All You Need to Know About Walt Disney and Pixar’s New Movie, Onward

The all-new animation movie, ‘Onward’, which is a collaborate-production between Pixar Walt Disney, is set to hit the big screen in March 2020. It is an American 3D computer adventure fantasy film that has been directed by Dan Scanlon and has been produced by Kori Rae. It is going to be the 22 feature film from Pixar.

Onward Official Trailer is a modern fantasy animated movie based on the suburban world which is witnessing a time change. It narrated the tale of a couple of Elf brothers, Barley and Ian, who sets out to discover magic in this modern world. The motto of their journey is to bring back their deceased father, who passed away when they were kids. With the help of the magic from the past, they went on to bring back his father from death.

Are you a fan of the best animation movies? Picking some of the best animation movies is difficult as their goes a never-ending list of the best ones of all time. Onward Official Trailer is one of the movies that are perfect for watching on your animation night. The Onward Official Trailer is expected to be dominated by American fantasy comedy genre movie.

The Onward Official Trailer has some excellent drama along with funny scenes as well. To spur some interesting discussion, fantasy comedy movies are suitable to watch on your animation night. It shall help you grasp better insight into how the directors have prepared the plot with utmost expertise and accuracy. Whether it is the teenage love or hoping to get back lost love, you are sure to enjoy varieties of stories.

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Tom Holland will do the voiceover for the two lead characters of Onward Official Trailer, and Dan Scanlon is directing Chris Pratt and the movie.

An insight into the movie

The story starts with two elf brothers coming across the land where there is no more magic. But not ready to accept it, the two brother sets out for a journey to bring back magic to their land. Though to this point, the story sounds like a fantasy, but just like every other Pixar story, this story has its turning point too.

Though from the trailer, we all are guessing that the tale is about two nerd boys out for embarking a journey on fantasy and magic, which makes the story much more interesting is its turning point. As the story moves ion, the two brothers come across their father who was in a beat-up van. But later on, they learned that their father was with them all through the journey. But, the twist is that only half of their father was with them. Now, they need to find the rest half of their father.

In the recent trailer, it has been shown the two brothers, who have been voiced over by Barley and Ian has been given belonging that belonged to their deceased father who is supposed to help them to find out their father. But, they can only bring back their father with the spell for just one day.

But, the period goes wrong, and they only bring backs the disembodied legs of their father. But since they need to carry on with their quest, they hid the legs of their father in a sweatshirt and have put on a sunglass on top of it while they are figuring out a way that would bring back their father in one piece. This fantasy adventure movie sounds a little similar to the famous fantasy film, Weekend at Bernie‘s.

The film will also star Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the mom of Barley and Ian. And the voice over for Manticore will be done by Octavia Spencer.

Full Cast of Onward Official Trailer

Onward Official Trailer:

It casts some of the biggest stars of Hollywood. And from the cast list, it can be guessed that what a fun film this is going to be. Here is a complete cast list of the movie which you should know about. (

Tom Holland:

One of the biggest attractions of the Onward Official Trailer is Tom Holland, who is playing the role of one of the brothers, Ian Lightfoot. In the film, it has been shown that Ian Lightfoot is a healthy child who lives with his mother.  Ian is the younger brother.

Chris Patt:

Chris Patt has played the role of the elder brother, Barley Lightfoot. He is the one who is the primary attraction of the Onward Official Trailer. He encourages his brother and then the two sets out for a magical journey filled with comedy.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus:

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has played the role of Ian and Barley’s mother, who has lost her husband at a very young age. 

Octavia Spencer:

One of the famous faces of Hollywood is playing the role of a restaurant owner in this Onward Official Trailer. She will be playing the role of Corey, the Manticore.

John Ratzenberger:

John Ratzenberger will play the role of TBA.

Development of Onward Official Trailer

First announced in 2017 during the D23 expo, Onward Official Trailer has gained a lot of attention since then. It was named as “The Untitled Pixar Film That Takes You Into A Suburban Fantasy World” for the expo. During the end of December, the name of the film was released, and since then, Pixar’s fans have been waiting for an Onward Official Trailer.

A few days later, the story of the film was published in which a couple of Elf brothers, Barley and Ian, who sets out to discover magic in this modern world. The motto of their journey is to bring back their deceased father, who passed away when they were kids. With the help of the magic from the past, they went on to bring back his father from death. An interesting fact about this movie is that this is going to be the first Pixar movie which will be released in March. 

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