Fans Go Crazy Over The Hamilton Official Trailer

Hamilton official trailer

The story of American Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton, is worth a watch, especially when it comes in the form of ‘Hamilton’ musical. The musical premiered in February 2015 at the Public Theater, Off-Broadway. Even from its first show, it was an entire sold out. That shows that people were in love with this musical ever since it was found in 2015.

It was their love only that led Hamilton to eleven Tony Awards. Also, the preciousness of the musical can be understood with its seat rated. For a premium seat, the viewer needs to pay $849, and for a regular one, they need to pay $200. But do they need to pay anything anymore? The answer to that will become ‘NO’ after July 3rd because Hamilton will be releasing in the form a movie on Disney Plus. The hype for Hamilton was not enough for Disney, as it delivered the Hamilton Official Trailer a few days back. Before moving on with the details of the trailer and movie, let’s first look at a few points that make Hamilton so special for its fans.

Hamilton Hype – Worth Or Not

Hamilton official trailer

Ever since Hamilton had been premiered in New York City, this argument has been there between Hamilton fans and non-fans. While the fans put their points on why this musical is worth everything it is getting, the non-fans have their own ends to defend it as unworthy. Here we have collected both views so that people can decide on themselves if the upcoming Hamilton movie is worth a Disney Plus.

Hamilton Being Worthy

Let’s first cover the points that justify the huge count of the Hamilton official trailer’s views in such a little time.

  • Less Drama, More Learning: The first thing that makes Hamilton worth all the hype is that the story is kept to as real as possible. There are only a few minor tweaks in the story. So people who observe it will be able to learn more about the United States of America’s history. The storyline also includes various valuable life lessons that people can learn with the musical’s engaging music.
  • The Music And The Cast: Being a musical, all that was expected from Hamilton was great music. And it did not break any hopes with its mix of jazz, hip-hop, R&B, rap, and Broadway tunes. They are not only catchy but also innovative, according to the current viewers. This music is one of the reasons Hamilton is described as contemporary America’s viewpoint on old America. It still stands as the best-selling cast album in the history of Nielsen.
  • Connection With Modern-Times: The only problem in telling a story about ancient times is its connectivity with the modern-times and culture. The new generations can not understand various aspects of the story due to the changes that have occurred over time. However, that is not the case with Hamilton. It includes several points that help the story to become relevant for modern viewers.
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Hamilton Being Not Worthy

Now that people know what makes so many people go crazy about the Hamilton official trailer, they should also understand what makes some of the people dislike it.

  • Irrelevancy: Some people just do not find any sense in spending so much money on a show and sit for 3 hours to get some history lessons. These people may have dropped history as their subjects as well. So they do not like all the hype that the fans have made.
  • Some Patriarchal Points: With a revolutionary cast of all races, Hamilton might seem impressive to many. But some people came out with the point that the cast does not include female main characters. That pushes the musical from being revolutionary to being patriarchal. And it is a reason why many people disliked the Hamilton official trailer on YouTube.

Hamilton Official Trailer

Hamilton official trailer

After all these points, it might be clear to people if they like the Hamilton musical or not. But whatever might be the case, there is nothing wrong with knowing more about the upcoming movie. Here are some of the points that make this Hamilton official trailer so unique for people.

  • It Tells Them That The Wait Is Over: Dropping the Hamilton official trailer just two weeks before the release of the movie, is a great way of reminding all the fans that their wait is finally over. Earlier, the film was supposed to be put up in the theatres in the second half of 2021. But considering the coronavirus pandemic’s current situations, it will be available for the fans almost a year early.
  • No More Hefty Tickets: No matter how good Hamilton is, it definitely was a bit on the costlier side. It was one of the reasons why people did not like Hamilton. But say no more because it will now be available on Disney Plus. So people only have to subscribe to it, and they can watch the movie as many times as they want.
  • Original Cast: Even if it falls a little on the patriarchal side, the original cast is loved by all. And that is what makes this movie special for the viewers. They will be able to watch their favorite people perform the show on their little screens.
  • Cinematic Effects: The best part about this movie is that it is not shot with a single stage-facing camera. The cinematic effects provided in the film give it a unique dramatic effect while sticking to the original story and cast.
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Along with all this, many people have commented on the Hamilton official trailer’s video that they could not watch the show because it was not performed in their areas. But as now it will be available worldwide, they can easily view it on their screens. It is yet another point that makes the movie grab more attention.


Hamilton is one of the best available musicals, and its success can be measured with all the awards it has won. Everything about this musical, from cast to music to story, makes it special and better than all other competitors. The only problem with the show was that its tickets did stand on an expensive side. But that will be solved now with its availability on Disney Plus.

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