes on Dr. John Dolittle and accompany him to the adventurous journey.

There are rumors that it’s only Robert’s unparalleled stardom that will save Dolittle movie. There is the buzz that the story is not as powerful as it should be for a Robert Downey Jr. movie. After watching the trailer, the audiences have expressed their views by saying the visuals of Dolittle is far from being enticing and alluring. It will be a great visual treat for everyone.

Quite different from the Eddy Murphie’s Dolittle, Robert’s Dolittle is based on Hugh Lofting’s children’s book that is set in the Victorian era. Robert is playing a Victorian-era veterinarian who is forced to set on an epic adventure to find a cure for the gravely ill Queen Victoria. He becomes a hermit in his own mansion after losing his wife. Dr. Joh Dolittle has to leave the comforts of his mansion and his animal companion to find a cure to Queen Victoria’s illness that exposes him to an unseen adventure on a whimsical island.

Save The Date: January 17th, 2020

If you are a fan of fantasy adventure movies, then don’t forget to hit your nearest theatre on January 17th, 2020. Indulge yourself into the adventures of Dolittle and mesmerize yourself by the flawless performance of Robert Downey Jr.


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